Over and Out

Hello, everyone! I happily write this blog from American soil after 5 weeks overseas. It’s 4 am and I am terribly jet lagged but thats always part of the gig. As much as I love to travel and play golf there’s something about coming home that you just can’t replace. With only one event left on my schedule this season I can nearly taste the off season and have to admit it is time for a break. These past few weeks have been busy, but always well worth it.

The last time I wrote I was in the middle of my Asian swing with three events left to play: Korea, China, and Malaysia. Little did I know this would end up being probably the best stretch of my year. Korea granted us with absolutely perfect weather and a challenging course that lead to a great week for me. I had only played in Korea once before but the course fit me well. With very firm greens it demanded patience, something I have worked hard on these past few years. We hummed along for four days and in the end snuck into the top ten for my second tenth place finish of the year. I felt as if the momentum I felt the last day in Beijing and thru Taiwan was really starting to pick up.

The plan was for all players and most caddies to take a chartered flight to China on that Sunday night. However, a strong typhoon was headed straight for the island we play on. After a lot of discussion on the part of the LPGA and the tournament sponsor, the LPGA decided to hold us in Korea until the storm passed. We spent Sunday night and Monday night in Korea, flew to Shanghai Tuesday and stayed the night, and finally to our destination by mid day on Wednesday. What seemed like a nice two day break at first turned into two very long travel days. Many caddies, including my own, weren’t able to arrive until Wednesday night, so we were allowed to go out in a cart on our own Wednesday afternoon and play as much of a practice round as we could. Needless to say, by the time we tee’d it up on Thursday morning we were all feeling a little out of whack.

I played the best I could each day, but I could tell I was on my fourth week in a row at the end of the season; I was completely exhausted. I jokingly told my caddie, Audrey, on Friday that if I worked a normal job I would have called in sick. As much fun as playing golf for a living may seem, sometimes we want to play hooky, too. 🙂 I played relatively well on the weekend and left with a top 25 finish and one week to go in Asia.

The Sime Darby LPGA in Malaysia is usually the first event in the Asian swing but happened to fall fifth, and thus last, for me. Its a great golf course that challenges accuracy and demands a lot from the flat stick. It’s a place where I generally grind out a 74 and can’t understand how anybody finished the tournament under par. This year it held something different for me though. Although I didn’t have the best playing memories there, I knew I was playing well and if I just took it one shot at a time, perhaps I could just prove to myself that I can play this golf course. It wasn’t perfect (two water balls and a couple missed three footers) but I was relentless in letting this course win for the third year in a row. I finished with an up and down out of the bunker on the 18th on Sunday for a T-7 finish at 10 under par. My best of the year. 🙂

Playing in Asia at the end of the year feels almost like a completely different job. It has such a different feeling from the first 7 months of the year. It’s rewarding, exhausting, and frustrating, but nevertheless teaches you so many things that undoubtedly make you a better player for it. I opted to not play in Japan or Mexico but will be in Naples for the tour championship in two weeks.

Thank you all for the kind messages this week. It’s been a great run in Asia!



The only fish I ever eat. Sweet red beans in a pastry. Traditional Korean practice round food every year on this hole.


Pro-am party in Korea.


Some of my best friends on tour.  Love these guys!!



Pretty nice view from the gym in Korea. Lovely fall day. 🙂


Sometimes you have to just sit back and relax for a few hours. 🙂


Pro am Party in Malaysia with my wonderful friends. :))


Great minds think alike.


9 thoughts on “Over and Out

  1. Can’t imagine the physical grind of such extensive travel and putting up with the ups & downs of doing so. You had a tremendous Asian swing, keep up the positive thoughts and momentum. Get some rest!

  2. Kim, great blog – very well done – gives a great insight to us ordinary people who are LPGA fans into playing on the LPGA and for those who follow the Tour events and outcomes. Many congratulations on your finish at the Sime Derby LPGA Malaysia T7 on 10 under with 69, 70, 68 and 67 made with 74% Greens in Regulation and average 28 putts (consistency) all adding up to $48119 which I guess is your biggest pay check to date and takes your career earnings through $1 million. You must be proud and so you should be. I am sure it will not be long now until you secure a Tour win and as always #oneshotatatime #believe Eric.

  3. As a South Dakotan and having deep family roots in Clark and surrounding area, I’m very proud of you and so pleased to follow your progress. Best wishes and great happiness (success, too) playing a great game.

  4. Kim
    Like everyone else, we are happy to see you finish so well in Asia. You write well. I like the fact that you get out and see the sites in all the places you go. Then share them with us.

    But what I really like is that you are from Clark, SD. I ask my friends in Colorado what LPGA golfer is from Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska…?? To my knowledge there are none. It is hard for them to imagine a LPGA golfer could come from South Dakota, let alone a nine hole course in Clark.
    How you did it is amazing to me. (that would be a good blog story in the winter)
    So it is fun to see your name on the leader board in the Denver Post. My Colorado golfing friends tend to snub their noses at South Dakota. But they are golfers, and they know SD has something they do not have. I take great pleasure in reminding them. You make a great story especially when cracking the top 10.

    You help us be proud of our state. Thank you for what you do.

    PS Over the winter could you get Golf Channel to update your profile on website?
    They have your residence and birthplace as the United States.

  5. Kim congratulations on your top 10 finishes! We so enjoy following you and your keeping us up to date with your blog. Keep up the good play and know we are cheering for you! Joe and Sharon Hulscher

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