Good morning from Seattle! For once, I’m actually writing from a new city and that doesn’t happen very often anymore. It’s been over 4 weeks since I last wrote and up until this week we have been playing some good golf.

I have one week left of this five week stretch that started in Kingsmill 4 weeks ago. Every time I play Kingsmill I like it more and more. It’s just such a well designed track that is scorable but challenging in the most perfect way. The past two years I had either missed the cut or made the cut and finished pretty low. This year I was striking the ball pretty well and finished around t30.

After Kingsmill we actually had a new event on the schedule held in Ann Arbor. I know there are some Ohio State fans reading this blog, but I have to give credit to Ann Arbor – awesome college town. We played at Travis Point Country Club that was tight off the tee and had very firm greens. Overall it was pretty fun to play and I think I will definitely go back next year. I felt like I gave a lot of shots away and didn’t take advantage of some of the reachable par 5’s but had a pretty solid finish just inside the top 30. We left Sunday night and made our way to Philadelphia and then on to Atlantic City – my favorite regular season course all year. 🙂

I love the Stockton Seaview in Atlantic City and will say that every year. I stayed with great friends right on the range, took in a great concert at one of the casinos, and finished top 15 in a 3 day event. The week can’t get much better than that. I was actually struggling a bit with my irons at the start of the week but was able to hold it together and get around the course. I also had several friends come over and watch me play that I met at the US Open last year. It still amazes me that no matter where I’m playing in the world I almost always have somebody coming out to watch me that I know.

We played early on Sunday because of the threat of rain which gave us some time to explore Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure why I had a bad image of Philly in my head, but the city was awesome! So much history and things to do, I hope I get back there again soon. We left early Monday morning on a direct flight to Seattle where our preparations for the second major of the year would start as soon as we could get from the airport to the golf course. Sahalee Golf Club, or “Sahallway” as we like to call it,  how can I describe you? Tough, tight, difficult, hard? I’ve played a lot of difficult courses/conditions all over the world but I have to say this little gem on the east side of Seattle is the most difficult test of golf I had ever faced. We knew before we even landed on the west coast that the key was to keep it in the fairway from off the tee. However, sometimes that wasn’t even enough, sometimes you needed to keep it in the right 6 yards of fairway to have a shot at the green. That was a real fun hole. Well, I had three good days of prep with my coach and to be honest I did a great job off the tee, but had a couple of costly iron shots my first day that took what felt like a great round and turned it into an average round. I went out on Friday feeling pretty confident but couldn’t get a single birdie putt to drop and would miss the cut by 2. After three solid weeks in a row it really kills me to be sitting at home on the weekend. However, there are still lots of events left, including three majors, and I’m as excited as ever to go back to Michigan tomorrow and tee it up next week.

I’ll keep the blog short this week but make up for it in pictures. 🙂 Thanks to everyone that is following along on the tour this year. It means the world to me!  I’ll play this coming week in Grand Rapids but am taking off the week of Arkansas for a much needed break at home.

Until next time,



#17 at Kingsmill


LPGA commercial shoot in the dark..


Elin even made a surprise appearance.  Good times in Williamsburg with this girl. 🙂


Sometimes we coordinate well. #KrisandCameltakeAnnArbor


The Big House.  It was pretty big.


Hanging with my South Dakota peeps in Ann Arbor. Small world 🙂


Little Big Town and Luke Bryan in Atlantic City.. Thanks for the tickets Kendall Dye!


The most famous landmark in Philly might be the famous steps from Rocky.  I’m sure the Liberty Bell is a close second.


We went to see some actual history as well.  🙂


Me and Auds out for a casual stroll in Seattle.  I think this photo was taken so Todd could prove he was actually keeping pace ahead of me for once.


Pike Place market in downtown Seattle.  A must to go and see them throw fish if ever in Seattle.




The original Starbucks. No, I didn’t wait in line for it..


Great view of the city as we take the Ferry to Bainbridge island.


We spent the afternoon on a little 9 mile bike trip. (big hills, lost map, and lots of rain didn’t keep us from having a good time 😉


4 thoughts on “Sahallway

  1. Still keeping track of you, Kimmie! I know the road can get tiring at times but please know we are thinking of you and we have you in our hearts. You’re doing great! BTW, I haven’t been to Lubbock in 8 years but there’s a high school and mini TTU reunion for my class at the end of July…it would be nice to visit again. Go Tech!

  2. The Seatle golf course was something else. I watch on TV and with the narrowest fairways I have seen and big undulating greens it’s a monster. I just read your blog form April and getting food poison. It’s not nice at all. You think your going to die and afraid you won’t. Don’t know how to avoid it I’ve had it after eating at some of the best restaurants when on the road

    Looking forward to seeing you at the CP tournament in August. Good luck next week
    I’ll be cheering you on.
    Dave F

  3. It was my pleasure to meet you and visit a while on the practice green at Elmwood a couple weeks ago Kim. You are a very nice and humble person which is very refreshing to see in a pro athlete. I do enjoy following you in each tournament and always wish you the best. Hope to run into you again sometime in the future. God bless!
    Randy O

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