Blue Bay Success!

I thought I would write a blog after I finished up in Japan, but with a six hour layover in Shanghai and not much else to do I thought I would catch everyone up after an awesome week in China!

Last time I wrote I was waiting around in Korea and unfortunately never got in the event. It wasn’t a bad place to stay and practice but it got a little long and boring. By the time we arrived in Taiwan the next week I was more than ready to play.

The Fubon LPGA event in Taiwan was my best Asia event last year and after a solid week of swing work in Korea I was feeling good heading into the week. Taiwan is an exhausting week both mentally and physically. We stay in downtown Taipei which is fun, but that means we have a bus ride that can be anywhere from 40 min to an hour and 20 minutes each way. We were fortunate to find a Texas Roadhouse a short cab ride away from the hotel so that was something to look forward to every night.

We waited all week for the typhoon to come and make a mess of the week, but only saw rain on Sunday. However, the wind is relentless and with thick bermuda rough everywhere it was key to stay in the fairway, which I did not. I had a decent day on Friday but just never got in the groove. It was a long week and it starts to get frustrating when you feel that you traveled thousands of miles to play golf and nothing is going right. If you’re going to travel that far and be away from home for five weeks you at least hope you play well enough to make it worth it.
So we head to Hainan Island to play the Blue Bay LPGA. This is the second year for this event and the one I missed last year due to a friend’s wedding. I had heard really great things about the hotel and resort and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The course was in good shape but it honestly had the hardest greens I had ever played. Not hard in a way like the U.S. Open, but more like goofy golf (got to be honest). However, we all play the same golf course so I went in with a good attitude and decided that I would just accept whatever breaks I got – good or bad.

I also knew that it was going to be very windy, much like Taiwan and therefore needed a better game plan mentally. If you play golf you know that as players we often try and “steer” or “guide” the ball in tough weather conditions. This really just boils down to a fear of hitting a bad shot and failing to commit to a good swing. In reality though, these types of swings usually just worsen the problem exponentially. Therefore, I dug out my Vision54 book, “Every Shot Must Have A Purpose,” and refreshed myself on some of the mental techniques we can try to use to play better when such problems arise. I will be attending a Vision54 camp in January anyways, so it was good to get back into working on the mental game regardless. Fortunately, I read it at precisely the right time. Not only did I have a better game plan to play in the super windy conditions, but it also helped me when I was right in the hunt coming down the stretch.

I had my chances but shooting -3 on Sunday on the back nine to finish T2 is never a failure. It was exciting/nerve racking/stressful watching the final group putt out for birdies on the last hole.  Although it was tough to watch Sei Young Kim drain a 6 footer for birdie to win and to avoid a 4 way playoff, it was a great position to be in.

Most importantly, this event jumped me up on the money list to give me a really great chance to play in Singapore and Thailand at the beginning of next year. Two events that are a great jump start to the season for those in the field.

We are on our way to Japan today for our final event in Asia. The countdown is on! It is only a three day event this week which is a nice break from the usual 4 rounds. I’m excited to get this going, to play well, and then to come back home to America!

Thank you for all the kind messages this week and for those that were up in the middle of the night refreshing their live scoring! Truly appreciate it.

Happy (late) Halloween!



Pro am party in Taiwan.  Myself, Caroline Masson, and Julieta Granada.


Pro am party functions..


Finally tried the ever famous Bubbletea in Taiwan.  Not bad when you get it in chocolate flavor. 🙂


Great room and great view in China!


Looks great when you can’t see the wind!


Pro am party in China.  Julieta Granada, Caroline Masson, Myself, Mina Harigae, and Lizette Salas.


Favorite photo from the week? 🙂


15 thoughts on “Blue Bay Success!

  1. The absence of the ‘live’ feed by the GC made for a long night of pixel staring. Your back nine performance ameliorated the painful OSU Cowboys 42-15 second half vs.the Raiders.

    Watching the Blue Bay re-run here in the USA on Sunday evening, aware of the final result….hmmm, the excitement quotient of a melting sno-cone. You did, however, get plenty of TV time. I have to keep telling my wife, “no, she’s the tall one, the one standing in the middle”.

    The T2 fini$h, regardless of the currency, is a budget booster for the wardrobe, shoe closet, and a few 1st class airline upgrades. Sweet, especially after working diligently to maintain and improve both your physical and mental game under less than idyllic conditions. Not easy when living the nomadic life, stretches of boredom, and struggling to interpret most menus at mealtime.

    Maintain the always elusive ‘momentum’ this week in Japan. You’ll be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner before you know it….and you won’t have to sign a scorecard.

    Dr. C.

  2. Kim, Your insights are always so refreshing. “Steering the ball,” is certainly something those of us in South Dakota know very well. It’s one of my faults for sure. I played a bonus round yesterday as temperatures reached near 70 in Sioux Falls. Your continued success is assured with focus, commitment and passion. Keep it up!!

  3. Kim…so proud of you I can’t stand it! Always pulling for you every single step of the way! Congrats!!! Go Tech! Mike

  4. Congratulations on the finish! Fun to read your blogs. Enjoy your time on the course too. Best wishes on your travels.

  5. Kim: Congrats from a fellow SD native. We have lived in Texas for around 30 yrs, but I have two sisters that live in SD. My brother lives in San Antonio and we both follow your tournaments, good Luck Elliot Inberg

  6. Wonderful way to spend your time in China! A treat to get to see you on TV coverage too. You’ve grown so much in your golf this year! Keep it up, and good luck this week.

  7. Kim great blog enjoyed reading it a very interesting transparent insight into the life on Tour, well done. Your scoring 72, 72, 74, 69 deserved your T2 finish and given your Rd4 69 was the best of the day you deserved to win, however there were $104,103 reasons to be cheerful. In all that you say in your Blog in my opinion never ever forget the words and meaning ‘Every Shot Must Have a Purpose’ – keep that thought at the forefront of your mind. Whenever I get the opportunity to watch and speak to aspiring Golfers I always close with #oneshotatatime. Play well and enjoy. Eric.

  8. Congratulations, Kim. Another exciting step in the process to be proud of. Well done!

    Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5 Sport

  9. Kim

    Watched your most recent event on delayed broadcast here in the Midwest USA.

    Congratulations on a well played 4 days of golf in difficult conditions, although I recall more than a few days at Clark and Watertown courses that the wind was a bit stiff.

    How did it compare?

    Mike Calvert


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