The Open Road

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone’s week has started off well. My Monday has consisted of a 4:30 am alarm, a 5 hour flight + a 1 hour flight, watching my suitcase tumble down a flight of stairs into a lawn sprinkler, and finally a few hours at a coffee shop in Portland doing a little planning and relaxing. Much needed!


*Stellar practice round group if I may say so myself.

I know it’s been a few weeks since I wrote about my best week of the year in Toledo. Since then I have been on the open road, as in the Scottish, British, and Canadian Opens. I enjoyed my time in Scotland very much actually, even though the golf was a bit dreary. We played the British Open one town away from St. Andrews so for the first time in my life I got to go to St. Andrews, the home of golf. It’s a tough place to describe, but when I turned the corner and saw people coming up the 18th with a perfect sunset in the background I was quite speechless. I could have stood there all day. It was an incredibly special place. I may not have played like I wanted, but I know that memory will stay with me for a long time.


*No caption needed!

I almost always write about something I have “learned” so of course I learned something this time, too. 🙂 Perhaps one of my most valuable lessons that has taken me three years and unfortunately the “hard way” to learn. I believe there are two theories to scheduling on tour:

1) You take weeks off so you can play better in the weeks you do play (quality over quantity)

2) You earn weeks off.


*The Old Course

I have always been in the latter camp. If I play well early in the year, I’ll afford myself an extra week off in the long summer stretch. Unfortunately, the past two years I didn’t feel that I had played well enough so I played intense summer stretches (8 in a row this year!). So, here I am at the British Open, my 8th week in a row, and standing somewhere on the back nine on Thursday I think I put myself in the “quality over quantity” camp for the rest of my career. I had always thought that if I could physically do it (no injuries from playing too much) then I could play as many as I wanted. I never to much stock in the fact that I would be mentally and emotionally checked out after 8 events. After all, I played 8 events and made 4 cuts, why not play 6 events and maybe make 6 cuts! My pledge for next year: more weeks off, even if I don’t feel I “earned” them.


*We are ready for footballs season 😉

I will play Portland this week, Indianapolis next week, followed by our 5th and final major in France. Only three events left before the Asian swing, thats hard to believe. I think I am posting more pictures than text, which I know will make many of you happy. 😉

Enjoy your week!


*When there are stairs in the bunker its never a good sign. 


*Cold and rainy, but quite beautiful, Scotland.


*On our way to the Isle of Bute off the west coast of Scotland. 


*Getting to see Elin on my off weeks always makes them better!! Go watch her play in Sioux Falls this week! 


*This kid knows how to make some money in Scotland.


*Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute. Home of the royal family of Scotland (at least that is what I gathered from our tour. ha!)


*Mount Stuart. 


7 thoughts on “The Open Road

  1. Kim, it’s always good to get your perspective of life on the tour and the lessons learned as your golf career matures. Keep up the good work…quality over quantity…good lesson

  2. Way to go kimmy! We so enjoy following your journey. Keep up the good work and the positive attitude. We are proud of you and you accomplishments!

  3. Love the pics from Scotland, going to try to make that trip in 2019 w/ Sam. I think you’ve made a wise decision to go for the quality v. quantity approach, but stay flexible! When you get a hot streak, be ready to ride it for as long as you feel it. Been reading “Be a Player” & really love what Pia & Lynn are teaching right now😉

  4. Sorry I haven’t been a very loyal fan lately and thats not like me. So let’s get back on track from good old Clark SD. Started on good note and finish on one.You can get on track and do it. Good luck good old Clark SD alumni make us proud

  5. Thank you for the latest post. We particularly enjoyed the photos from St. Andrews. Julie and I were there in 2012 and it remains as the most memorable place we’ve ever visited. Standing on the first tee at the Old Course and on the Swilcan Bridge were goose bump moments we’ll never forget. The shot of you in front of Hamilton Grand with the young bagpiper also brought back memories — we stayed at the Scores Hotel which is right next to Hamilton. It really took us back. Thanks again and best of luck during the rest of the season!

  6. Like your rethink of how much to play, it makes a lot of sense. Glad you got to see St. Andrew’s, lots of sites in the community too, like the Morris’ gravesites and the Cathedral ruins. Links golf is so different from the usual American game I often wonder if those on the pro tours have enough time to get acclimated. Best of luck the remainder of the season, about time for some favorable breaks and bounces!

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