Up and Up!

Hi everybody! I’m writing this blog from windy Palm Springs, California. It isn’t often we get windy days here, but when it blows it really blows! This is the site of our first major of the year, and I thought I would take you thru what my plan is to get prepped for the week.

*My fan club in Phoenix.  We celebrated 3 birthdays that week! 

The best thing about this week is that it is only a two hour drive from our last event in Carlsbad, CA, so I was here by 6:30 last night. I knew the forecast was calling for wind so I was up and at the course before 7, and on the range by 7:30. I really wanted to “chart” my wedges and we need minimal wind. Charting wedges merely means I’m going to hit 5-6 balls with each grip and/or swing length and take the average of those shots. It’s the one time my caddie stands willingly on the range and lets me hit balls at her. 🙂

*Dropping the puck at the San Diego Gulls game last week. 
We headed to the course shortly after I finished my wedges and played the back nine. I focused a lot on chipping and bunkers because I feel that is not well represented in the practice area this week. After I finished playing I did a little swing work and some putting, but the wind really picked up so I felt it wasn’t worth it to stand on the range and beat balls.



*My San Fransisco host family moved to Carlsbad! I’m so lucky to have these guys cheer me on!

After I left the course I actually went and got a facial. Yes, we often do random things like that on the road. It’s relaxing, and if I don’t do it on the road I probably never will! It is always important to do things away from the course to get your mind off of golf. Perhaps even more important during a major.



*LPGA photo shoot for new head shots and sponsors. 🙂

I plan to play at least 9, maybe 18 tomorrow, practice after and then attend the pro am party tomorrow night. It’s a full day but I’m looking forward to it. Wednesday I will play 9 holes of a pro am and get some good practice hours in. I am really looking forward to this week. My game feels as good as it has all year and I’m ready for it to reflect in my scoring. We were close last week; I’m excited to keep building on that!

Send some good vibes to California, please!


Honda LPGA Thailand - Day 3

CHONBURI, THAILAND – FEBRUARY 25: Kim Kaufman of United States plays the shot during the Honda LPGA Thailand at Siam Country Club on February 25, 2017 in Chonburi, Thailand. (Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images)



6 thoughts on “Up and Up!

  1. Vibes sent – love hearing and seeing your off the course adventures! Best of luck this week – will be watching from The Majestic & Revered!

  2. Mission Hills is the “Masters” for the ♀ of golf. Have a wonderful week. For a stroke of good luck, brush your teeth with Colgate….in honor of Dinah Shore.

    Try your best to relax, concentrate, and live in the moment. Paradoxical, perhaps, however, twenty-five years from now, you’ll drift back to the memory that is Rancho Mirage.

    Two elderly fans, and their 12 lb dog, Mrs. Wilson, will be watching and cheering for you.

  3. good luck in palm springs, it’s a beautiful course, I walked it in 1988 one day them sat on the side of the 17th green Par 3 the next day right were you exit to the 18th par 5 which is a beautiful end to a great course. So will be watching and good luck as always from Good Old CLARK SD. Play your own game and have fun. Here we go for the first major You can handle it. Dala

  4. Kim good luck for the week in Palm Springs. We hope all goes well and you have a great tournament

    Ray and Helen >

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