The Big Week

Good morning from South Carolina everyone. Hard to believe that only three days ago I was in Dallas, and have since flown back to Orlando and driven to South Carolina.  If the amount of texts, emails, and phone calls is any indication, I think ya’ll already know that my week at the North Texas LPGA Shootout was a big week for me.  After having a few days to look back and think about it, there are three things that stand out that I would like to share.

1.  I love playing in Texas.  Being a Texas Tech alum, there probably couldn’t have been a better stop on tour for me to have a successful week.  The Tech fans were excited to have one of their own in the field, and I was excited to have fellow alum cheering me on.  Playing in Texas will always be special to me.

2.  Last time I played on the LPGA was in Hawaii and I was pretty excited to have played with Lydia Ko for the final two rounds.  This week I stepped it up even more when I was paired with Suzann Petterson and Azahara Munoz on Saturday.  If you don’t follow the LPGA that closely, it was like being paired with Phil Mickelson and Luke Donald.  I could have easily let the fact that I was playing along side two high profile players distract me from my game.  However, I made a decision before I started that I was going to continue to play the golf course the way I had been regardless of who was playing beside me.  It probably helped that Suzann talked to me from the very first tee.  She really didn’t have to have any interest in me at all, but she did and it was extremely nice of her.  She is what the LPGA is all about; very classy.  Likewise, after signing my card on Sunday, I exited the scoring tent and Christina Kim greeted me with a handshake and a “Welcome to the LPGA.”  Pretty cool.  The LPGA has a motto of “See Why It’s Different Out Here,” and THAT is why it is different.

3.  I stuck to my game. I made some mistakes and gave away some shots, but I grinded it out through the ups and downs.  I was in a good place mentally where I didn’t try and play the leader board, but instead just played the golf course.  At the end of the week it was great for me to see that when I just play my game it is good enough to finish in the top 5.  

Going forward from here, I will play this week in South Carolina as I noted earlier, but will then play LPGA from here on out.  All the talk about Symetra Tour money lists and LPGA conditional status can be thrown out the window.  Now, I will play for my LPGA card just like all the other girls on the LPGA play for theirs, by remaining in the top 80.  Everything changed so quickly, which also means i will be looking for a full time caddie as well. The player/caddie relationship can be difficult, so finding a caddie that meshes with my game and personality and can be with me for the long term is the ultimate goal.  Right now my agent is finding me the best caddie he can and we will likely do a three week trial over the next three events.  

So, I will leave South Carolina after this week and head to Virginia to play the Kingsmill Championship.  I know this is one of the favorite stops on the LPGA tour so I am really looking forward to it.  After Virginia I will drive to Mobile, Alabama where my mom and sister will join me for the week for that event.  They will drive my car home from Alabama (some good bonding time for them) and I will fly to Los Angeles that Monday for the U.S. Women’s Open qualifier.  I will hopefully get in a quick practice round that afternoon and then play the 36 hole qualifier on Tuesday.  Lucky for me there is a red eye out of LAX on Tuesday night that will get me to Philidelphia by 6 am for the Shoprite in Atlantic City that starts on Friday.  After playing the Shoprite Friday-Sunday, I will fly to Lubbock, TX for my best friends wedding.  After playing 7 weeks  in a row it will be an off-week well spent.  I’m exhausted just writing about my traveling plans.  

Ok, time for me to get some practice in for this weeks event! This is the biggest event on the Symetra schedule with a purse twice the average.  It is a four day event starting tomorrow!   

Thank you to everyone for all the kind messages, emails, and phone calls.  I was busy traveling from Dallas to South Carolina but did my best to respond to everyone!  Thanks so much! 



Texas Tech alum Pat Green performed for us at Las Colinas on Friday night.  Great show!! 




A rare selfie of me and my traveling partner, Megan McChrystal, having some fun at the show.  


Former Texas Tech teammate and great friend Rosalyn Rojmar came to watch for the weekend.  So fun to have friends there!


Me and Sherri Turner, LPGA Legend who joined us for the pro-am yesterday in South Carolina. Very fun!  


Me and Natalie Sheary having some fun with the photographer yesterday 😉 




15 thoughts on “The Big Week

  1. Congratulations! Everyone is pulling for you and it is so exciting to follow. Great Job! I thought it was outstanding that in the position you were in that you came through with a final hole birdie under the pressure you must have been experiencing. Look forward to the coming weeks.

  2. Congratulations Kim! It was so fun watching you on the golf channel and being so proud of you and your accomplishment. You were wearing a beautiful smile each time the camera was on you Great tournament!

  3. I am so proud of you!! You deserve all of your success. Your hardwork and determination have paid off. Congrats!!

  4. Your Dad put your posts on my phone and computer so I can follow all of the excitement!!!! Super proud of you Kim!!!! We wish you continued success in your golfing career! It is wonderful seeing you reap the rewards of your endless dedication and hard work! Diane Burns

  5. Kim !!

    Congrats on an awesome week….almost Story Book !!! It was fun watching you on GC (even though their coverage was less than ideal..), especially after seeing you several times at Symetra Events !!

    Good luck, especially on the LPGA Trail !! (I’ll be pulling for jackie Stoelting this week…..7 year Friend who also supports my Lakeland First Tee ! ) You’re an inspiration !

    Cheers !

    Dillon Daniels FirstTee Advisory Committee and 15-year Fan of Women’s Golf (Symetra, LET, Suncoast Series, Cactus Tour, Fla Southern College Women’s Golf)

    PS I’m also a long-time friend of Author/Playright Dave Andrews . I know you’d enjoy the book…..soon to be a Movie !!

  6. PS2 I’m not a Suzanne P Fan…..and surprised that she was as warm and cordial. Perhaps I’ve been wrong in my assessment….

  7. Congratulations kimmy!! So proud of your accomplishments and sooo fun following you. Keep up the great golf!!

  8. we are so proud of you and couldn’t believe the article the Aberdeen paper after your win. Keep up the good work. We know you have the desire. Breathe deeply once in a while. The rat race stops and starts.

  9. Congrats Kim…We have been following your every move! What a great thing for you, your family, and your stellar coach to see you reaching for your dreams. This is gonna be fun to watch!!!

  10. EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! So proud of you, Kim! And you would be so embarrassed to know that during the TechSpy Awards last week when you were nominated again for the big award, I turned to everyone around me and practically screamed, “That’s my student! That’s my student!” You have earned everything. And I am so proud to watch you grow.

  11. And one more thing – so incredibly, desperately proud that you are writing, that you are sharing this, that you are doing what you do so amazingly well – inspiring us, teaching us, storytelling us.

  12. congrads Kimmy on a great finish at the Texas LPGA Tourney. With this one under your belt now you can just go out and play golf like you just said in your blog. Have fun, meet more people, get involved with the people that make things happen and everything will happen like you thought it would. Enjoy your self and I will keep an eye on you all summer long Also I will try to keep Dad under control during the weekends that you are playing. . the SD neighbor Dala

  13. Great update Kim! Thanks for taking the time to write a nice detailed account and giving us a sneak peak at your experience playing with your pairing on Sunday. Best wishes for this week in SC – Go get em- you can do it!!

  14. Hello Kim from your Pro/AM foursome (Scott, Dan, Ben and Chris) from last summer in Richmond VA! Just to let you know that all has been vindicated‼ You have made one of our biggest side bets that day pay off! We all knew that after spending the day with you and your mom that it would be the last time we would see you in Richmond on the Symetra Tour.
    You are truly a class act and had made four fans for life. But better yet, we also told you that if you made the LPGA we would see you at Kingsmill VA to cheer you on. I hope we can find the time to say hello and congratulate you in person. Keep up the wonderful golf!
    PS We know you and your agent are looking for a full time caddy but if you want a free one for the week for Kingsmill look us up.. I know we could last more than 9 great story.

  15. Hi Kim,
    I agree with your view on finding a caddie to have full time. Good luck with your search. I offer my services to you for the open qualifier here at Industry Hills … (No charge)… If that works for your schedule…

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