Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.  I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend with family and friends.  Surprisingly, I’m actually writing this blog from Clark today. It’s not very often that I spend a holiday at home anymore.  I’ve only played one event since Dallas, but still seem to be going a million different directions at once.

Let’s see, I enjoyed one week at home in Orlando after Dallas with my coach coming in for a couple days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then played in Sandra Gal’s pro am on Saturday.  I then packed everything up and left early Sunday morning and actually drove up to Williamsburg, VA with my roommate.  It’s about an 11 hour drive, but she wanted her car home for the rest of the summer and sometimes its nice to not spend the whole day in airports! We had the Taylor Swift and Eric Church turned up and were there before we knew it. 😉

Kingsmill was in incredible shape as expected, and I felt ready to get back out and compete after a couple days of hard work with my coach.  We tackled the putting once again (I know ya’ll are starting to think I’m a slow learner), and cleaned up the wedges and irons.  I played a relatively solid 4 days of golf and finished T36.  Not my worst golf, but still leaving some shots out there.  We were spoiled with getting another week off right after Kingsmill so I decided it might be time to come back to South Dakota and see my coach again and my family.

I stepped off the plane last Monday night at about 10:00 and realized I was a little too generous in predicting when summer would reach South Dakota.  Dang, that wind chill.  Thankfully, it warmed up by Thursday so we were down to “one layer” days instead of “4 layer days” like on Tuesday.  I then spent a couple of days at the end of the week at Sutton Bay with my coach and his son, and even though Saturday morning was quite cold, it just doesn’t seem to matter when you’re there. This is my second year of privileges at Sutton Bay and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to spend a few days during my off weeks.  I’m getting to know more and more people and the new practice facility is incredible!! There is never enough time to get everything done that I want to.  I am so thankful for how much they have supported me. We went from sun up to sun down on Friday, and after a good morning practice Saturday I came back to Clark. A quick 24 hours here is just enough time to relax and recharge before I hit the road again.

I will leave tomorrow for Atlantic City where we will play the ShopRite classic on perhaps my favorite course on tour – The Stockton Seaview Bay course. It’s an old Donald Ross, before he started making those infamously frustrating greens, that sits right on the bay with tight lies around the greens and plenty of demanding shots.  If you ever have a chance, it’s worth your time. This will be the first in a three week stretch with the Manulife Classic in Canada and the new KPMG in Westchester, NY the following weeks.  The KPMG will be our second major of the year.

Send some good vibes next week!



Group shot from Sandra’s pro am.  Great group of ladies!


A little potato launcher turned golf ball launcher courtesy of some thoughtful US Marines.


My forecaddie, Sydney, for the Kingsmill pro am.  🙂


A visit to colonial Williamsburg.. pretty neat place!


Colonial Williamsburg Governor’s mansion.


Coming back to Sioux Falls to play with these two is something I look forward to most! Thanks Danny and Chad for always making time!


Little practice session with Justin… this was before he won 20 bucks off me..


What a view! The lodge at Sutton Bay as I tee off on the 17th.  Todd Kolb may have a future in photography.


8 thoughts on “Kingsmill

  1. Hey Kim, Happy Memorial Day to you also. Glad to hear you got back home to enjoy it with your family.
    Looking forward to seeing you at both the ShopRite and WPGA tournaments.
    Great success in both of them!

  2. Kim !

    It was good to say HI at Sandra Gal’s Benefit at Mystic Dunes ! Thanks to You, and your Fellow Pros, it was a Super Day !! Good Vibes headed your Way for ShopRite et al !!

    Cheers !


  3. We enjoyed the “foot” close-up from Williamsburg. No major problems cited, i.e., fungal infections or optional surgery to schedule. A pedicure or two, however, might be of benefit.

    Please chip away at the leadeboard the next two weeks. KK, you’re on the cusp, let it happen.

    Kind regards,
    Dr. C.

  4. Kim, congrats on being tied for 8th after the third round of the ShopRite LPGA Classic. Good luck on Sunday – I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂

  5. Kim, congratulations on being tied for 4th after the first two rounds of the Manulife Classic! Woohoo! Good luck this weekend 🙂

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