When the Stars Align…

The fifth major has come and gone very fast and we are officially into our season of limited field events. I’ve consumed my quota of croissants for another calendar year so it’s time to leave France and come back home. I have good news and bad news so we will start with the good.

The good news is that I made a 7 footer for birdie on Friday on my last hole to make the cut on the number for the Evian Championship. I didn’t know for certain that I needed to make that putt, but I had a pretty good idea. The really good news is that I shot -4 on the weekend and moved up to a tie for 29. My highest finish in a major thus far and a great way to end the regular season. As I stated last year, this course can be extremely difficult and is exhausting both mentally and physically. Built into the side of the mountain overlooking Lake Geneva, 5 1/2 days of walking holes is more than enough.

The bad news is that even with a top 30 finish with a major sized purse, I dropped one spot on the money list. It’s unbelievable how things can line up. The three girls right ahead of me all played equally well or better, and one girl behind me finished T8 and passed me. So there you have it, I’m now T64 and possibly one place out of playing Korea. It’s funny how sometimes you can miss a cut and the stars will align and you won’t fall a single spot, and other times things like this happen. I will know more on Tuesday when the entires close, and know for sure when the late withdrawal deadline passes which is much closer to the date of the event. So if you are feeling the need to text/email/message me and ask “are you playing in Korea?” just know that this is all I know. And as I have said many times before, I will play ALL the Asia events I can. I have no reason to turn them down at this point.

Before we head to Asia though, I am going to thoroughly enjoy my three weeks off! We rarely get a break of three weeks in the middle of the season, but it is very welcomed by this time of year. I am going to head back to Florida and unpack my suitcase I’ve been living out of for 4 months. I have a trip to West Palm planned to visit a couple of tour friends and a two day outing in Chicago next week.

Lastly, I am happy to report that unlike the majority of my year, my weekend play in my last two events (Prattville and Evian) has been much better than my Thursday-Friday play. I also made the cut on the number in Prattville and then moved up to T29 to finish. I think I have done a better job of staying in the present and channeling my focus to the shot at hand and not the future (good or bad).

I also started reading a great book called “Burn Your Goals” and a few of the things the authors mention have really hit home and have helped a bit on the course. This book relates not only to athletes but to people in coaching, business, and anybody who just wants to be their best self. I know I gave a recommendation to read Open by Andre Agassi last time, not sure whats with all the book talk, perhaps I need to join a book club. Check them out if you have the interest or the time. 🙂

Sorry for the short blog this week (and even shorter list of pictures!) ! Unlike most people probably assume, theres not much to report that goes on in France. It’s golf, eat, sleep, repeat. 7 days in a row. I did, however, branch out and try the Mexican restaurant instead of eating Pizza Rapido 7 nights in a row. Big step.

Until next time…


Yokohama Tire Champion Kris Tamulis and me at the Evian!  Huge Congrats to Kris!!


Same practice round with Kris overlooking Lake Geneva on the par 3 second hole.


Rolex Annika Major Award ceremony.  Inbee was the clear winner…


7 thoughts on “When the Stars Align…

  1. great come back this week. I’m sure it felt great and really exciting. You can do it . Keep up the good golf, think Korea and have fun on your three weeks off. May see ya in Clark if you get this way.

  2. Being Wrong: Adventure in the Margin of Error by Kathryn Schulz
    The History of Love by Nicole Krauss
    A Little History of the World by Ernst Gombrich
    Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe

    For your book club… You must miss school just as much as your teachers miss you!

    Love hearing your voice. Go, Kim, go!

  3. Interesting! You’re in France, which might very well have the greatest food in the world, and you’re chowing down on pizza and Mexican food. Oh well, because it’s France, I’m sure it’s also the best pizza and Mexican food in the world.
    Great playing!

  4. Thanks for the update. Sure hope that you get into the Asian event(s)… With your play the last month, you deserve it !

    Cheers !!


  5. Congratulations on making it in the first Asian event. I see that numbers 65
    and 66 on the money list also made it in but that #67 is the first alternate.

  6. Was fun catching you ladies in action over the weekend at the Sime Darby LPGA! Hope you had a good time in Malaysia and all the best in your next tournament!

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