The basement

Good morning everybody. I write to you today from another very rainy and dreary day in France. I just got back from a morning workout which I counterbalanced with a chocolate croissant. The first of many today I am sure.

If I am up writing a blog on Sunday thats usually not a good sign. This time is no exception. It’s been a tough last stretch of events in which I have missed 3/4 cuts by one shot. I wish I had something profound to say, but all I can tell you is that times like these just really suck.

Three weeks ago I played the Canadian Open in Calgary and missed by one. I didn’t get a practice round but that really wasn’t an excuse. I played well on Thursday and when Friday came and I made a couple bogeys I mentally wasn’t prepared for it. I was super disappointed in myself but I learned a lot that week and used it to prepare for the next. When Thursday of Manulife rolled around I had a very specific plan for how I would approach the day and although my “A” game wasn’t there I was still able to make the cut and play 4 days. It was much like what I experienced in Toledo, reminding me how important the mental side of the game is each and every tournament and each and every shot.

I spent my off week in Sweden with my friend Elin and her family and had the best time. We had great weather, great golf courses, and so many great people to meet. After 5 years of friendship I finally got to see where she is from. A big thank you to the Arvidssons for being such wonderful hosts. 🙂

I flew from Sweden to France on Sunday making this my third trip to the Evian Championship; our fifth and final major of the year. This is a course that is definitely made easier with experience and I felt I actually turned the corner from playing defensive and frightened out here to enjoying the challenge and embracing it. However, I still let the greens get to me. My ball striking was very solid but by the time Friday came I was so tentative on my putts I couldn’t make a two footer. It was heartbreaking to be in the moment and watch yourself give it away. There are a lot of up and downs in every season on tour, but I would have to say I felt this was my lowest point so far (hopefully all year). My focus this year has been on my mental game and playing in big situations and I just felt I completely failed.

I’ve had two days to think about it and of course, with time, every situation gets better little by little. Looking forward I know there are some positives I can be excited about. One, there are no more cuts this year that have to be made. The remaining events are limited field. Two, I’m going to get several (maybe all) starts in Asia, starting in two weeks with Beijing, giving me many more chances to play well. Finally, I know I have all the tools I need both technically and mentally to play this game and play it well. I just have to go back to the drawing board and find the formula that is going to work best and then practice being disciplined enough to do it week in and week out. Always easier said than done. 🙂

For now I’m going to try and enjoy my last day in France, my off week at home, and start preparing for Asia.




Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada.


Lake Moraine, Banff National Park. Stunning view!


Huey Lewis and the News.. the number one reason my mother attended this event I’m pretty sure.


Red Day for heart health at the Manulife Classic.  If there was some sort of award…


My two biggest fans in Kitchener! Thanks to these guys for being such great hosts. See you next year! 🙂


Golf in Halmstad, Sweden with these two Swedes.  What a relaxing day of fun golf.  Not something I get too often anymore. 🙂


Gothenburg, Sweden.


We took a trip to an amusement park in Gothenburg and realized we are a bunch of chickens.


Afternoon snack in Sweden 🙂


The views in Evian are hard to beat.


Sunday night pro am party with two of my favorites.


Traditional practice round with Ms. Tamulis.


Chamonix, France.  THE cutest little ski town I’ve ever been to.


At least we made the most of our Saturday off.. a cold and rainy day in Chamonix but much fun was had!


2 thoughts on “The basement

  1. Looks like u make Clark proud! Keep it up. We all stumble @ times – then w/a little push, it gets better. Great pics. Good luck!

  2. Pleasant surprise with the bogey-free Sunday finish on the 1st Asian stop. Nice to see a 138 weekend after the 149 TH-FR. Is the -7 a career best ?

    Also, the check is not shabby, when converted dollar to yuan, ~ 67,367. Time for a spa treatment and a cashmere housecoat. Onward and upward on the Asian swing.

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