I began playing golf when I was four years old and haven’t stopped since.  Growing up in a rural town in South Dakota I was fortunate to have a 9 hole golf course just blocks from my house.  It wasn’t beautiful or glamorous, but it was the perfect place to learn the game.  My  dad, my sister, and I spent endless summer days going round and round that nine hole course for over 10 years.

When I was six years old, I attended a junior clinic put on by the South Dakota Golf Association in my home town with instructor Todd Kolb. From that point on, I began working with Todd and have continued to do so until this day.  Looking back, I have no doubts that the balance I had between Todd as my instructor and my parents as my support system played a huge part in my success as a player.  They continue to make up my inner circle and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I firmly believe that the type of people you surround yourself with can have a bigger impact on your success than you may realize, so choose wisely. 🙂

I played my first tournament when I was five years old, and after 8 years of playing junior tournaments in South Dakota and some neighboring states, I qualified for my first USGA event.  At 13, I went to Eagle, ID to compete in the USGA Girls’ Jr. Championship.  I didn’t make the cut but couldn’t have been happier to be there.  I vividly remember this event and would cite it as a turning point where I realized my dream of playing professional golf.  I would continue to play South Dakota Golf Association events and USGA events up until I went to college.

After graduating high school in 2009, I played college golf at Texas Tech University under head coach JoJo Robertson.  Texas Tech is located in Lubbock, TX and competes in the Big 12 conference.  I came to college as an average player, but saw my game elevate to another level over the course of my eligibility.  By the time I was a junior I would qualify as an individual to play in the NCAA National Championship.  I finished in a tie for 8th place and would earn All-American honors.  When I came back in the fall for my senior year, I picked back up where I left off.  I would finish the fall 2012 season ranked #1 in the Golfweek/Sagarin rankings, thus earning Golfweek’s Fall Player of the Year. As a result of this ranking, I would earn an A-5 exemption to play on the Symetra tour for the rest of 2013.

My rookie year as a professional on the Symetra Tour was better than I could have ever imagined.  Highlighted with a win and three other top tens, I would qualify to skip directly to final stage of qualifying school.  I finished in a tie for 23 and missed my full LPGA card by 2 shots.  However, I did gain partial status on the LPGA under category 17 for the 2014 season.  I made the most of my partial status and would actually reshuffle into category 1 after a 4th place finish in Dallas in the spring.

It has been 3 years since that week in Dallas and I am now enjoying my fourth year on tour. I often feel like a very established player but am always striving to get better.  Thank you for checking out my blog and feel free to join me on my journey.


One thought on “History

  1. I so remember 5th/6th grade when your dad brought all your trophies to class for show n tell or career day or idk what it was fr but I was so jealous! Congrats

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