Good Sunday morning, everyone! It has been a while since I can say I’m writing from home, but here I am. If you follow me on social media you will know that you won’t be seeing my name in China this week. I made an emergency trip home last week to see my doctor and eventually found out that I have probably been playing the last three weeks with Mono. It was awful to have to WD from China, but also a relief to have some answers. I am getting lots and lots of rest and hoping to be able to tee it up in Florida for the CME tour Championship next week.

Marathon Classic Presented By Owens Corning And O-I - Final Round

*Lydia Ko and I at the Marathon Classic in Toledo.

While my health was up and down for the past three weeks I was happy that I managed to play 4 rounds each week. However, my focus was generally on how I felt and not how I played which is what forced me to change my plans and come home during my off week. I realized that for three weeks I was fighting the urge to rest, thinking it was jet lag, when in reality thats what I needed most. Nonetheless, I had some good rounds and decent finishes and was able to move up the money list slightly. My hope is that I can play next week and still be able to sneak into Thailand and Singapore next February.


*Round 1 of the Sime Darby LPGA in Malaysia. 

With a lot of free time on my hands here at home, I was looking back at my blog posts and realized I have been writing this blog for nearly 4 and a half years. It has been fun to share all the new experiences as a rookie on both the Symetra tour and the LPGA tour, but the past couple years I feel as if I repeat myself and my stories. Its a constant cycle of good golf and bad golf and at times feel I write only because I need to write. So, I have been thinking a lot about this and I believe I will take next year off. I am not saying I will never write again, but all good things must come to an end (or at least take a break!). If you have Instagram or Twitter I will always continue to post information there and try to be even more active on those platforms. My blog will also remain live and serve as an avenue to contact me. 🙂


*Pro Am party in Korea with a great group of friends! 

Right now, I just need prayers for a speedy recovery so I can tee it up in the year’s final event. Thank you to all that have read my blog from the very first post and have shared all the ups and downs. I hope I will feel motivated to come back in time, but until then I will see you on social media @KimKaufmanGolf.


*Din Tai Fung at Taipei 101 in Taiwan with our host Peiyun Chien!

Thank you all for all the support!


14 thoughts on “WD

  1. Kim, thank you for being such a terrific ambassador for the LPGA , on the course and off. Your blog has provided an “ up close and personal “ view of what it’s like to be a touring professional – with all of its excitement and all of its heartache. Wishing you a speedy recovery and restored good health. Hope to see you at CME.

  2. From good old Clark AS I will miss your blogs but will still be keeping an eye on you. Ups and downs is all part anything a person has to deal with in life. Get well and see ya at the CME. Good luck and prayers for your health. Dala

  3. Kim, thank you for your superb blogs of your playing on the Tour they each have been insightful to the reality of it all. It always looks easier than it actually is. My prayers are with you first and foremost for your health and also that you can then come out swinging for the upcoming CME Champs and the year ahead – be strong. Eric.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing health problems, but glad you got the doctor involved and will be on your way to a complete recovery! Prayers are being sent up for you daily! I’ll miss your blogs, but will see you at some tournaments when I volunteer. Just keep your head up and smell the roses as you pass them on your way to greatness!

  5. Kim, hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Thank you for writing the blogs. It offers great insight into the life on and off the course of an LPGA player. Good luck the rest of the season and hope to once again see you next year at the Lotte in Hawaii

  6. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Prayers always! I’ll miss your blog, but certainly understand. Glad you came home & got yourself diagnosed…..Mono – ugh!!! And, jeez Louise, you might be the very first adult I’ve ever known to get that 🤔🤔🤔 My students were always getting it; from burning that candle at both ends. But, that is what you do in this career, huh? Glad to see how well you’ve done this year…and, if you ever need a place to stay – and play – in Ocala, remember, our house is your house, and you always have a room waiting 💕💕💕

  7. Kim, I can’t imagine having mono and playing at the level you played in recent tournaments. Get better, stronger and refreshed for the season end.

  8. Kim, you are in our thoughts and prayers for God’s healing hand to be on you so you can have a full recovery and get back to being yourself.

    Thanks for writing your blog these past years. The time has gone by so fast that I had no idea it had been 4 1/2 years. We first met and talked during the Spring of your senior year while I was waiting to take a small group lesson from Todd – I was the old guy sandwiched in with the high school kids! 😉 And since then it’s been thrilling and a true sense of pride to see a local girl make it not just to the Symetra tour and succeed but also all the way to becoming a regular on the LPGA tour.

    For me it’s been the thrill of a lifetime to be able to volunteer for the Sioux Falls Great Life Challenge and help score rounds where the women play so far beyond me that it’s hard to comprehend. And so for you to graduate from Symetra to the LPGA tour is at least to me beyond amazing.

    When I was taking lessons from Todd or Danny or John it was really fun to hear how you were doing and track your travels. Or to hear from Todd what aspect of your game you were working on. And so reading your blog over the past 4 years has also been a real pleasure and a privilege for you to bring me inside the ropes as well as thru the airports and lost baggage, hotels and sponsor families and friends, practices and lessons learned, putts made and missed, frustration and self doubt and the deep satisfaction of gradually and methodically building a game and a game strategy that leads to success.

    And so I will miss your monthly blog entries but you are right in deciding that if you’re at a point where blogging is repetitious and a chore then it’s time to take a break.

    Best wishes as always,

  9. Kim, we were sorry to hear that you haven’t been well and can understand how difficult it must have been to play when you are not feeling great. Hopefully you are starting to feel better now.We will miss catching up on your news through your blog but will keep watching results through the LPGA website and can keep in touch through email ( we are still pretty basic users of technology and Nathan wont let us use Facebook etc ) . We are both doing well and even our golf has improved lately, maybe the better weather is helping. We are currently building a new holiday house on a golf course ( Black Bull at Silverwoods ) for time in between trips and especially in the winter months . Hope your health is continuing to improve so you can finish the year on a high Best wishes

    Ray and Helen


  10. Howdy………Finally saw you on TV.  Congrats on your fine tournament showing.  From a fellow SD transplant to Texas.  Keep on truckin   Elliot Inberg

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