Good afternoon from Prattville, AL, everyone. I wish I could say I just finished my round here but instead I am starting my off week a little early. It’s been a very long 4 weeks since I last checked in and have had a lot of good and bad happen in that time.

Last time I wrote I believe I was en route to Hawaii for the Lotte Championship. I like Hawaii and have always played well there, but per tradition I woke up on Tuesday with my standard Hawaii illness. Sore throat, ear aches, and congestion. Every. Single. Year. l went straight to the doctor and got on a prescription to try and kick it. I had an afternoon start on Thursday which was helpful but on the 6th hole I was about 100 yards from my tee shot and I knew that I wasn’t going to make it. I was going to pass out. So, I learned a new rule that week in that if you need medical attention you have officially 15 minutes once the medics arrive. So, I chilled over in the rough under the shade of a palm tree while two groups were allowed to play thru and I waited for medics. At that time I thought to myself, there is absolutely no way I can get up and play 12 more holes. However, after a bottle of gatorade and the determination by medics that I was experiencing some serious dehydration (aided by the cold medicine and prescriptions) they gave me a strict fluid intake schedule for the remainder of my round. I got up, birdied the hole, and actually shot the best round of the week for me. Amazing what you can do when you just keep going.

The rest of the week seemed like a breeze compared to Thursday and I nearly sneaked into the top 20. However, I was happy with where I finished and felt my game was in a great spot. I was also extremely lucky to have a great friend along for the week who let me stay in her condo right on the course. So thankful for people like her in my life. Thank you, Tami!

I took the dreaded 6 hour red eye out of Honolulu Saturday night and arrived in San Francisco Sunday morning. After a quick nap I met Audrey and my friend, Kris, for some San Fran site seeing (a.k.a Operation: Don’t fall asleep before 8 pm). I finally saw the Golden Gate Bridge, from about 7 different angles in fact, and have to say it truly is a beautiful sight to see. Todd came out on Monday for a few days so we even snuck in Alcatraz on Wednesday afternoon. San Francisco is an extremely tough city to navigate and drive in and I don’t think I could ever live there, but for the week it offers us so many fun things to do.

I had an interesting week golf wise in San Fran. I played a pretty solid day 1 and went out on day 2 with zero game. The wind started to really blow and if your game isn’t sharp its going to be a long day. I walked off the course in 94th place, had lunch, cleaned out my locker, and called my friends in Dallas to tell them I was coming in early. Much to my surprise, the wind continued to whip and I continued to rise closer an closer to the right side of the cut line. Sometimes your game gets really hot when you’re sitting on the couch. 😉 By the end of Friday I was T-65 and had an early morning Saturday tee time! Two days later I went from changing my flight to a T-27 finish. Moral of the story: don’t ever give up.

I left San Fran and my awesome new host family (and new friends) on another red eye to Dallas Sunday night. Who booked all these red eyes!? My mom also came in on Monday to spend the week with me. I hadn’t seen her since Phoenix so was looking forward to it. I had a busy week between preparing for the event and doing some apartment shopping for my move to Ft. Worth. In the end I succeeded at the apartment shopping part and failed at the tournament part. It was a rough week. The highlight was by far the all star pairing I had in Se Ri Pak and Juli Inkster. I had not played with either player before and with Se Ri retiring this year I’m very glad I had the opportunity. I stuck around Dallas for the weekend and played in the Angela Stanford “Shine Your Light” pro-am on Monday. I was so happy to be part of her cause this year and just had a great time hanging out with such a fun group of players.

I came to Prattville with some great memories from the past two years and was looking for a nice bounce back week. We had nice days to prepare and a great pro am on Wednesday. I had a late tee time Thursday with an early tee time Friday (my favorite) so it was setting up to be a good week. My swing felt better, and I put a lot of time into my short game early in the week. All was feeling good until I spent all of Wednesday night awake with food poisoning. If I would have had a Thursday morning tee time I would have WD for sure. Thankfully, I had several hours in the morning to get a little rest and manage to eat a piece of toast. I don’t think it was the lack of food that was the hardest but more the lack of sleep. Fortunately, I also had some good girls in my group that I knew pretty well so they didn’t mind when I just sat on the fringe unit it was my turn to putt. ha! I kept having these weird deja vu flashbacks to Hawaii and thinking, if this is karma for something I did I’m really sorry and hope I have paid my dues now. So we carried on. I finished at plus 3 after Friday’s round and really thought I had a pretty good chance to play the weekend but the cut line didn’t move a single shot on Friday. Incredible. I would miss by one. I know I had food poisoning, and I know I didn’t feel great at all, but if I am out there I fully expect to still compete. I expect to make the cut and to have a few good days to move up. If you’re out there, theres no excuses.

So I woke up this morning in Prattville without a tee time and without much purpose for the day. It’s always strange to wake up in a random city and not have a purpose. I thought I would go to the gym and practice but honestly am feeling a little mid season burn out right now so I took the day off. Maybe I’ll take a couple (rare for me). I have next week at home in South Dakota and am looking forward to the mix of down time and practicing at familiar places. I know Todd and I will have some good practice sessions and get things back in line. It feels like our entire season is crammed into these next two months so I know I need some good weeks. Perseverance is key, and as I learned in Hawaii, you just have to keep going.

Happy (early) Mother’s Day!


15th floor view.


Last night in Hawaii.. great sunset. 🙂


Thank you, Tami, for making Hawaii so much fun this year! Glad we didn’t only play six holes! 😉


GGB on a perfectly clear day.


Swinging Skirts —-> Lots of artwork!


Todd, me, and Kris.


When your friend endearingly nicknames you “Camel.”


Pro am Gala at San Francisco city hall with Joanna Klatten!


Inside Alcatraz.


Outside Alcatraz.


So much fun with these guys! Thanks Clark, Karol, and Andee!


Always make time for one of my best friends from college!  Will love being closer to the Hopes in Texas!!


Last night in Dallas.  My cousin Tony and his girlfriend Jamie and my cousin Lauren with me and my mom. Couldn’t believe they came all the way to Dallas to watch me play!  Made me so happy! :))


6 thoughts on “Time-Out

  1. Kim-
    Thanks for another update. Your fans appreciate you sharing part of your life with us. I enjoy reading both about the golf and the off-course travels and such. I admire you for playing through discomfort in some of those rounds, you are quite a competitor. I hope you can post some good rounds in the next tourn. Are you playing at the Shop-Rite? That will be my best chance to see you play this yr. Good Luck KK!! –Brian

  2. Kim, Your honest assessments are always refreshing. I had wondered if recent results were related to swing issues, but now I know it’s physical and know that can be corrected with good food at Tre when you are home! Reach out to me on VCND59@gmail.com if you have time in your schedule to enjoy time with friends. I’ll take care of you!

  3. Kim. Thanks for your posts. You’re a terrific writer and you give us amateurs a window into a pro golfer’s life. The world of “business travel” is not always as glamorous as it seems! Looking forward to seeing you in Calgary for the Canadian Open. Best of luck in the interim.

  4. KK writes: ” feeling a little mid season burn out ” …..hmmm…..

    The retrospective enthusiasm, i.e. playing AJGA, at Clark, and in Lubbock, is difficult to recreate when you feel like crap. What cannot be dismissed is the stress created by the self-induced desire to succeed…..when thrown into a cauldron of career and course management, a life swirling within an i-phone, purse, suitcase, totebags and fourteen sticks. And moving your ‘stuff’ to FW…?…

    The six inches between your ears can precipitate organic illness; perhaps a ✓up by a trusted physician, several nights in familiar surroundings, and a week of normal SDak food is the menu for recovery. A little chardonnay never hurt either.

    Azinger once mused, ” I never considered the cut line, but only looked at the 1st page of the leaderborad, and what I had to do to get my name up there”. Not bad advice…he missed few cuts.

    Come back refreshed, smile when you think how far you’ve come, and kick some …..

    You’re there and you can do it. Dr. C.

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