Hey everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog and in that time I’ve played two events in two different countries.  I was in Melbourne, Australia last week and am writing this blog from my hotel in Pattaya, Thailand.  The two weeks couldn’t have been more opposite but I am very happy with what I am learning about my game and where it is headed.

The Australian Open was held at Royal Melbourne Golf Club and it will officially rank as one of the very best courses I have ever played.  I see why it is consistently ranked as a top ten course in the world.  It was golf in its purest form and I know that I could play that course every day for a year and never get bored; the true test of a world class course.  Unfortunately my putting let me down and I missed the cut by several shots.  I had been struggling with my putting since the season started, so I knew I needed to get it figured out. I couldn’t waste any more weeks.  One of the things I would say I am very good at is being aware of what is going on in my game and not being afraid to admit when something is needing change.  After a little analysis I decided to change how I was practicing.  I felt that I needed to put more pressure on myself during my putting practice to mimic tournament golf.  I don’t think a change in my practice has every paid off as much as this one.  My putting in Thailand couldn’t have been better.

Despite the poor play, Melbourne was an awesome city to spend a week in.  We stayed in a hotel across the street from the beach, and down the street from some insanely good restaurants.  Melbourne is very cultural and thus plays host to restaurants and foods from all over the world.  Most of the restaurants are like gastro pubs where it would be hard to find a bad meal.  They also had an incredible amount of ice cream shops.  The Melbourne-famous 7 Apples was right down the street from our hotel and it definitely deserves the local credit. I would know, I had it six out of seven nights.

While in Melbourne I was fortunate to have some friends of a friend take me out to dinner a couple of times.  While I have great friends on tour, it is sometimes nice to get away and do something different.  Ray and Helen showed me downtown and took me to some great spots.  It never ceases to amaze me that even when I am on the other side of the world I am making dinner plans with friends.  It’s a small world.

Now is the fun part where I get to share with everyone that I had a really solid tournament this week in Thailand.  Yes, finally.  As I said earlier, my putting was rock solid and that couldn’t have made me happier.  The game is a lot easier when you can make a putt or two.  While I finished at -7 for the week, I shot -2 the last day and actually lost 8 spots.  It just goes to show how strong the LPGA is right now.  Regardless, I left the course today feeling really positive about what I need to keep improving on during my off weeks and looking forward to Phoenix already. I did not get into Singapore (it goes off of last year’s money list) so I will have two weeks off before Phoenix.

I’ve enjoyed Thailand but am ready to get on this flight and head back to Florida. I’ve especially enjoyed walking across the street and getting a one hour foot massage for 7 dollars.  Yep, going to miss that.

Enjoy all the photos!



Me and the rookie (a.k.a Marissa)  having dinner in Melbourne!


Mallory, Marissa, and I before our Monday practice round.


Finishing hole at Royal Melbourne


Downtown Melbourne


“Love Locks” on the river in Melbourne.



Our group that went and checked out “White Night” in Melbourne… with 750,000 other people!


White Night Festival, Melbourne.


Great view from the hotel in Pattaya, Thailand


A little elephant art on the course 🙂


Pattaya, Thailand.  A little different scene than Australia.


A little post round smoothie with the caddie.  So good!!


So happy to have Kristin come out and watch.. an ISU Cyclone friend from my college days! 🙂




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