Onwards, Upwards

Hello, everyone. I apologize for the delay in writing a new blog, I know this is long overdue. I’m in Indiana tonight for an outing tomorrow and thought it was time to put some words to paper. It has been a long and trying stretch for a few weeks now but I feel things are making a turn for the better (or at least I hope 😉


*Hawaii’s cutest fans. I think they brought me my Sunday 66. 🙂

I remember writing a blog in August last year in the midst of what felt like the worst stretch ever. I was missing cuts by one shot in big events and felt that I was never going to find my way out. I was beginning to feel that way when I couldn’t find the driving range in Mexico. And no, it wasn’t the margaritas. Honestly, I was quite thankful it was a match play event and I was able to spare myself the humility of posting a score.


*My fellow Sanford Health and Dakota girl Amy Anderson. Proud to represent both!
So, I come home from Mexico Thursday night after I played (the benefit of living in DFW) and I didn’t know where to even start. Sometimes you feel you work SO hard day in and day out and the game keeps giving you nothing. I took Friday off, cleaned the apartment top to bottom which serves as a strange sort of “lets start over” therapy, and hit the range on Saturday with a clear task from my coach to help get my swing back on track.


*Team Kaufman working hard in Dallas. Apparently Todd said to keep your head down.

I spent a lot of hours on the “little nine” at Shady Oaks this week and slowly but surely I found the center of the club face again. I will be the guest at the Deaconess Golf Classic in Evansville, Indiana tomorrow and then fly to Williamsburg, VA on Tuesday for the Kingsmill Championship. The LPGA tour begins a 12 week stretch tomorrow, of which I will play either 10 or 11. THIS is when the season really gets going and I can say I’m ready to get after it.


*A few of my absolute favorite people on tour in Dallas for the Angela Stanford Foundation Pro-am. 

I saw Ian Poulter finished 2nd at the Players Championship today. Whether you are a fan or not, to watch a Ryder Cup-er go from the top of the game, to nearly losing his card (saved by Brian Gay!) to finishing second in today’s event gives hope to anyone going thru a tough time. He is the definition of persistence and determination. As a player, I know how hard it is, and I commend him for his efforts and congratulate him for his accomplishment. Stories like that give hope and a reminder to any player going thru a tough stretch that a second place finish may be right around the corner.


*Sometimes you just need to relax and have a facial. #thingsyoudon’tseeonthePGAtour

I appreciate everyone’s support no matter how I play, but hope to give you something to cheer for in the coming weeks!


10 thoughts on “Onwards, Upwards

  1. Sharon and I enjoy very much following your career, love your level of play, best of luck and fortune. Hope to observe from the sidelines some day soon, best to you.

  2. We play a sport which has so many moving parts, challenges, obstacles and heartache. Yet, it provides the greatest joys, thrills and memories! Keep focused on what matters and all will be good.

  3. Kim, glad to hear your game is on track. You will kick it in over the next few months. The Austad team, “the OK fan club” will be at Ann Arbor for the Volvik. See you there.

  4. Kimmie

    Don’t worry your South Dakota fans will always be there.

    Good luck, glad to hear you are based in Fort Worth. We lived there for two years in the military before returning to Sioux Falls. Wonderful time there. We will be in Fort Worth for an equestrian event in mid October and would love to have you for dinner out on us.

    Gail and Connie Benson


  5. Ahh Kim , it is so inspiring to have you share these trials with us . No doubt these experiences are realized by many that play the game even the am’s like us , so thank you for showing us that it’s not always as easy as it looks for you from where we stand outside the ropes . All of us that support you see the level you have achieved and no less anticipate the next level you aspire too . Keep up the good work and no doubt that day comes , Tom and Jo ( jims mom and dad )

  6. Kim…I saw you in Kingsmill 2 years ago but we can’t make it there this year. My wife and I are ALWAYS pulling for you every step (or swing) of the way. Great post and I really enjoy the pics. Fellow Red Raider…go Tech! Mike

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