Around the World (in 24 days!)

Hello from 40,000 feet. I can’t tell you exactly where I am but we just left Germany and since there is some wifi on board I thought I would update my blog. 🙂 I’ve travelled a lot of miles these past three weeks and am finally home bound. T-8 hours to JFK. 🙂
Australia is quickly becoming one of my favorite places I travel to. We spent the week in Adelaide this year and its just hard to find something to complain about. The city is fun, the weather is warm and dry, and the golf course is always fantastic. If this tournament had a higher purse it might actually get the credit it deserves. It is by far the most underrated event we play all year. Yes, when I boarded that flight from LAX to Brisbane I had 14 hours to wonder why I thought it was a good idea to make such a long journey for such a small purse; but, when I get there its totally worth it. We had a strong start on Thursday but by mid round Friday I was fighting to stay alive. I birdied my 16th hole and finished with two pars to make the cut on the number. The week ended and although sad to leave such a great place I was ready to go to Thailand where I had played the course before and had seen some success.

Thailand was the same as always. It’s like a cultural shockwave the minute you step out into the airport and you realize we aren’t in Australia anymore. I got in late Monday night and got out Tuesday to play the back nine and practice as early as I could. Practice, gym session, foot massage, dinner. The daily routine doesn’t usually change much overseas. However, my caddie did drag me out to see the floating market in the afternoon and it was totally worth it. It’s hard to describe Asian markets but its really a whole bunch of stores selling hand made things or knock offs. I wouldn’t say it is pretty or clean, but its real. Sometimes you need to get out of the resort and see what real life looks like in these countries. There’s also food vendors that sell local foods (some edible and some not so edible), and this particular one is placed on water, thus the term “floating.” We ate, shopped, and after we had enough we took a tuk tuk back to the hotel. 20 min of going 50 mph down the highway in the back of a pick up truck for 3 dollars a piece. What a deal.

Thailand was a bit of an up and down week again, which seems to be a theme this year. However, a solid Sunday round pushed me into the top 15 for my first top 20 of the year. I was really proud of how me and Audrey stayed patient and waited for the good play to come. I think we are making a great team and I look forward to getting out there and working with her every day. I thought I would take some momentum from Thailand into Singapore, but golf is a funny game and had different plans for my final week in Asia.

I arrived in Singapore with high expectations. I had heard SO much about this country and how wonderful it was. As usual, the girls didn’t lead me wrong; this city was amazing. We played early Tuesday and didn’t play the pro am Wednesday so I had some time to check out the city. We took a ride on the Singapore Flyer (equivalent to the London Eye), and checked out the Muslim quarter and Little India for dinner on Wednesday night. I felt there was so much more to do and see so I hope I get the privilege of coming back for many more years.

If you followed live scoring you know that you didn’t find my name at the top of the leadeboard on Thursday. An opening round of +6, 78. Ugh. You see, the beauty about a normal full field event is that there is a cut. So when you shoot 78 on Thursday you more than likely only have to play one more round on Friday and then the tournament puts you out of your misery by sending you home. In a limited field event, no matter what you shoot on Thursday, you got three more days of play staring at you. How do you refocus? How do you not let it spiral completely out of control? I could blame that 78 on many different things: new course, hot weather, slow greens, etc. But, more important than looking at all the things that didn’t go our way my caddie and I decided to make a birdie bet each day (for donuts, of course) and then decided if we finished the week at even or better that we would be happy. That is only -2 the last three days, but after shooting 78 on Thursday climbing Mt. Everest seemed easier. I sent a bunch of videos to my coach and told him how I was feeling about each part of my game. As usual, he simplified a few thoughts into some techniques that I could try out on the course.

So, we continued our week and decided to use these three days for putting these few things we were working on into practice. I saw some improvement with my putting right away and the irons came and went. I managed to shoot even both Friday and Saturday and although I didn’t improve my place much, some of the field moved closer to me. I went out on Sunday and after opening with two birdies thru three holes I had a failed up and down from the bunker followed by a three putt on the following hole for consecutive bogeys. I stood on the 6th tee and thought to myself “I’ve played this course 4 times now, it’s not that difficult.” Something clicked and I would make 5 birdies in those last 13 holes to move up about 7 places. Wow, sometimes the LPGA is tough. 😉 Most importantly, though, I felt I had some of my game back and a final round 67 makes the long trip back to the US much more enjoyable.

After making my way around the entire globe these past three weeks we will now stay in the US for the next couple of months. We have this week off and then play in Phoenix, Carlsbad, and Palm Springs. I’m excited about where this season is headed and am looking forward to Phoenix and seeing a bunch of South Dakotans there!

Enjoy all the photos!,



The Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel – Singapore


Practice round for the Australian Open with Joanna Klatten.


Kris Tamulis and I volunteered for a Penfolds wine tour and photo shoot.  We found it pretty comical.


Crepe time at the floating market.  Peanut butter, bananas, chocolate. Very American 😉


Massage time with the gang in Thailand.


Floating market with Kris Tamulis – Thailand.


Fish Spa!  Very funny feeling but would recommend!


Girls in black!  With Pernilla Lindberg and Azahara Munoz – Thailand.


Selfie with the puppet. 😉


Birthday dinner for Janet Lin and Audrey!  Famous place in Thailand that I would highly recommend.  There is a story behind the name, I promise. 😉


Third tee in Singapore.  We play alongside one of the worlds largest shipyards.  Amazing views!




That’s a boat on top of that hotel and you never get tired of looking at it.


Kris, Missy, Audrey, and me at the top of the Singapore Flyer.


View from the top. 🙂


Muslim district in Singapore.


Here’s a good pic of the floating market in Thailand.





8 thoughts on “Around the World (in 24 days!)

  1. Kim I enjoy your blogs so keep them coming. Golf is a very interesting game with ups and downs but it is so much fun watching and keeping track of you. You have done so well and we are so proud of you. Good luck in Phoenix, and wished I could have been there to support you.

  2. Kim.
    Thanks for sharing the details of game and travel. Glad that you are pushing forward into your next season with good enthusiasm. Keep up the good work and be safe.

  3. I happened to find your blog last year and am really enjoying it. It’s fun to read a little about the “behind the scenes life” of an LPGA golfer. Keep up the hard work, and be sure to enjoy it, too!

  4. Good finish in Singapore. I think it takes more courage to keep playing with determination when out of contention than it does when everything is in the zone. You’re bound to find the payoff for that attitude going forward this season.

  5. Enjoy your updates, you had a great week in Az. Good luck in the next ones from a fan from Watertown wintering in Mesa😎🌴

  6. Strong finish in AZ, however, the GC coverage of KK’s 3 under in the final 5 holes was limited to the holeout from the bunker on 14. It’s a conspiracy.

    An aside, as golf is now being steamrolled by televised basketball, we’ve noticed in all your photos, you are the tallest….sooooo, inquiring minds want know, can you dunk ? Ok, if not, can you touch the rim ? No credit for touching the net. Too, under pressure, if you had ten free throw attempts, would you hit 7 or > ?

    Good luck in CA.

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