Sweet Alabama

Good evening from Florida. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog from my own living room and I have to say its quite nice. Even if I’m only here for a week. Since my last blog I have been to several states and several countries. Time to get you caught up!

I went to France for the Evian Masters and had quite a good experience despite missing the cut. I know thats probably an expression I overuse, but to be honest, if I get to a point where I no longer can find something positive to take out of every week then I should probably do something different. One of my tour friends recently stated that she wasn’t enjoying playing as much as she should be, so she took a job as a writer. I commend her for that. Anyways, it was a good week. The course in France is quite difficult to describe; lets just say it is a bit quirky, for lack of a better term. Regardless of whether or not it is fair that a player can hit a perfect tee shot into the middle of the green on a par three and it can spin back into the water, we are all playing the same course. With that being said, 5 over on Thursday didn’t set up well for my goal of making my first cut in a major. Luckily, I was first off on Friday which means greens would be perfect and pace of play would be excellent. At the end of the day I shot 1 over and missed the cut by a shot. I know many people following my score looked at my bogey on the last hole and believed that is what caused me to miss the cut. My bogey on my 36th hole did not push me over the line, my +5 on Thursday did. What I learned this week (which I’ve learned many times out here) is that even if you are 4, 5, or 6, over on the first day, you have to continue to fight for every shot. I ended up way closer to making the cut than I ever thought I would after Thursday. I was actually doing some laundry at the laundromat when I had a glimmer of hope that the cut could even go to 6. It obviously didn’t, but I did successfully wash and dry my clothes using machines with French instructions so I felt things were headed in the right direction anyways.

After missing the cut I had two days in France and not much to do. I can only watch the two English speaking news channels so many times in one day. I luckily have a caddie that’s been to France many times so he knew that the place to go on an off day was across Lake Geneva to Lausanne, Switzerland. So, thats what we did. We took the ferry across, took a bus into downtown, ate a strange pizza (if you think chopped up carrots sound good on a pizza, it’s not) checked out the Olympic museum, and then took the ferry back across. It was a nice break from where we had been staying in Evian, and I can check Switzerland off my list. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the town that we played/stayed at in France. All tour players and caddies stay within a few blocks and we all hang out on the same two or three streets full of shops, restaurants, and bars. I’m looking forward to going back next year. Mainly for the croissants, but the tournament was pretty good, too. 🙂

I flew back on Monday, and unlike my departure from England, I successfully made my flight from France back to the U.S. I got in late Monday night and went out Tuesday afternoon for a practice round. I don’t know if I have ever played a hotter practice round in my life. It was the middle of September, its suppose to be fall, Alabama! We definitely weren’t prepared for such a hot week, but in the end I was super excited to notch my third top ten of the year. It started clicking in the final round and I shot a career best 7 under. It’s like what I was talking about earlier, you have to fight for every shot because you never know when you’re going to get hot.

After playing the final full-field domestic event in Alabama, I was fortunate to be asked to play in the Safe Harbor Charity Classic in Seneca, SC. This was a charity event hosted by Austin Ernst at her home club. She brought in 8 girls and we raised money for Safe Harbor and the YMCA. Many players hosts events like these and are something that us players can do as frequently or infrequently as we like. For me, it was a great opportunity to help out a friend and I was still able to get to Orlando by Tuesday night.

After playing 6 out of the last 7 week and moving into my apartment in 2 days, it turned out to be the perfect time for me to have a few friends come to Orlando. My friend Rosalyn came with one of her other bridesmaids and we spent three nights in Orlando enjoying a little down time. Every now and then we have to plan a little R&R as well. My coach is coming tomorrow for a few days and we will prepare for a five week stretch in Asia. I have received a ton of questions about Asia so here is the breakdown.

-All six Asia events are limited field. While most invite the top 60 players from the money list, not all 60 go to every event, so it will usually go down the money list closer to 70.

-I have chose to play in Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

-I had never planned to play the first event in China (this coming week) and will be coming back to the states during the China event that takes places between South Korea and Taiwan for a friend’s wedding.

-None of these Asia events have a cut, so I am guaranteed four days of play in every event (and a paycheck).

-These events are part of the LPGA and count for CME points, Official World Ranking, and LPGA money list just like any other LPGA event.

That should answer 99% of the questions I frequently get. Hope it makes sense! I’m looking forward to my first time experiencing Asia and hoping to keep up the good play over there!




Hole #2 – Evian Championship


Evian, France


On the way to Switzerland!


Switzerland is in sight!


Dream crushing.


Some fun in Prattville with Jaye Marie Green and Nat Sheary!


Really great pro-am group in Prattville.  -16, so close to the W!


Left: 5 Red Raiders in Orlando watching some Tech football!

Right: Me, Rosalyn, and Liz at the incredible Diagon Alley at Harry Potter World! This place is insane!


13 thoughts on “Sweet Alabama

  1. Hey Kim, thanks for the update…will be watching for your name WAY UP the leaderboard in Asia….best of luck and do enjoy yourself.

  2. I love your blogs, humor, pictures and your support of your fans. I also love how you often go to higher levels of golf each day of your tournaments. Will keep up with you on your Asian swing on LPGA.com. Enjoy your travels , golf and friends!

  3. Hello again ms.k

    Great FINISH in bama, nice check FOR THE CONSISTENT WORK

    The work WILL PAY OFF




    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Tablet

  4. Thanks, Kim ! I enjoy your candor…..it’s NOT easy out there ! Great to see your super finish in AL (I was in Daytona watching jackie Stoelting punch her LPGA Ticket ! ). It gives your Season new Life !! Good Fortune in Asia…..and at the CME In November !

    Enjoy your blog !

    Cheers ! Dillon

  5. good to hear an up date good luck on the asia tour. you are an incredible person and have the will to succeed. you have and you will continue to do so. Good luck and keep us informed. If you don’t your dad will keep me updated. keep up the good work and it is fun to follow you via internet but don’t get a lot accomplished when you are playing. go get em and have a great time doing it. Your neighbor Dala

  6. My wife and I have been following your career the last year, vicariously, and really enjoy your commentaries. It is easy to associate the top 25 players, prize money, and ‘glamour’, but few recognize the nomadic lifestyle, constant air travel, dietary challenges, and the subtle, but difficult loneliness from family.

    Nor account for the practice time necessary to remain competitive.

    Your background of rural South Dakota and playing at the local 9 hole CGC (which appears to be only a slight improvement on a goat farm) is compelling and may get you on 60 Minutes one day soon. Or at the very least, a Kelly T. segment on the GC.

    I took the liberty this morning to add your name to the list of notables on Wikipedia, for the Clark, SD page. Best wishes during the Asian swing. Kind regards, Dr. C.

  7. In the midst of a very busy schedule, I commend you on taking the time to play a Charity event. Safe travels to Asia and hopes for much good play and rest.

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