Toledo to Turnberry

Good morning, everyone.  I write this blog from another windy day in Scotland. Shocker.  It is Saturday morning and while I would rather be playing, I can say that I’m excited about coming home tomorrow.  I have been on the road for 4 weeks with an Open on each end.  While this week wasn’t what I was hoping for, there have definitley been a lot of good things happening lately.

My last blog documented the US Women’s Open and my T35 finish.  I am happy to report that I was able to carry over that momentum to the Marathon Classic in Toledo the following week.  I can tell you that the whole field had a bit of a “US Open hangover” and it took a few days to get back into tournament mode.  In my opinion, the cut was probably a shot higher than if it wasn’t following US Open week; but by the weekend scores were getting lower.  I finished the week with a bogey free -5 on Sunday in what was definitely my best Sunday round this year and another top 20 finish. Feeling good!

Sunday night I left Toledo and drove west to Sturgis, Michigan.  One of my sponsors was hosting a golf outing and I was going to help by playing a few holes with each group.  It was the perfect opportunity not only to fulfill my obligations as a member of the Metalloid team, but to also get to know my sponsors a little better.  We had a great day on the course and I can honestly say that I am an extremely lucky girl to have such wonderful people helping me out.  I am so happy to be part of the Metalloid family. 🙂

Monday night I continued my drive and arrived in Grand Rapids for the Meijer Classic. This was a tournament that I felt I played well last year but missed the cut by one shot.  I was determined to change that this year.  I opened with rounds of -3 and -4 and felt my game was in a great spot.  Unfortunately, I finished with rounds of even and +2 on the weekend to finish in a tie for 33rd.  I have had this happen a couple of times this year and while I think it is nice to get off to a good start, I also need to learn how to finish those good starts with good weekend play.  This has started to become my focus this year and will probably be one of my main focuses next year. If there is one thing I know about golf and sports in general, there is always something to improve.  You will never leave a game and think “yep, I’ve got it, I have nothing left to get better at.”  If you have, then call me…ASAP.

I raced from Grand Rapids to Chicago Sunday night, and when I say race I mean that pretty literarily. Metalloid Racing would have been proud.  I arrived just in time to check in, get thru security, and walk on the plane. Thanks to my mom and Tami Nelson for their assistance.  Flights went smoothly, all baggage arrived, and I was at Trump Turnberry by late afternoon on Monday.  I had a couple of good practice days and we were fortunate to have a relatively calm and sunny day 1 for the British Open.  I left some shots out there but was pretty happy with an opening round 71.  I had an earlier time on Friday and was thankful because the rain was suppose to come later in the day.  However, when it takes almost 6 hours to play I found myself enjoying the afternoon rains as well.  I shot +8 on Friday, missing the cut by 2 shots, and have had a lot of people asking “what happened?”  Well, I can say that it wasn’t the worst conditions I have ever played (us die hard South Dakotans have played in some brutal conditions), but it was the hardest conditions on the hardest golf course.  That combination made for an extremely difficult day for everyone.  There’s a good stretch of the front nine with the Irish sea on the left, winds blowing 30 left to right, pot bunkers lining the fairways on the right side, and you’re pretty much hitting every shot feeling that you’re one swing away from making a 12.    Welcome to the British Open.

I made a couple of good birdies to keep me in it and some great par saves on the back nine but after a 3 putt 17 to go to +5 for the tournament I knew I would need to par 18 to have a chance.  I pulled my drive left and when we finally found it it was resting comfortably in some high grass on the lip of a bunker.  Awesome.  Needless to say, my heroic efforts to punch it down the fairway didn’t go as planned and I would end the tournament with a double bogey.  I had come here feeling like my game was in shape to play well, and while I am not playing the weekend I can tell you that this year felt a whole lot better than last year.  I think this tournament just takes a little getting used to.

Ok, thats enough blogging for now! Thanks to all who have followed along these last four weeks.

I hope I can give you something good to watch these next three! I have this coming week off and will then play three in a row: Portland, Vancouver, Alabama.

Have a great weekend, everybody!



My hosts from Toledo!! Can’t wait to come see ya’ll next year.. thanks for having me!


Tami Nelson and myself at the Marathon Classic.  Thanks for spending two weeks with me out there! :))


Metalloid golf outing.  The whole group in one photo!


Fred and Tom Edwards of Metalloid.  Thank you guys so much for all you do for me and for coming to watch in Toledo and Grand Rapids!!


My pro am group for the Meijer Classic pro-am.  I had the guys from playing with me and it made for an interesting day!!  Check out the video online and if you wish! 🙂


I have the best time at my housing in Grand Rapids every year.  This year I took Mallory Blackwelder and Joanna Klatten with me!  Thanks Holly for being such an awesome host!!


All the girls headed to the One Republic concert thanks to Meijer!! Good times on the road. 🙂


We had to have one concert selfie.


A little TV time in Michigan.


The 18th at Trump Turnberry.  If you didn’t know you were in Scotland, you should now.


Practice round Wednesday with Angela Stanford (little TCU/TTU rivalry here ;).  The famous Turnberry lighthouse in the background.  Awesome view!


I told you there was a rivalry.  Things are getting heated over here!! GUNS UP!!


5 thoughts on “Toledo to Turnberry

  1. Your photo gallery assures us that life on the road is not all drudgery…camping in airport lounges, waiting, falling asleep staring at your I-phone, waiting, wondering what’s left in your suitcase that’s fit to wear, waiting, fast food takeaway, waiting, what was my room number again?

    Which hotel ? Was my courtesy car poolroom grey or Japanese pewter ?

    Kim, you’re a remarkable young woman, and whether the grind yields a poor round or finishing five under, you’ve captured the essence of how to look good: always, ALWAYS, pose next to a horned frog, or a guy dressed like corn-on-the-cob.

    Dr. C.

  2. Kim, I was at Trump Turnberry for the week staying in a fully renovated Cottage in Maidens ‘2 minutes’ from Trump Turnberry and being a light sleeper heard the significant noise of the wind and rain battering the Cottage every night. During the day on the Course it was even worse. I watched you play in practice and was impressed by your game. In Tournament play in Rd2 you were so unlucky when your ball finished on top of the bunker in the long thick grass which gave you little to no chance to finish -5 or better, although you gave it your very best effort. At the time I was predicting a -4 cut so it was tough luck. The weather was marginally better on Saturday and Sunday giving the qualifiers slightly better conditions. The Ailsa Course is Championship standard and is a challenge, best scores are usually made with a good outward 9 say 34 or 33 out and 35 back 9 for 69 or 68 v. 72 par. Good luck in Portland I’ll look out for your scores. Play your best #oneshotatatime.

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