2015 – Done!

After 28 events and endless weeks on the road I can finally say I have completed my first FULL season on the LPGA tour.  I write this blog from a Starbucks in Florida where I am enjoying a nice day off after a long and grueling season.

Last time I wrote I had just had my best finish ever on the LPGA.  I have since played two more events; one in Japan and the CME tour championship in Naples, FL.  A lot has happened in the last few week sand I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks as well.

We left windy China and headed to the small resort in rural Japan where we play the Toto Japan Classic – a three day event co-sanctioned with the JLPGA.  We were fortunate to have amazing weather and great course conditions, which after the previous four weeks of terrible heat and wind I think we deserved a pleasant week. 🙂 I played relatively solid and finished the week at 6 under par.  It sounds good, but in Japan that finished me about middle of the pack. It’s just a course that provides so many opportunities for birdies.  The winner is always nearly 20 under par.

After five straight weeks in Asia I made the trek back to America and enjoyed a few days in Florida adjusting to the time change, and then a very fun weekend in Lubbock, TX with some of my favorite former teammates.  We played some golf, took in the football game, and just enjoyed being back in Lubbock where we spent four good years playing golf and going to school.  It was some much needed R & R after the Asia stretch.

I drove to Ft. Meyers on Monday morning and picked up Todd from the airport on the way.  I met up with my  new caddie and played a quick nine late that afternoon. I hired a new caddie for the week of CME after Worth and I parted ways in Japan.  Sometimes you just need a change and I felt that was the case in Asia.  I had a great time with my new caddie and I hired her to start the season with me next year.

I didn’t play as well as I would have hoped, but I wasn’t hitting the ball very well so I probably shot about what I should have.  Nonetheless, it is an amazing feeling to walk off that last green on Sunday and know that we have a couple of weeks of no golf!  As much as I love the game and playing for a living, a few weeks off is such a treat after a long year.

Overall, I felt it was a great year.  I worked very hard on changing my putting and after months of work I finally feel very comfortable on the green.  My short game stats have all improved immensely from the beginning of the year.  My focus next year will be my ball striking and my mental game.  No matter what level we are at, we are always striving to be better!

I will spend Thanksgiving in Florida with my adopted family, the Truslows,  and then was fortunate to be asked by the LPGA to spend a couple days in the Bahamas shooting some promotional video for the Pure Silk Classic.  Upon return I will head to Texas to visit some college friends in Austin and Ft. Worth.  I don’t mind getting on a plane during the off season when I’m not taking my clubs!

I hope everyone has a truly wonderful holiday season and want to thank you all for your support this year.  I gain new fans every week and see more and more people out watching at events that I know all the time and it makes me so happy.  Thank you again and I hope to see you all out on the tour next year!

Happy Thanksgiving!




Beautiful fall day in Japan with Alena Sharp and Kris Tamulis!


Got a little lost in Japan with Kris, but saw some cool houses along the way. 😉


Of course we found a rice field!


Little Korean BBQ for those that think I don’t eat any asian food!


Class of Japanese kids that came out to practice their English.  So cute.


TT golf reunion with Elin Arvidsson and Deb De Villa


The Rawls course was looking good! Friday fun match underway here.


It was cold, but we won!!


Alex Gibson and myself after the game… going to find some warmth!IMG_1206

Team Sutton Bay!!


All the family that came down to watch.  Thank you all!


The whole group this year! Always fun in Naples. 🙂


My Aunt Sheryl made the trip from Rapid City. First time watching me play in a LONG time.


My Grandma Jeanette made the trip from South Dakota as well.  After following me for years as a junior, this was her first time watching me play a professional event on the LPGA.  🙂




9 thoughts on “2015 – Done!

  1. Congrats on a great season!! The watertown public opinion does a nice job of reporting your scores from each tourney. Enjoy the time off. Happy holidays. Stuart

    Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5 Sport

  2. Kim, I have enjoyed following and cheering you on from afar during ’15. I’m hoping to schedule a time to see you play in ’16 on the LPGA. Enjoy some well deserved rest. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Kim, great blog/insight into how you feel about your year ending. For me their are 3 key aspects in your golf game you need to improve on for the upcoming year/LPGA Tour to achieve the heights you want and importantly you are capable of achieving. You have referred to them in your blog and as a businessman this is essential for their achievement. 1. The right Caddie – strokeplay golf is a lonely place from 1st to 18th holes. With someone alongside you that you can trust who gets to know your game and you as a person is a huge confidence builder which leads to lower scores. I know this from personal experience. 2. Ball striking – consistently – is key to lower scores. Just remember ‘it is the golf club that strikes the ball and you who swings the gold club’. 3. Mental game a fascinating subject an essential element of low scoring yet not well understood by many. The best I have watched on the Course in recent times is Inbee Park. There are many ways to go about this, I recommend finding a good reputable sports psychologist with golf experience, hire him/her for a few sessions in your downtime and go into the sessions with open honesty, ask the ‘naive’ questions and most of all be an effective listener. Kim, enjoy your downtime, recharge the batteries and come flying out of the Gate. Good Luck and remember #oneshotatatime

  4. Great job! Always good when you love your job. Enjoy the time off. We enjoy following your tournaments through the Aberdeen American News and the Clark County Courier! Folks in Clark send updates too. –Good luck & Play well!

  5. Kim,

    Thanks for another interesting update ! I got down (from Lakeland) to the CME on Weds, saw You on the putting green, but didn’t get to say “Hello”….. Hope to get to The Coates in 2016 for a day or 2 !

    i’ll be at Q-school Fri-Sun next week, Anyone I should watch, in particular ? ( I’ll be pulling for long-time Pal jackie Stoelting, Boulden and Clyburn from the LET, and the 17 yr old amateur sensation from Mass)

    Happy Thankgiving, Merry Christmas, and happy New Year !

    Cheers !


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