Symetra to CME

Offseason is finally here, and I can finally say that I am no longer an LPGA Rookie.  It was an incredible 8 months and I can’t believe some of the places I went and things I achieved.  While I had been patiently anticipating a little time off for a few weeks now, I wanted nothing more than to finish off my rookie year with a strong finish at our final event.

The CME Championship in Naples, Florida is the LPGA’s version of the FedEx Cup.  It’s a first class event that caps of the season and is a great opportunity for everyone’s family and friend’s to come down and watch.  I was lucky enough to have my parents, my coach, and one of my best friends there supporting me.  I also stayed with family friends, Lee and Jan Jacobson, from South Dakota.  We had some very strange Florida weather which made the course play tough in very windy and cool conditions.  I worked on a few things with my coach during the week and saw some big improvements even in the span of just a few days.  I definitely had some rough patches during my rounds, but was committed to having a positive attitude this week and was pleased with how I was able to bounce back each time.  In the end,  T20 finish felt like a pretty solid way to end the year.  It can always be better, but it felt as if it could have also been a lot worse this week. I’m happy with the way I fought and will carry that attitude into next season.

Before every season I write down just a few basic goals.  Nothing extravagant, but a few things I hope to achieve both statistically and performance based.  My stats for the year won’t be finalized until I get home, but I looked back at my performance goals for the year to see how I faired. My goals were as follows:

1. Win multiple times on Symetra Tour

2. 10 top 10’s

3. LPGA Tour card for 2015

Well, I may not have won multiple times on the Symetra tour, or had 10 top 10’s, but I think I can live with that. 🙂 There is nothing better than looking back at your goals less than 12 months before and seeing that they are completely irrelevant now. While I have often been frustrated with my performance on the LPGA this year, this puts into perspective how far I have truly come since I started the season.

While it is fun to look back at the success I have had, I will find myself spending the off season looking forward to the next season and what I want to achieve.  There is no time or benefit to spending too much time reflecting on past achievements.  Those that want to be better must be thinking of how to continue to improve and set even higher goals.  I have some off season goals for improving my wedges, playing from uneven lies, and making more 8-20 foot putts.  These are things I have discussed with my coach and we have already put a plan into action for improvement in each of these areas.  I will be sure to share both my statistical and performance goals for next year before the season starts.

I plan to take a few weeks off and enjoy Christmas at home in South Dakota before returning to Florida the first of January to get ready for the 2015 season.  I want to sincerely thank everyone for all their support throughout my rookie campaign.  I love hearing from so many people throughout the year and having so many people come along with me on my journey. Also, a big thanks to my sponsors this year: Sutton Bay, Callaway, Titleist, Footjoy, and Loudmouth  Golf.   I’m already looking forward to an even bigger and better 2015!

See you next year!

Happy Holidays!



Celebrating Julieta Granada’s Birthday.  Congrats on a great week Julie!!


My fan club for the week. 🙂


Final round of 2014


Getting some work in with coach Todd Kolb.


Watching the playoff with Marissa Steen and Elin Arvidsson.  Great friends make the game so fun!


11 thoughts on “Symetra to CME

  1. We have enjoyed following your blog through the year. You have had an awesome year and we here in Clark are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Thanks for keeping us updated and we look forward to next year, 2015!!

  2. Again, great season! Big question-what is the name of the website blog going to be next year. I think “My Journey to the LPGA” now needs to be updated. Keep the blog going next year as we love to follow you and get the insight you have as you compete. Bundle up as you come home to South Dakota, haha.

  3. Kim we certainly enjoy your blogs !! We are very proud of you and how far you have come your first year on the tour, We wish you the best in the new year!! Hope to attend another tournament in 2015 ! It has been fun to watch you this past year,hope you continue with your blog updates.

  4. I saw you play at the Boys of Summer Cup in Sioux Falls last summer. You have a great game and I follow your tournaments in the paper and on line. Best of luck next year. You have many fans in South Dakota.

  5. Kim congrats on a great year. It has been so much fun following you . I can’t wait until next year to watch you continue to grow. Love your blogs.

  6. Its always nice to read of your exploits and congratulations on battling your way through the year! I think from what Ive read and seen you thoroughly deserve your place on the tour, well done!

    I hope you and the family have a great Christmas

    Best wishes

    Ian P

    Head of Sport & Outdoor education
    Derbyshire County Council

    [DOES Logo_LG]

    Main Road
    Lea Near Matlock
    DE4 5GJ

    Direct Dial: 01629 534561
    Fax: 01629 534071

  7. All of us, regardless of age or occupation, could profit from making a list of goals like you did. I admire your ability to work through the challenges when so much is at stake. In my business, we start over every day, never resting on our laurels or past success. That’s why I like golf and all the parallels it provides for life. I have a goal in 2015, it’s to watch you play on the LPGA tour. Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see you in SF!

  8. Great year finishing CAT 1 #58 which probably exempts you into everything the 1st half
    of the year including US Open and Asia. Tony Jesselli in rating the rookies said you were
    his biggest surprise. He said that in 2013 only one golfer kept their card from CAT 17.

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