Foreign Places

Hello from Korea, everyone! I’m spending my Wednesday morning  at the hotel here in Korea doing a workout and planning the next few weeks on the road and when I get home to Florida. We arrived in Korea Monday morning after a red-eye from Malaysia Sunday night.  Those red eyes are tough but we did our best to stay awake by watching the Rangers on tv, going to the grocery store down the street, and hitting the gym in the afternoon.

It felt great to step off the plane into the fall like atmosphere of Korea after the sweltering and hazy week last week in Malaysia.  I am currently sitting as the first alternate and waiting to see if I get in.  Either way, I know I can have a productive week here.  There are a couple of other alternates who are staying on sight this week and we have plans to practice and play while we are here.

I know its been nearly a month since my last blog because it has been nearly a month since I last played.  After Evian finished up the Solheim Cup teams dueled it out in Germany. The Americans mounted the greatest comeback ever to bring the cup back to the U.S. for the first time since 2009 when they won at Rich Harvest Farms in Chicago. It was so different watching this year when I actually knew these girls and had good friends playing on each side.  It was very inspiring and motivating to watch such good play from both teams.  I can also tell you that I really hope to be a part of it in 2017 in Iowa.

While we had a three week break away from playing any events, I somehow always seem to fill up my schedule and stay plenty busy.  I went back to Florida for the first time since May and spend about 2.5 weeks there before coming over to Asia.  It was so nice to see my Florida friends and have time to play and practice with them again.  I also took a quick trip up to Chicago to Rich Harvest Farms for an LPGA outing.  Rich Harvest Farms will host the 2016 International Crown and myself and Katherine Kirk went up to help with some promotional events.  I had never been to RHF and was truly in love with the property.  It may have been the perfect 70 degrees and no wind for two days, or it may have been the lush golf course set in-between the various cottages and properties that you can stay at.  We also played up at Shore Acres which sits right on Lake Michigan.  Chicago has so many really amazing courses and it was fun to see a couple and play just for fun instead of always playing to compete.

I brought Todd down for a couple of days during my last week in Florida and, like usual, torrential downpours commenced.  Todd literally thinks I live in the rain forest.  All in all we visited 3 separate courses over two days just to find ranges that were open and 1 course that was actually allowing play.  It’s not always fun, but we do what we have to do.

I arrived in Malaysia early Monday morning and after getting settled in I headed out to the course to play a quick nine.  I have to give a quick shout out to my Monday playing partner, Jessica Korda, for winning the event!  She was striping it out there, and when I saw her name up towards the top on Saturday I looked at Worth and said, “that doesn’t surprise me a bit.”

I struggled on Thursday and Friday to find my own game.  I sat +4 on a golf course that when striking the ball well is very scorable, but when you’re not it just seems impossible. I think it just took me a few days to get back into competition mode after such a long break.  I didn’t have the best day on Sunday but overall was happy with how I played on the weekend.  I was happy with my attitude and my resilience when things didn’t go well, and happy with how well I stuck to my playing focus.  I was also happy when I holed out from 125 yards on my 9th hole on Sunday to save a par. 😉  As the old saying goes, there are lots of ways to make a par!

Fingers crossed that I will get in this week.  Regardless, I’ll play the next three: Taiwan, China, and Japan.

Until next time,



Katherine and I at Shore Acres in Chicago.


Julieta Granada and I before the Gala dinner in Korea last night.


Interesting building where the gala was hosted…


Downtown Seoul.. great feel!


So much entertainment.. big Korean stars there to perform!


Found this little gem on my way home..  there’s a bit of Texas everywhere!



3 thoughts on “Foreign Places

  1. Love Korea, spent 14 months there. Seoul was so awesome!! Glad you got to spend some time there.. Shoot well and good luck this season.. Can’t wait to see you in Phoenix…

  2. great job last week. keep good thoughts and you will get in this week. Will keep an eye on the site to see if you are playing. Good Luck and happy travels from good old Clark SD

  3. Amazing job at Blue Bay LPGA Kim with your 2nd place finish!! Congrats on an exceptional job well done in tough conditions!!!

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