Let’s Go!

Good Monday morning everybody! I absolutely can’t believe its been over 2 months since my last blog! Time has absolutely flown by and here I am in my 4th year on the LPGA already. I have had a great off season spending most of my time in Ft. Worth and just finished up a promising first event in the Bahamas.

Let’s start with the off season. I think if you took a poll and asked people what they thought we did in the off season you wold be surprised at the vast array of answers. I’ve heard everything from exercising and dieting to playing golf every day to working a part time job. In reality, everyone is pretty different. For myself, I need to stay away from the golf course from Thanksgiving thru the end of the year. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful days where I would very much enjoy heading to the course for a few hours. However, I know in the long run, come around the end of August, I’m going to be glad I take that time off. The season is an incredibly long marathon, and as my coach likes to say, “you don’t run the Kentucky Derby every day.” Second, it’s a time that for a few precious weeks of the year I relish in the routine daily activities of a “normal” lifestyle. I love love LOVE what I do and the places I travel and the time I am away, but at the end of a 10 month golf/travel campaign, seeking normalcy is the best thing I can find.

While I tried my best to “stay put” in Ft. Worth and get to know my new home, there were a few occasions where I had to pack a bag and head to the airport. I went to Phoenix to escape a bad stretch of weather here in early January. I have great friends there to see and stay with and it was chance for me to see my mental coaches at Vision54 before the season started. It ended up being a very busy and productive trip. The cold weather in Texas was a blessing in disguise.

I also headed out to Carlsbad a week later for a club fitting. I had heard everyone talking so much about the new Callaway Epic driver so I was excited to test it out. It didn’t take me long to switch out all my old heads for the new Epic line. I played the driver, three wood, and five wood this week in the Bahamas. I stayed in California for a couple extra days and was very fortunate to play at Tradition in La Quinta and Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage (site of the ANA Inspiration, our first major). Tradition was really unlike anything I had every played. It took desert golf to a new level and how the course is positioned right against the mountains is just stunning. It was for sure one of the best days of my off season. I was especially thankful to my partner, Juli Inkster, for chipping in for eagle on 18 and saving us 50 bucks. 😉

Other than those two quick trips I have been enjoying my time out at Shady Oaks getting ready for the season. I will have two weeks here now before I head overseas and I will be found on the Shady Oaks “Little Nine” nearly every day. 🙂

I can’t leave a blog without my thoughts on my last event. The Bahamas was awfully kind to us this year, producing 4 days of nearly flawless weather with very low winds (unless you were in the final groups on Sunday!). It made for incredibly low scoring conditions, but the birdies were out there on every hole. I have to say my game has come out of this off season feeling better than past seasons. I drove the ball well, hit my irons well, and rolled the ball well on the greens even if they all didn’t go in. I lost the majority of my shots on the par 5’s with my pitching and wedges. It’s ok though, I have a great place to practice those things out at Shady. 🙂 I truly felt I played great there, but also have a very clear picture of where I was losing shots which makes it easy to make a plan going forward.
I have two weeks here at home, then I’m off on a three week stretch to Australia, Thailand, and Singapore. Hopefully the LPGA being back on tour gives you something to do if you’re battling a tough winter! Just remember that summer is getting closer every day. 🙂


Callaway fitting in Carlsbad.  So thankful they help us get the best clubs in our bag every season!


Kris and I as guest bartenders at the Pure Silk pro-am party. 🙂


Auds and I happy to be back at work!!


Things are serious in the pro am when the rally caps come on. Happy to report that it worked and we took home the hardware!


One of the benefits of staying on the beach. 🙂


First practice round of 2017. I’m lucky to call these people friends!!


I became a true Texan when I attended the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo for Bulls Night Out.


The 17th at Tradition. Yes, that landing area is as small as it looks.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Go!

  1. Hi Kimmy

    Always enjoy your updates.

    Spent two years in Fort Worth in the military in the 70s and loved the town.

    You are a special Clarkite and we love you for all you accomplish.

    Hello from Hawaii.



  2. Welcome back…this schedule requires endurance, pacing, and other than the two doubles, the Bahamas were a ++ start. Nice position after the Fri. morning finish, knowing the cut line is comfortably in the rear view mirror.

    Tops having to spend the weekend, self-flagellating on the range. Much more pleasant to have an early dinner, a glass of wine, and anticipate what needs to be done to get into the top ten.

    2017 will be your best season yet, onward and ➹.

    Lynn & Chas
    Green Valley, AZ

  3. So impressed about your blog for a true insight into a professional on the LPGA tour. I’m looking at Callaway’s new driver too! It looks incredible. Thanks to your tip, my Palm Springs trip in March may include Tradition. I’ve always liked their Mountain course. Keep it up Kim, I’m excited for you!!

  4. You haven’t lived until you play Alcatraz #17 on PGA West Stadium course. Better take that in too when you are there Kimmy!!!

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  5. Thought you had a good showing at Pure Silk, especially last 36 holes with one bogey. Personally, you’ve got me excited to try out the Epic😉 Hope to see you soon!

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