Holy Toledo

Good morning from Scotland! I’m writing this early in the morning from apartment in Troon and I have to say it looks pretty nice out! I am keeping my hopes high that the weather cooperates for the Scottish Open this week.


*Practice round vibes at the US Open with Elin Arvidsson, our caddies, and Coach Todd Kolb!

If you follow my season at all you will probably know that I had my best finish last week at the Marathon Classic. What you won’t know is that instead of celebrating I went from the 18th green to my car, drove 4.5 hours to Chicago, jumped on a 7 hour flight to London, then a short flight to Edinburg, and finally a 1.5 hour drive to my home for the week courtesy of Angela Stanford and was sleeping by 11 last night!  Why I was up at 4:45 this morning, nobody knows.

KPMG Women's PGA Championship - Round Three

*KPMG Women’s Championship 

I have had a good bit of time while traveling to reflect on these past 24 hours and could really sum them up as a tale of two tournaments! So, this morning I thought I would fill you in on how I feel I went from one of my worst performances to one of my best of the year in just 5 days.


*Audrey and I hosted the LPGA player/caddie bowling tournament for the second year in a row. Caddie Missy is working on being a bowling model some day soon.  

The US Open is a tournament I have faired quite well in the past two years. I went into this year’s event with especially good vibes since I played the US Girls’ Junior on this course when I was 17. If you don’t recall, both the Boys’ s and Girl’s Junior Championships were played at Trump National Bedminster that year. The Boy’s was won by some kid named Jordan Speith and the Girl’s by some girl from North Dakota named Amy Anderson. Strange how I can remember both of those winners so well. 😉


*Hot and humid in New Jersey, but when your best friend makes the US Open its all smiles here! 🙂

All in all I will probably look back and see the US Open as a turning point in my season. It was far from what I hoped for and no matter how hard I played out there my game just wasn’t in shape for that test of golf. I went to practice at the course both Saturday and Sunday (which is one of the hardest things to do when you have missed a cut), and grinded on the range while everyone else was warming up to play. I worked on some new drills from my coach and was instantly seeing some better results.  I knew I had a ways to go but 5 days of practice before my next tee time was enough time to figure it out.

Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic - Round Two

*A bug’s view of me during the Thornberry Creek Classic where I finished T36.

I left New Jersey on Sunday afternoon and drove to Akron, Ohio to play the Smucker’s LPGA pro am at Firestone.  I wouldn’t normally schedule a pro am the day after the US Open in the middle of an 8 week stretch, but you also don’t get the chance to play Firestone every day! It proved to be a good decision as I had a beautiful day to play and an even better group to enjoy it with.


*A great group of guys at Firestone to help me forget about my week at the US Open. 🙂

I arrived in Toledo Tuesday morning and got to work. I felt if I had two good days of practice along with my good memories at this event then I could pull together a good week.  Apparently, my Thursday round wasn’t feeling my good vibes. I walked off the course and asked Audrey what in the world we were doing out there.  Like a veteran caddie should, she told me I was fine, that we needed to stop worrying about the outcomes we can’t control, and that our goal the next three days was to stay present in the shot at hand. I needed that reminder, and it made me feel better. I reset my mind for the next three days and did just that. I did a much better job of having confidence in the swing work I had done the past 5 days but left it on the range, and instead focused on the mental side that I could control on the course by using some of the Vision54 tools I had at my disposal.


*Lots of young girls and boys are always helping out at the Marathon Classic, pretty sure I got two of the best to carry my score on Friday!

I would shoot 67 on Friday to make the cut by a shot, and follow it up with a 66 and 65 on the weekend. Everything wasn’t perfect but I stayed true to my goal of staying in the present and leaving technical thoughts on the range.  It allowed me to get in the zone and feel that I could make a birdie on every hole like I had in past years at this course. It’s safe to say I love playing in Toledo and will be back next year for more. 🙂


*10:30 pm in Scotland last night. Beautiful place. 

I will play the Scottish Open this week and the British Open at Kingsbarns next week before coming home for some MUCH needed rest. Thank you all for the kind messages of support this week. It is ALWAYS appreciated!



14 thoughts on “Holy Toledo

  1. There’s a lot to be said about leaving the technical part of your game on the range! We can all learn a bit from that tip. You certainly had a remarkable showing in Ohio, and I’m thinking you’ve got some positive mojo for Scotland! Have fun!!

  2. Kim…I get tired just reading about your traveling arrangements. You are such an inspiration and we fans really appreciate it. Good luck in Sotland and England!

  3. Great playing in Toledo. Best of luck in Scotland and we hope you get to enjoy a little time in St. Andrews between rounds at Kingsbarns.
    Roger and Julie King

  4. Good luck in Europe I follow you all the time this is Delores O’Neill from Watertown South Dakota . The O’Neill

    girls from Clark are cousins of my husband .

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. HI Kim, It certainly sounds like your experience after leaving Toledo was an experience to remember. It’s a good thing you are young! Troop is a handful to play, especially when the wind blows. As you know, it’s a very strategic course. A good round at Troon is something to relish…..it’s a hard course. Good luck, stay patient…….at one point or another everyone in the field will be bitten with either a bad bounce, or a gust of wind, whatever. We’re pulling for you back here in good old Findlay, Ohio!!

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Excellent job on the Marathon…. Also the Marathon to get to Scotland! You do need a break young lady…. Glad to hear it’s coming soon! Maddie enjoys her golf and we both enjoy your blog’s. Continued positive vibes and hometown love and pride from the Forest crew!

  7. Hi Kim,
    I was so happy for you on your great tourn. in Ohio. Way to put it all together. I hope you continue to play well in Scotland, sounds like an exciting place to play. I saw you briefly at US Open at prac. putting green but due to the weather later that day only saw your opening drive, then I headed back to hotel, looked like storms coming in. Anyway, good luck KK…I’m cheering for you every week…Brian

  8. Hi Kim, well done good golfing @marathonlpga amongst some low scoring. Your 67 to make the Cut was just what you needed followed by Rd3 67 and Rd4 66 for your best finish this year augurs well, this should help you believe in yourself even more. The weather for the Scottish Open at Dundonald Links looks to be typical ‘Scottish’ weather. Wednesday heavy rain and strong winds from early morning improving around 4pm, Thursday strong winds with showers, Friday & Saturday gusting wind with showers all will create challenging scoring conditions but remember same for most others but there’s always some who get the better draw. Full focus required every shot given your full treatment. The course is not the most difficult Links course in Scotland there is a premium on hitting the fairways, getting greens in regulation and carefully facing up to putts on undulating greens. Play your best. I am unable to get to Dundonald Links for the Tournament but will certainly be at Kingsbarns for the RICOH Women’s British Open and look forward to seeing you play there. Kingsbarns is a much more typical Scottish Golf Course in a super setting just above St Andrews. Play your best there also. Eric.

  9. PS: Hi Kim, The weather for the RICOH at Kingsbarns looks to be good warmer and drier than Dundonald Links good for Golf. St Andrews Sunrise is 5.15 am Sunset 9.30 pm. Weather Forecast -> Mon 31/7 temp 18C/65F Sun odd shower wind 4-7 mph, Tues 1/8 temp 18C/65F Sun odd shower wind 7-9 mph, Wed 2/8 Temp 18C/65F Sun wind 12 mph, Thurs 3/8 temp 20C/68F Sun occasional cloud wind 10 mph, Fri 4/8 temp 17C/63F Mostly Sun wind 17 mph, Sat 5/8 temp 17C/63F Sunny wind 14 mph, Sun 6/8 temp18C/65F Sun wind 15 mph. Kingsbarns is a beautiful setting you will be ‘knocked-out’ by the views from the golf course. Eric.

  10. Great finish Kim. A lot of us in SD view every score you post daily and it was a pure pleasure to see what you accomplished over the weekend. Keep it up young lady

  11. Michael thank you for your correction and apologies for my mistake. Kim did so well @marathonlpga I should at least get her scoring correct. After her Rd1 73 to follow with Rd2 67, Rd3 66, and Rd4 65 for -13 finish and 6T is great golfing. Now Kim is competing in Scotland – the Home of Golf – I hope and trust she keeps the sequence going. #oneshotatatime

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