When it Rains….

Happy Monday everyone!  I write today from the Miami airport on my way back to Orlando. I’ll have three short days at home and then off to Australia on Friday so I thought I would get you all caught up on the start of the season thus far.  That’s the problem with our off weeks, the week is only three days sometimes.

If you’ve been following I don’t have to tell you that my start has been less than fantastic.  However, what you don’t probably know is that I feel I’ve been dealing with one problem after another.  I would say that I am probably the least likely to ever make an excuse, but I know that I have got to have some good karma coming my way soon. Let me explain.

Let’s start in Ocala with the positives.  1.) It was close to home in Orlando, so I had a short drive.  Always a plus.  2.) I had an awesome host family in Steve and Phyllis Grey. I’ve never had so much good cake in my life!  3.) I had a ton of family and friends come to watch. Thank you to everyone who came out for my first event.

So when did the week start heading south? Well, after only playing 12 holes on our second day I needed to play my remaining six holes to make the cut Friday morning, plus another 18 if I did.  Unfortunately, I became very sick Thursday night and would struggle with this virus or flu or whatever I had for the next 4 days.  I felt pretty decent once I got out on the course, which is why I was torn between being upset with my results and just being happy that I was able to still make the cut and finish the event.  After the event finished my main focus was to get home and have a day of rest before leaving for the Bahamas.  However, as I’m getting ready to leave Ocala, I find out that someone went on a shopping spree with my credit card in Orlando.  Awesome.  I hope you bought some great things.

I left for the Bahamas on Monday and my sickness went from chills and body aches to back pain and a headache that reminded me of a tooth ache; if that makes any sense at all.  I visited the LPGA physical therapists on Tuesday and they actually found that my back pain was coming from a rotation in my pelvis and was an easy fix. Finally, Kim -1, back pain – 0.  My headaches continued for a few days but I believe they were a result of sinus pressure and they subsided before Thursdays round.

OK! Healthy and ready to go! I get out there Thursday and am playing pretty well.  Not making a ton of putts, but was -1 thru 12 holes when a typhoon hits the golf course.  We brace ourselves under an umbrella which wasn’t really helpful at all and the storm is so loud we couldn’t even hear that the horn had been blown.  Brutal weather.  They would eventually call it for the day and once again we would come back the next day and have a 24 hole day for the second week in a row.

I come back on Friday and while the rain had passed and the sun would eventually come out, the island winds decided to make themselves known.  I know I grew up in South Dakota and then played four years in west Texas, but in neither of those places does your ball get caught in the wind and end up in the ocean.  What I’m trying to say is that the course played hard.  Really hard.

After my first six holes (the finish of my first round from the previous day) I started my second 18 in the wind.  I walked off the third green and my caddie told me he really wasn’t feeling right.  He had been dizzy and wasn’t breathing quite right and after trying to walk it off the previous couple of holes he knew he had to tell me.  I immediatlely asked our scorer to call for the EMT.  The whole group obviously waited while the medic came and a rules official.  While Worth was being checked our group couldn’t just stand and wait.  So, a local caddie was brought to me and we were told to continue on.  Now, I have played golf for almost 20 years now and obviously have abundant knowledge of the game and my game in particular, but I don’t carry a yardage book on tour anymore.  So when Worth hands me his yardage book I felt like I was going to take a test I hadn’t studied for – cue the panic attack.

Lucky for me, my caddie has pretty much his entire family out on tour in one way or another.  His daughter is a rookie this year and her husband, Julien, who caddies for Graham DeLaet on the PGA tour, happened to be in the Bahamas this week.  I spent two holes with a local caddie (super nice guy, just not a professional caddie) before Julien found me on the sixth green.  Life saver!! I handed over the book and the third time was a charm, we battled the wind the rest of the day and finished at +2.  It felt like a super solid round in the wind and I was sure I would be playing the weekend.  Meanwhile, Worth was checked out and I am relieved to report that they concluded that it wasn’t much more than dehydration and a lack of potassium.  We were all very thankful for that.  Sometimes situations like that put into perspective that we are only playing a game; there are things in life that are so much more important.  Worth and I will be ready to go in Australia next week. 🙂

After all was said and done, the second half of the field finished their second rounds on Saturday morning in some much better conditions (its the luck of the draw!)  and the cut moved the other direction.  I was pretty stunned to come back from the gym thinking I needed to get ready to head to the course and play and instead find I was T73.  It was a tough break playing so much of my first two rounds in the wind, but it always evens out throughout the year.  As I said in the beginning, I know some good luck is coming my way!

Of all places to miss a cut, the Bahamas definitely isn’t the worst. 😉  I was staying with friends Laura Diaz and Danah Bordner, and Laura was able to set up a little swim with the dolphins on Sunday afternoon.  After that we finished the day with an incredible meal at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  It was an incredible day with some great friends.  Even though we all would have preferred to play, we made sure we didn’t let the weekend go to waste.

I’ve got three days to work on a few areas that I think need some improvement before leaving Orlando again. I’ll hit the gym with my trainer, get in some yoga practice, and spend some long days at the course.  I will go back to back in Australia and then Thailand.  I know I’m close to playing some great golf!

Have a great week everyone!




Great friends from New Smyrna Beach that came to watch in Ocala.  Thanks Austen and Andrea!!


First host family of the year, and they set the bar pretty high!  Thank you Steve and Phyllis.  Hope to see you in Naples!


Ocala Welcome Gala hosted by John Travolta and Kelly Preston.


A little practice round selfie 🙂


New pet dolphin?


Look at those scuba diving outfits.  Wowzer…



These outfits are a little better.

Me, Laura, Danah, and Steve.  Thanks for an awesome week guys!



8 thoughts on “When it Rains….

  1. Thanks for the update Kim. I knew there was some reason you were not having your normal scoring. Now that it is fixed go show all the tour your game. JJ

  2. Kimmy, We are looking forward to your year on the tour! Keep your positive attitude and it will happen for you. We hope to make one of your tournaments again this year. Cheering you on from Clark!!

  3. Hi Kim!

    Looks like Thailand agrees with you! Very happy to see you climbing the leaderboard, and able to see you on the TV 2nd page board. I hope you keep getting better.

    I’ll be volunteering at the ShopRite Classic again, so I hope to see you there. I keep tabs all the time, but it will be fun to see you in person again.

    Marie Carney

    Sent from Windows Mail

  4. Amazing you birdied almost every par 3 during your final round of the Honda LPGA Thailand 🙂 Congrats on finishing strong!

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