The Final Countdown

One of the only great things about jet lag is that you get a lot of things done.. at 6 am. My plan today was to throwback to my college days and write this blog while enjoying a frappuccino at Starbucks. However, when you’re wide awake at 5:30, writing in bed sounds better than getting dressed and actually leaving the house.

I’ve been back in Florida for less than 48 hours, but can tell you that I am SO happy to be back in the USA. Asia was an awesome experience and I love to travel, but only when you come back home do you realize how much you actually love being home. We live out of suitcases and eat so many of our meals in hotel restaurants that coming home to do your own laundry and buy your own groceries seems like a treat. I’m sure the joy I got out of doing my laundry yesterday will soon pass, but it really is nice to not have to leave all my clothes with some guy running a semi-shady laundromat in a strip mall in Korea and just praying that you communicated that you wanted it “washed and dried only.”

My last two weeks were pretty similar to my first two weeks in Asia. After my pit stop in Houston for a fabulous wedding celebration and a little relaxation in Lubbock, I left for Taipei, Taiwan. I believe that this was my favorite city we stayed in. Taipei is a major city in Taiwan and we stayed right in the heart of it. There were so many things to go out and do and I tried to do my fair share. I was able to get away and check out the night market (pictures below), enjoy the very popular Taiwan foot massage, and even enjoy a little wood-fire pizza joint that my caddie happened to come across and thus became a popular caddie and player spot for the week. I perhaps also enjoyed Taiwan because it was my best finish in Asia. I played four days of pretty solid golf and for the first time in Asia felt that I was actually playing and not just trying to survive.

After a hot week in Taiwan we packed up and headed to Japan for the final event in Asia, the Mizuno Classic.  This is an event co-sanctioned with the JLPGA and thus features 45 LPGA and 35 JLPGA players.  The event is hosted at the Prime Resort Kashikojima and is two hours from civilization.  After spending a week in the extremely lively city of Taipei, I opened my curtains Tuesday morning to see nothing but the bay and zero sign of activity.  The resort was closed down for the week, so us LPGA players and staff were the only ones there.  As if we hadn’t spent enough time together, we were definitely going to now.  There was somewhat of a town 1.5 miles away, which I walked to once to get some Japanese peanut butter, but other than that you had to try and occupy your time on the resort.  I was happy to find CNN was broadcast in English, but after three days of US election results, the countdown to coming home was getting real.

Although my finish in Japan was the lowest of all four Asia events, I actually didn’t feel I played my worst.  The course was pretty simply with big greens, and thus the scoring was just super low.  It’s tough to shoot under par and still lose ground on the field.  Regardless, I feel pretty good about where I’m at and am hoping that my scoring reflects that more at our final event next week.  The CME championship will officially wrap up the 2014 season and my rookie year.  Wow, how fast did that go?  Is it just me that feels like I played my first event in Hawaii last week? Although its been an incredible year that has far exceeded my expectation of spending another year living out of my car on the Symetra Tour, I still have one event to go and am very focused on playing well and ending the season on a high.

I thank everyone for continuing to follow me throughout the Asia swing, and especially those of you that couldn’t help sneak a peak at the live scoring when you woke up in the middle of the night.  Playing in Florida this week is good for all of us.  I can drive and your sleep schedule can go back to normal. 🙂

12 days until the end of the season.  Let the countdown begin!



I don’t want to forget my quick stop in Lubbock.  A trip to Fuzzy’s was a must with these ladies!  Wreck ’em!


After Lubbock I headed to Houston the Brittany’s wedding (middle) with Kelsy Hope (left).  Such a fun weekend with my favorite roomies!


Taipei, Taiwan


One of several night markets in the city. Extremely busy every night of the week.


Night Market


The welcome party was held at the Taipie guest house, where the President hosts his guests.  Very cool setting and the vice-president was even in attendance.


Party entertainment- This guy is made out of play dough!


Prime Resort Kashikojima #11.  Japan.


Dori Carter and I at the Mizuno Classic pro-am party 🙂


Wednesday afternoon boat ride to watch these women dive for oysters, a very ancient tradition that is still used today to harvest pearls.


We were really more concerned about getting a good photo over a good pearl 😉 (with Laura Diaz)


Making a rice cake.  Another Japanese tradition.  Cool stuff!



5 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Love the pictures, Kim. Ya did well in Asia…proud of you. Welcome back home and let’s get ready for next year…there are big things for you! Go Tech.

  2. Kim, You are wrapping up an incredible first year and have made those of us watching from afar so happy and proud of what you’ve accomplished. I’m looking forward to all your success, for many years to come. Happy Thanksgiving and have fun in coming weeks.

  3. Rough back nine start at the CME, however, ➹ for the final 54. No chance of catching Lydia Ko for rookie of the year, but the bright side: you are R.O.T.Y. for the western hemisphere.

    The holiday season on home turf and anticipation of 2015 should be very sweet. Resist looking in the rear view mirror. Next year’s rookie class may hold surprises….this sent to me by David Feherty, whose humor has no boundary

    Safe to open, not spam, not vulgar.

    Play your very best this weekend and maybe the GC will give you some air time. Smile, you’re not in Clark or Buffalo.

  4. what a great year you have had It has been a wonderful and exciting time following you and the entire lpga women. the race to the globe was very exciting and what an outcome for an 17year old. May be you next year Rest up enjoy the holidays and get ready for next year. hope to see ya if you are home for the holidays

    • Awesome year Kim. Been fun following. My co-workers are probably getting tire of hearing my Clark golfer stories, haha. Great finish and good luck going into 2015.

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