Hello, everyone! I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. I have played several events and have been enjoying a vacation in Dubai this week en route to Korea tomorrow. I can’t even tell you how many weeks since I’ve been home.. 7 maybe?


*When your host family has two kids its always going to be a good week! 🙂


*Enjoyed dinner and a “beavertail” in downtown Ottawa with a great group of friends. 🙂

Let’s start with the fun stuff this time. I have been to many places over the years playing golf, but never to the Middle East. I decided to change that and came to Dubai for 10 days of golf and fun before hitting the Asian stretch next week. It is a common place for Europeans to vacation, but I know for Americans it sounds like Mars. I have to admit I was slightly skeptical, but after 10 days I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting an out of the ordinary vacation with some larger than life attractions. My only reservation this week was the heat. The heat was astonishing and theres something about being in the middle of the desert that made the sun SO strong. I thought it would be dry heat the whole week as well, but in fact it can get quite humid. Next time I venture this way I will make sure I’m about two months later into the winter.


*You can’t go to Dubai without hitching a ride on a camel. 


*The 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa. Hard to comprehend its twice as tall as the Empire State building. Amazing engineering feat! 

What is great about Dubai is not only is there great golf (we spent the week playing and practicing at the Els Club) but there are so many cool things to go see. The Dubai Mall (world’s largest), with an indoor ski slope (world’s only?) the Burj Khalifa skyscraper (world’s tallest), desert safaris, Old Dubai, great beaches, the list goes on. As you might have picked up, there’s a theme here of building things that are the greatest, biggest, tallest, or “only” in the world. It makes for a one of a kind city.


*Absolutely love when old friends come out to events.  Thanks to the Brown boys for making Portland so much fun, and bringing a much needed solid finish!

I will leave here on a red eye tonight and play 4 out of 5 events in Asia. I am 4th alternate for Japan, there’s a slim chance I could sneak into that event, and if so, I will play. I have played 4 events since my last post and I can say I really like where my game is right now. We played well in Portland, and kept it going in Indy. The iWit Championship was a new event played at the Brickyard Crossings at the Indianapolis 500 Speedway. If there are any race fans out there you either have been and know the course I’m talking about, or else you need to go! It was a cool experience and a great addition to the LPGA schedule.


*Speaking of old friends, seeing one of my former teammates from Tech made my day! Thank you to all my Indy fans for coming out.  I will see you next year! 🙂


*Couldn’t think of a better place to throw a pro-am party. iWit did it right!

I will try and write again mid-Asia swing, but you can always follow along on the LPGA website or the app. As always, no more cuts to be made, only limited field events from here to the end of the season. 🙂


*Meeting up with two great friends from Florida in France just shows its a very small world. Thank you Ferdi and Andrea for making your way to Evian to see us. We are lucky girls!

Wish me luck for a great final 5 events!



4 thoughts on “Dubai

  1. great blog..great opportunities for you on the Asia Swing..”the body does what the mind believes” play your best #oneshotatatime.

  2. Kim great blog well done. I enjoyed your thoughts on the wonders of Dubai an amazing place I stop there regularly when travelling to and from Australia and always stay in the Kempinski Hotel in the Dubai Mall I can recommend it. From following your progress on the LPGA site you are playing much more to your potential so maintaining Consistency Belief and Course Management will continue those great results. As said before having watched you on Tour I could not understand why you were not always up there with the leaders in each event you were competing. Play your best on the Asia swing and good luck. Eric. #oneshotatatime

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