The Learning Curve.

Good Monday morning and Happy 4th of July, everyone! The 4th was probably one of my favorite holidays as a kid and now I seem to barely notice when it passes. Living on the road has a way of making you lose track of time. However, this year I will be spending the fourth at Lambeau Field in Green Bay (wearing purple and yellow of course) celebrating a new event we are playing in Green Bay this week. I’m betting I will get to see a few fireworks in Wisconsin this year. 🙂


*My fan club for the Meijer Classic in Grand Rapids.  I finished the week T17! 

This is the start of my 4th week in a row out of 8! My body feels good and I’m still excited to get up and head to work in the morning. I’ve been disciplined in taking an extra day off here and there or just shortening my practice days slightly. Otherwise, I know my last few weeks will not be very productive.


*I have to post a pic with my Arkansas pro-am group, Beto made a Hole-in-One from 186 yards!! The BEST shot I have ever witnessed in a pro- am! :))

We played our second major of the year, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, at Olympia Fields Country Club in Chicago last week. If you would have asked me before the week started if I would be happy finishing T29 I wouldn’t have hesitated to say “yes.” I had not made the cut at the KPMG in the past two years and have struggled in major championships in general. However, when you’re in the top 10 or so heading into Sunday, T29 seems like a pretty great failure. If I would have written this blog last night on my drive up to Green Bay it would probably have had a sour tone and keys would have been flying. 😉 However, after a good night sleep, a morning facial and a latte, I can think more positively and objectively and tell you just a few of the many great things I feel I learned from this week.


*An off day spent catching up at a trendy coffee shop in Bentonville, AK is the best kind of off day! 

1)I don’t need my best game to play my best. I can promise you, I did not have my best game Thursday and Friday (or Saturday and Sunday!). I was holding on for dear life trying to control my driver and my irons were a nonstop battle to find the middle of the clubface. My 3 wood didn’t even get to leave the bag. I know you think I’m being overdramatic, but honestly, my short game and scrambling held everything together. I made 3 pars from outside 60 yards on Thursday alone and didn’t let it phase me. Looking back I wonder how I made it to the weekend let alone at three under par at Olympia Fields! It is a great reminder that you don’t need your best game to play your best, you just need to know that there are other parts of your game that can pick up the slack. If we would focus more on the good instead of the bad going into each round we might see the round tilt towards the positive instead of the negative.


*It’s going to be a good week when you show up twinning on a Tuesday with your caddie. 

2) Stick to your own game plan. My caddie, Audrey, happened to be watching a Golf Channel special on Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus at the British Open at Turnberry. She told me that Tom said “you don’t need to play your best to win a major you just need a good game plan.” We took that into the week and really stuck to our plan. Over 4 days I played with 3 girls that are top 5 in LPGA tour driving distance. So while they are bombing over some bunkers, here comes Kim with her hybrid to lay up and keep it in the fairway. It was tempting to pull out the driver to try and keep up, but we were disciplined to stick to OUR plan and I think it paid off.


*The team getting after it on a Wednesday practice round. Nobody ever tells me when its black and white day. 

3) Golf tournaments are 72 holes. I know I have touched on this before but I can’t stress enough that golf tournaments are 72 holes. Not 18, not 36, not 54, not 71. They are 72 holes. They don’t give out trophies on Friday for a reason. It’s so easy to get excited and think “this is my week!” when its only half over. I once listened to Annika speak of her first US Open win. She said she was walking down the fairway in the middle of her Sunday round thinking “do I hold the trophy on my left side or my right side?” She laughed at the thought because she knew how young and naive the thought was because the tournament wasn’t over yet. It is easy for me to do do the same and I know its especially easy for my fans to as well. I just urge you to remember that golf is 72 holes and a lot of good or not so good can happen at any time. 🙂 My goal is to really take this in as to avoid the emotional roller coaster that comes with too much excitement early in the week.


*A big thanks to my Dad for making the 11 hour drive from Clark and Johan all the way from Texas to be my fan club. 🙂

I am more than ready to tee it up in Green Bay this week. It is a brand new event with a new course and new city. I love playing in the midwest during the summer, it sure reminds me of home. 🙂

Enjoy the 4th of July and be safe!



10 thoughts on “The Learning Curve.

  1. Kim, great blog perhaps your best so far given its open and detailed content. It reads like a personal formula for consistency and regular success on the LPGA Tour. Your 3 Elements are absolutely correct are key to you and anyone else reading them as a ‘How To’. You have had a great week invaluable to you in whom you were paired as ‘The Learning Curve’ . In any walk of life a physical close up over time of what can be achieved ‘shot by shot’ is the best coaching. Your stats are good. well done, and if there was a downside it was your last 9 holes of the 72 where consecutive shots were lost. You will know this and why…take it and your 3 Elements on your way forward to success. Eric. #oneshotatatime

  2. Thanks for the quick recovery, accenting the positive. It was difficult, for the fanbase, to digest the seven bogeys in the nine hole stretch (9-17) on Sunday afternoon, when each extra stroke cost ~ $10K. Yes, yes, it’s only money, but that equates to a lot of first class flights, facials, lattes, and designer shoes.

    However, just being there, sandwiched between glam pairings, and not having your “a” game, you made everyone proud. Hit the turf running in GB.

  3. Sounds like you learned a lot from being in contention, good showing, expect you’ll have many more in the upcoming events.

  4. Kim. It was exciting to see you in contention. Nice to see major network real time coverage as well.
    I’m sure Tiffany and Kristine will have some great words if wisdom along with your own positive thoughts to help for next time. If it was easy a lot more people would be trying to do what you do.

  5. Kim: Congratulations on a great week, your South Dakota golf fans are very proud to have you represent our state on the LPGA . As you said there is always a learning curves. Have fun, play like a kid – hit it, go find it, hit it again 🙂 Good luck in Wisconsin!!

  6. great blog Kimmy. Im sure the pressure is terrific when you were in the Great spot you were in. It will come in time and Good OLD CLARK SD will still be behind you no matter what happens. Also as always new week in Green Bay, new day and another new challenge that you can handle. Keep your head down, play your own game and have fun with it. It will happen GOOD LUCK Dala

  7. Kim, I learn so much from your honest assessment of your game, the strategy behind competing and the humbleness you show when things don’t go your way. Those of us in business can learn so much from the approach you take and the challenges you face. Keep looking forward.

  8. Who would have guessed, July 23, 2017, ending in a T-6 at the Marathon in Sylvania, and then, the best check ever ?

    Consider the Th-Fr, USGA, missing the cut, and the opening round in Ohio, 73 (T-112 ?), followed by going -15, Fr,Sa,Su. You matched winner I.K. Kim, stroke for stroke, those final three rounds.

    Play your best in Scotland the next two weeks, then enjoy the Solheim rest period, well deserved R&R before Ottawa.

    Kind regards from DeTour Village, MI.
    Lynn and Chas

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