Ft. Worth —> California

Hello from DFW! I got home to Ft. Worth late Tuesday night after a three week road trip and a final 19 hour drive home from Temecula, CA. So, its hard to believe I’m packed and ready to go again after a 3 day “off week.” However, I haven’t been on a plane since coming home from Singapore so I am thankful for that.

If you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll inform you that it is Masters weekend. My saturday flight to Hawaii today was specifically planned to I can wake up tomorrow and watch the final round instead of traveling on Masters Sunday and missing EVERYTHING!


*Opening the ANA Inspiration with a traditional Japanese Sake drum ceremony. 

Before we get to the Masters each year, though, the LPGA kicks of the Major season with the ANA Inspiration (formerly the Kraft Nabisco) in Rancho Mirage, CA. I have two topics I would like to comment on before moving on from this for good. First, my own tournament play. In the past, this has been a tournament that has gotten the best of me. I have worked hard all year to change my thoughts and feelings towards the course and event. I played an even par Thursday round and felt I really turned a corner. I fought back from a 2 over start and was there to make birdies. Friday, on the other hand, was like deja vu. I felt anxious about the cut line and started pressing from the third hole on. It was one of those days when you start to question everything you’re doing.


*Practice at Mission Hills.  

A couple days later, when thinking more clearly, I realized I had gone back to some old habits: looking at the leaderboard too much, trying to predict the cut line mid round, and comparing myself to other players. I know, more than ever now, that I absolutely have to stop. I have to live in my own world and not even open the leaderboard app. between rounds.  I have to focus solely on myself out there because thats the only thing I can control. This may sound super easy for some, but with my personality I know it is not. It is a very big challenge for me, but one I must take on and commit to every week. If I can learn to live inside my own little world week in and week out I know I will see some better and more consistent results.

*Lots of matching going on at the ANA last week with Kris Tamulis and Angela Stanford. 🙂

Second, the rules violation that occurred during the second round has been hot topic all week. As a player, I have to say first that my heart goes out to each player. Lexi was clearly running away with the event and had it taken away, So Yeon won fairly by the rules but everyone wants to put an asterisk by it. I’m sure both girls left the event with a funny feeling in their stomach; not the way it should be. So, here is my thought on the rule. We, the professional golfing community, need to get a hold on our own sport. I stand firmly against call ins from viewers at home for a couple reasons. One, not every single shot is shown on tv. Some players could violate a different rule on every hole and never get caught. Two, there is no other sport or competition in the world that allows anybody other than the referee to call the game. There are probably many times where replay would show that a player could also have gained more with a different ball spotting etc, but those aren’t every called in. Nobody ever gets to minus a shot or two or FOUR from their score. Finally, every round isn’t treated the same. If a viewer was to call in on Monday, it wouldn’t be reviewed once the tournament is closed. How is that ok? That’s like saying there will be no booth reviews allowed in the 4th quarter of an NFL game. What a laughable thought.


*My pro am group from the ANA included two LPGA commissioners and Tommy Thayer of Kiss. Always fun playing with celebrities!

At the end of the day, golf was built on etiquette. Only the player knows if a violation is intentional or not. Only the players in his or her group are responsible for policing play. It’s not a perfect system, but there never will be. We need to take control of our competitions and stop allowing such fiascos to overshadow the incredible play and deserving victories. I sincerely hope I see a change in this policy very soon. At the very least, allow reviews to be made ONLY on the day of play, and then take away the penalty for an incorrect score card. That would at least be moving in the right direction.


*I made a quick trip to Temecula, CA for the Kore Am pro am on Monday before driving home.  The picture on the left doesn’t do this view justice.  Amazing drive from Palm Springs to Temecula.

I had two good days working with my coach in Ft. Worth this week. He decided to make a quick trip down to work out a few kinks before heading to Hawaii. I’m very lucky to have a coach that always makes the time and the trip when I need it most!


*Working on some “miscellaneous shots” that I don’t often practice with my coach.  Let’s hope I don’t need to use them. 🙂

Here’s to lots of birdies in Hawaii!


5 thoughts on “Ft. Worth —> California

  1. Funny how our minds can work for us. or against us☺️ I know that’s true for me when I start out a round really hot, I start to think about when will that double bogie show up😳. As for the “viewer rules officials” I have to believe there has to be a small group (probably USGA volunteers) that know how to get through to tour officials. It shouldn’t happen & I think it’s square in the hands of the tours to stop it. Glad I got to see you this week, good luck in Hawaii. See you at the Shootout😁

  2. Kim, great Post keeping your Fans up to date on your inside track. I cannot agree more with you that you must ‘play your own game’ and not be influenced by ‘external influences’…I always say (and mean it) #oneshotatatime…play each shot as if it were the only one you were going to hit all day. The ‘insane events’ that robbed Lexi Thompson of clearly winning the ANA Inspiration 1st Major of the year have to be stopped. It just doesn’t happen in any other Sport TV or not and should not be allowed to happen in Golf. I do not think the LPGA handled the matter well, I see the 2 shot penalty for not (accidently) replacing the marked ball but to then add another 2 shot penalty for signing a wrong card was simply wrong..double jeopardy..no Law Court in the land would have done so..I consulted a Solicitor Advocate for opinion which confirmed this..I wish it had been taken to Court…the card had been signed in good faith 24 hours ago and should have been considered closed..if Lexi had not signed the card 24 hours ago she would have been disqualified. The LPGA Head of Rules postured that the Tournament was over 72 holes and remained open for those 72 holes..but her interpretation is wrong..yes it is 72 holes but its 4 separate rounds of 18 holes in priority. Finally I do not think the LPGA have any idea on how to deal with this and as long as they dither and that prevails it will likely happen again similarly. Kim you have identified some ‘mental changes’ to improve your scoring apply them with some reminder prompts..be resolute and good luck with the rest of your Season.

  3. A lot of people carry a legal team around inside their heads, and it sounds like you’re with those of us who have a better prosecutor than we have defense attorney. So the prosecutor picks apart all the little flubs and mistakes and does nothing but increase anxiety (you know you’re guilty!) while the defense is still sorting the paperwork. The Prosecutor likes to micro-manage and second-guess. The practical antidote is to question every self-criticism that increases anxiety and degrades performance. “Who says that’s true?” is a good mantra. So, best of luck the rest of the season. BTW, couldn’t agree more with your analysis of the “call-in” arm chair officials, especially the inequity involved in scrutiny of only a few players while most go unobserved. This rule needs to have time limitations, otherwise we risk destruction of the principle of players being responsible for the integrity of the game.

  4. Aware that 2Jul2017 is ahead of your last blog entry, excuse us. Being > 75y/o, we choose not to tweet, facebook, or live in the cloud. So twentieth century.

    Best wishes on the final round LPGA at Olympia Fields…great position. Although you received air time on Sat. (mostly because you were in the glam pairing with LexT), today will be more fun. The network will focus on her, and MichelleW, as if your are invisible.

    Get down to business, focus on your play, red numbers, and the Bellamy Brothers,

    “Let your love fly like a bird on the wing
    And let your love bind you to all living things
    And let your love shine
    And you’ll know what we mean, that’s the reason”

    Your fan base above the clouds is pulling for you.

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