3 for 3

Hello, everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday evening. I am in Atlantic City enjoying a nice dinner and getting ready to head home for a week off. The tour is headed to Canada, but I will be busy with a clinic, practicing with Todd, and a relaxing weekend at Sutton Bay.

Today completed a three week stretch for me where I saw the weekend every time. While I am still pretty frustrated with parts of my game, I’ve seen some improvement in different areas and am doing a better job of simply getting the ball in the hole.


*Final shot into the 18th at the Kingsmill Championship

This stretch started in Kingsmill where I saw my ball striking finally make a turn for the better. I actually felt like I was holding a golf club and not a hockey stick like I had the previous few weeks. I finished in the mid 30’s and was happy to make a check.

I drove 10 hours with a tour friend up to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Volvik Championship and I think I saw it all this week. I had some good holes, some bad holes, and way to many bogeys from the middle of the fairway. 😦 However, Ann Arbor is an awesome town to spend a week and regardless of my play I enjoyed the week very much. Every time I go my “must go restaurants” list gets even longer. There really aren’t enough meals in a day.


*Caroline and I found two of the cutest hole volunteers in Ann Arbor! 

Finally, we come to Atlantic City! Always my favorite stop on tour. I’m just in love with playing this golf course. The poa greens were better than ever and we had some chamber of commerce weather the whole week. I was also paired with one of my absolute favorite playing partners, Pernilla Lindberg. I remember playing with Pernilla early in my career and thinking if I could have just half of the fight she has for every shot that I would have a great career. Having the opportunity to play with her is always a good reminder of that and I felt I found that fight in myself again today. It wasn’t the lowest round of the day, or even best round of the year for me, but I fought hard for every shot and climbed the leaderboard a few spots.


*Good times tearing up the pro-am party with the Austad’s crew.  I hope they let them back in again next year. 😉 

I’ll go home this week and keep working on the parts of my game that are letting me down and decide on the rest of my summer schedule. Theres a balance between playing enough events to make a good living and taking off weeks in order to play “your best” when you are playing. I lean towards playing EVERYTHING but I know that in the end, it may not be in my best interest. I need to find the balance where I always have quality play over quantity.

20170604_141402*A couple good fans that always drive from Lancaster, PA to watch me play this week.  I have such great fans no matter where I play! 🙂

Have a great week and I’ll be back in action after this week in Grand Rapids for the Meijer Classic!




3 thoughts on “3 for 3

  1. Kim! I’m always glad to read your words. Hang in there…you’re going to be great. Saw u in Kingsmill again this year. Thanks for just being the professional that u are. Go Tech!

  2. Kim, congrats on your weekend rounds at the Meijer, and especially your final round 64. Amazing way to rocket up the leaderboard 🙂

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