Meeting Mr. Nicklaus

Good morning everybody. I write to you from the Sioux Falls airport today where I have currently set up camp waiting for my 7 am flight that is departing sometime this afternoon now. The joys of travel really never stop. Thankfully I have my mom with me to keep me company.

I haven’t played an event in three weeks but have some great things to write about today. First, a tough British Open to swallow. Second, a once in a lifetime day spent in the presence of Jack Nicklaus. Let’s start with the British Open.

Woburn Golf Club – Woburn, England. They called it the British Open, it felt like the Canadian Open, and I loved it in every way. Tree lined and a bit on the short side with zero pot belly bunkers, I felt it set up perfectly for my game. I sat just outside the cutline after a so-so day 1 and knew i needed either even par or -1 to see the weekend. I played the afternoon on Friday and watched the cut sit at even par nearly the entire day. I fluctuated a little bit but after a great birdie on the 14 (bouncing back from a double on the 12) I was at +1 and felt a lot of momentum, but was dying to see the cut line go to +1. I par the 15th and am sitting in the fairway on 16. Pin on the right, bunker right. My mind told me to hit the center of the green, but subconsciously I wanted it at the pin so I pushed it straight into the bunker. Short sided and frustrated with my lack of discipline I walked up to the green and watched the volunteer change the cut line to plus 1. Unbelievable timing. I hit a great sand shot to about six feet but pushed my putt to the right. Something I struggled with a bit all week. After pars on 17 and 18 I would miss the cut by 1 shot. Some weeks you just walk away with some big lessons learned, this was one of those weeks.

With a weekend off we spent it exploring the city of London. I had never been and it was a great way to get my mind off the game for awhile. We did the touristy things and also the local things. We took in a show on the West End which was the one thing I really wanted to do. I posted some good photos below so you can enjoy looking at those instead of me telling you about it. 🙂

While I often have many great experiences on the golf course, my off weeks are usually a little more on the uneventful side. This past week was an exception to the rule. I was invited to participate in the Sanford Classic at Sutton Bay as part of my partnership with Sanford Health. An event with about 60 people raising money for stem cell research. It was an incredible group of people all around with the likes of Andy North, Tom Weiskopf, and Fred Hoiberg as celebrity guests. However, the whole event elevates to another level when Jack Nicklaus rolls in on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning Andy North lead a walking clinic down the 16th hole with Mr. Nicklaus sharing his insight along the way. When we got to the green Andy asked me to come up and give some advice on the green. So, there I was, telling a group of 60 players how I approach a putt with the greatest of all time standing 6 feet to my left. Enter panic attack mode here. After we finished we all went out and played the event and the final four teams played a shootout at the end. I was lucky to get in with my team and we played alongside Mr. Nicklaus for two holes. What an honor. I will never forget the day I met Jack Nicklaus or the things he said. The places I find myself thru the game of golf are just amazing sometimes. I love what I do, but more importantly I love the people I meet and the connections I make. Sanford health is one of those connections and I don’t know if there is a better company to represent.

It was back to reality this morning as I focus on what is next for me. Canadian Open this week, Manulife Classic next, and the Evian in two weeks. These will be the final three events before the cut off for the limited field events in Asia. I am sitting in a good position now, but a lot can happen in three weeks so its time to play well!

Follow along 🙂


Coldplay in Chicago for Elin’s birthday!


Prepared for the downpour and thankful that we were.


I love Europe and these amazing old buildings!


Thanks for this.


Bus tour with Auds and Missy.




Big Ben 🙂


London Eye


Lunch with this crew.  Fun times walking around the market with the locals.


Some impressive street performers.


Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Back in Sioux Falls and meeting up with my sister for a fun dinner. 🙂


That Sutton Bay sunset never gets old!


Two days of golf well spent with Bob Greenberg and John Cleary who came from Minnesota. Great way to celebrate my birthday!



Andy North leading off the walking clinic for the Sanford Classic.


Just a casual fan. 😉


Me and Jack Nicklaus.  I will keep this photo for a very very long time. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Meeting Mr. Nicklaus

  1. Hi Kim, I always enjoy your blogs – very open and well detailed. I was at Woburn for the RICOH Womens British Open from Saturday 23/7 to Monday 1 August 2016. I went early to see the Marquess Course set-up as it was a while since I had played the Course. It was the LGU that had it set up, in my humble opinion it was too short at 6400 yds (I made my views known) and thus not a true Major Championship Course, there were plenty of Tees further back that could have been used to achieve a Major challenge. Anyway it was the same for all competitors. I watched you play a few holes on Thursday and Friday, was impressed by your swing and the consistent way you went about your course management excepting for a couple of mistakes that was costly.. I saw your double (+2) at the 12th on Friday which was really +3 with lots of birdies being made there on what was effectively a par 3.4. That cost you the cut right there with your Rd1 73 and Rd2 73 being +2 with the cut coming at +1. You compounded this with your 2nd shot on 16th from the middle of the fairway into the right hand bunker of a large inviting green taking three more to get down. I didn’t see you off the Course or I would have introduced myself and said hello. You have another LPGA opportunity coming up that I’m sure you will grasp with both hands, play your best #oneshotatatime. Eric.

  2. Thanks for your continued coverage of KKGolf, free of commercial interruption. Disdaining ‘social media’, our vicarious voyeurism is limited to the LPGA online scoring. Difficult to swallow the occasional double…it seems that often a birdie is less important than the sidestepped bogey for par. Good luck the next three weeks after time away….most of us are saturated to near extinction with Olympic coverage. Perhaps the last competitive event prior to the RIO closing ceremony….acrobatic beach waterboarding. Kind regards, Dr. C.

  3. I’m jealous, along with many others I’m sure, that you were able to meet Jack. Wow! What an experience for you.

    Good luck the rest of the season. Rooting for you! Stuart Ps– We sure enjoy your relative at work, Lisa Clausen. Great employee and coworker.

    Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5 Sport

  4. Kim ,we were pleased to get your latest post and while the British Open result was probably not what you hoping for at least you did get to enjoy some time in London (one of our favourite cities).. If it wasn’t so expensive I think I could almost live there even though Melbourne was recently voted as one of the worlds most liveable cities. Whoever voted obviously hasn’t been here this winter which has been wet and cold…at least by our standards. You certainly are managing to get to and enjoy a lot of places and seeing most of them at about the best time of year in each. You were also very lucky to have met and played a couple of holes with Jack Nicklaus, not every day you get to meet a legend. We are doing well , Helen won her golf club monthly medal last week and was threatening to wear it to dinner and to bed which I thought was bit over the top but since I have never won one I can’t be too critical, I would probably do the same . We hope Canada and the next three weeks go well for you and that you qualify for the Asian events

    Best wishes

    Ray and Helen >

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