Successful Seven.

Good morning from Philadelphia!  After seven weeks of playing (thats every week since Hawaii if you lost count) I am finally waiting to depart for Lubbock.  My best friend from Tech is getting married on Saturday and I couldn’t be more excited to take a week off and spend it in Lubbock with some really great people.  That also means I only have 5 days to fix these tan lines. Miracles do happen.  

I finished up the ShopRite in Atlantic City yesterday and overall it was a productive week.  I finished -4 and in a tie for 23.  I did some great things to save par, but couldn’t seem to get the birdies going on Sunday.  I’m not sure what it says about my game when I have more eagles than birdies in a round.  However, after two straight missed cuts, it is always good to be playing on Sunday and cashing a check.  It is easy to sit at home and watch girls (and guys) miss cut after cut and wonder what they are doing.  I used to do it myself.  But after being out here a few weeks and missing a few cuts of my own, I can see how easy it is to get on that train and not know how to get off.  Therefore, I am happy and grateful that I was able to forget those weeks and start fresh in Atlantic City.  That is often easier said than done.  

My putting had been giving me problems the past several weeks, so I decided that I would ask the Callaway rep to look at my putting and maybe suggest a new putter.  After a few minutes on the green I had the Odyssey Two-ball Versa in my hand and I knew that it was going to make a difference.  Being a rookie out here, I’m still not used to trying out a putter and being able to just take it.  It felt like Christmas. 🙂 I still have some work to do, but I feel it is headed in the right direction.

Last week in Mobile my mom and sister came to watch me play for the first time on the LPGA. They flew down and then drove my car back home; the travel logistics out here can be so difficult sometimes.  I saved my absolute worst golf of the year just for them, but it left some time for us to do a few fun things on the weekend.  We visited the USS Alabama and of course put in some quality time at the mall. 

This week we played at the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club. It is right across from the Jersey shore and Atlantic City.  I have been to New Jersey a couple of times but never here.  I have to say it may be my favorite stop on the tour so far.  If you are ever in the area I would highly suggest coming out here and playing the course.  It’s an old Donald Ross course from the early 1900’s.  It is the type of course that has so much character that no matter what it is just fun to play.  I am really looking forward to coming back here next year.  The people were great and it is the best crowds I’ve seen so far as well.  Well done, ShopRite.  

This week the tour is playing in Canada, but I will obviously be skipping the event.  I did not make it to the US Open, so my next event will be the last week of June in Arkansas.  I’m looking forward to going home after this week in Texas and splitting time between Clark and Sioux Falls.  I’m also planning a trip up to Sutton Bay for a few days.  

As always, thank you for the support and following my career.  Seven weeks ago I wasn’t even thinking about the LPGA, and here I am now on the tour full time.  I would say it was a successful seven week stretch.  



Mom, Ashley, and me in Mobile. 


USS Alabama


Nice photo from the 18th at ShopRite.  Not sure who the photo credit goes to, but its a great pic!



11 thoughts on “Successful Seven.

  1. Hi Kim

    Outstanding, sorry for the putting lapse at the Open. You will overcome that, I am sure.

    I am working on having a friend be a corporate sponsor (Tom Walsh and Great Life). I think you both would be benefitted with that arrangement. Stay tuned.

    Love the family picture, minus dad.


  2. Kim Kaufman:

    I see that you are now #58 on the money list after your 23rd place finish.
    You still have more work to do to get a CAT 1 for next year but you already
    now have a CAT 11-top 100 taken care of..assuming a possible final # of
    70,000 needed to qualify. 60,000 on the money list in 2013 made it but
    with increased total purses this year the magic # may go higher.
    In 2013 120,000 made it for CAT 1 but that number may go higher
    in 2014 also, perhaps by 15%. I did see your puts on the 18th green,
    but otherwise you did not get much coverage. Good luck in Arkansas.
    Tom Hall

  3. I hope it always, ALWAYS feels like Christmas. And I know it will bc you are so humble and so delightfully grateful to be in the privileged position you are in. I am proud that Luca reads your blog bc as a 12 year old boy, he hears how amazing female athletes are, how grounded, how hard they have to work, and how much further there is to go.

    Luca also always looks you up on the money charts and is in awe of how you can make a living doing something so fun! You are inspiring him…

    Love you, Kim! So proud.

  4. Hi Kim, I am a Clark High graduate way back in 1954. My maiden name is Hulscher. Anyway, I now live in Bella Vista , AR, its a very short drive to the golf course you will be playing. I have had the pleasure of playing there a few times and loved it. My brother Joe Hulscher and his wife Sharon from Clark will be staying with me during the tournament so I hope I get to meet you. We will be out cheering you on. Best of luck to you and its exciting to have a player on the LPGA tour that came from my hometown.  Mary Graham

  5. Kim
    Great first half of the year. I met you at Sutton Bay last year and we are very proud you are sporting a Sutton Bay bag on the tour. Hopefully I will see you at Sutton Bay in the next couple of weeks. My wife and I sure have enjoyed following your exceptional progress on the LPGA tour…..Kevin Roberg

  6. I’m from SD and I was in my last year of law school at Tech when you were just getting started in Lubbock. Since group membership in our South Dakotan Tech grads club is pretty small, I enjoy following your progress. Support the baseball team if you have time this weekend. Guns Up in SFSD!

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