Hello from Singapore! I have just finished a partial practice round but unfortunately was rained out! Thankfully I have a great caddie that has walked the course and knows what we need to do even if I haven’t seen every hole.

On my last flight I was loaned a book about blogging from a friend on tour and if I learned only one things its that my blogs are probably too long! So, I’m going to start taking a different approach and write shorter (difficult task for me), but hopefully more often.

I just finished a very up and down week but for as many things that disappointed me I know that there were many positive to take aways as well. I write to my mental coaches at Vision54 every other week and thought maybe I would share with you what I wrote to them. A completely unfiltered look at what goes thru a tour players mind when they finish an event (or at least my crazy mind ;).


*Dinner with the Fraser’s in Australia.  So great to see them every year!

So I started off by making a list of the positives:

-Bringing round 1 back from +4 to +1
-Making 7 birdies in round 2
-Making balance/tempo/tension practice a part of my daily routine (I could write a whole     blog about this, but just go with me here).
-Playing my first three holes of the day on the range
-Letting my “swing feel” come to me in the moment instead of deciding before the round (something I strive for).


*Quick tuk-tuk ride to dinner for Audrey’s birthday in Thailand. 

Then I expressed what I felt where two areas I needed to improve on:

-I need to get my putting together. I feel I am all over the map. I find myself trying to “steer” my putts and become timid. I am focused on my stroke, even though I don’t want to be, and it results in a stroke that isn’t very fluid or natural. How can I step up and putt on the course as I do on the practice green?
-I found myself struggling to decide between my gut instinct and the “disciplined” shot. How can we work out which is the best time to use each?


*Honda LPGA Thailand gala dinner with my roomie Angela and good friend Alena.

From here I will likely receive answers from them in the form of practice plans, ideas to try, and questions to ask myself in order to get to the bottom of it. While I know we can often make the game look easy its a forever learning process that requires assistance from coaches in the technical and mental areas. As a players, I think one of the easiest ways to help yourself get better is being able to distinguish when you need help technically vs. mentally. It is way to easy to call up your swing coach and blame it on him or her, when in reality you might just need to look in the mirror and face what’s going on inside your own mind. 🙂


*Bitters and Love in Singapore. A must go if you’re ever in the city. 🙂


*Breakfast with orangutans at the Singapore Zoo with Alena and Brittany!

I hope you enjoyed the insight today!



9 thoughts on “Mindset

  1. Golf is fascinating. Your blog shows that even at your high level of play there are always little mental and physical adjustments taking place, trying to find the best form and routine that you can. It’s a never-ending process. While it is often frustrating it is also one of the most appealing things about the game. Have a great season! Hope 2017 sees you breaking through with your first LPGA “W”. You’re on the verge.

  2. We always enjoy your blogs Kim – long or short. Remember in those down moments the “Oh The Places You Will Go” (from Clark,SD) book. Even those not do good shots pale when you see the whole picture. Keep your chin up always, it’s you who makes us proud. The golf game is a bonus. Keep up the hard work. Jan and Lee

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  3. Kim, here you go on another great year of golf. Every week you golf I’m glued to the TV to see how you are doing. I feel this is your year. You are an inspiration for many. Best wishes this year. Gayle

  4. Its amazing to read your blog and see that you go through the same golf related issues that my 13 year old struggles with. She is striving to become a tour player in the future. You are so positive with your experiences on the course and I am sure off of the course. We really enjoy following you and wish you well at all of your tournaments. Good luck in 2017.

  5. From time spent in SE Asia in the 60’s, I recall the caution,

    “Mị̀ khey h̄ạn h̄lạng klạb k̄hxng khuṇ pị yạng ling xurạngxutạng”,

    which, roughly translated warns; ‘Never turn your back to an orangutan’.

    It’s safer to play golf during a lightning storm. ♥ ♥ , Lynn & Dr. C.

  6. We always look forward to reading your blogs Kim – they’re so interesting! Buster checks his iPad constantly when you’re playing, plus we try to watch tv hoping we’ll get to see you. Have a great year!!

  7. Not to worry, Kimmie! You are such a shining light! I love your blogs and the pictures. Keep on track and you’ll be at the top. Go TTU!

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