Lake Wales and Longwood

Hey, everyone!  It is Tuesday morning and I am enjoying my day off after another Monday finish yesterday.  The afternoon was washed out on Saturday so we played the final round for the IOA Classic on Monday instead.  These last two weeks in Florida weren’t really what I was hoping for, but part of the game is learning to be patient and fight thru the times when the game is testing your patience and determination.  

We started this Florida swing playing down in Lake Wales two weeks ago.  This was an event sponsored by Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, and thanks to my roommate, Marissa, she smuggled enough orange juice in her golf bag to last us until next years event.  I was struggling with my ball striking going into Lake Wales, but felt I did pretty well with what I had.  It’s amazing how you can win an event in Los Angeles one week and be on the range in Florida 2 days later frantically sending videos to your coach.  The ups and downs in the game can drive a player crazy.  The final day in Lake Wales I struck the ball very well, but of course couldn’t make a putt outside of 2 feet.  It is always something!  

As always, I stayed in a host house in Lake Wales.  Marissa stayed with me as well and we feel that when it comes to host houses we hit the jackpot.  Long story short, our host has been the tennis pro for 35 years at a club in Lake Wales called Mountain Lake.  Now, we had never heard of Mountain Lake before so didn’t think much of it.  However, after a few days at the tournament and chit chatting with different girls, we quickly realized that Mountain Lake is like the Augusta of Florida.   100 estates on property, 100 members.  Nearly all of the 12,000 people that reside in Lake Wales will never see the inside of those gates or even know it is there.  On our way to dinner one night, our hosts took us through the property.  It was one of those places that is hard to describe.  I had never seen such a beautiful, peaceful place. The houses were straight up southern mansions, and the course was a pure of golf course as you have ever seen.  Needless to say, when they offered to have us back to play, we jumped at the chance.  I don’t know what you will be doing Easter Monday, but we will be playing golf at Mountain Lake. 🙂  

We came back on Sunday night and were super excited to be able to stay at our own place for the event in Longwood, FL.  Alaqua CC is literally 10 minutes from our house.  Since we were playing so close to home I had a friend volunteer to come out and caddy for me and several other friends that came to watch a few holes throughout the weekend.  It’s always great to have a tournament at home.  I didn’t play “lights out” but I was definitely closer to where I want to be. Driver was solid, putting was ten times better than in Lake Wales (not that it could have been worse) and I made progress on my iron game throughout the week.  With a 3 under closing nine, I snuck into the top twenty for the week.  

We now have a three week break before we start a 5 week stretch of events at the end of April.  In these three weeks I will make a quick trip to Sioux Falls to see my coach, watch Adam Scott win his second Masters, and move out of our apartment for the summer.  There is always something going on, but I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have some sort of trip planned!  

I hope that wherever you are reading this from, you will be getting out on the course soon! Summer is almost here!  



The Symetra Tour has partnered with the Annika Academy and will thus do six “Winning Approach” sessions.  Charlotta Sorenstam was the first presenter!


Collegiate Colors day in Lake Wales.  Glad to have these two Tech grads out here with me!!  Guns up!


Practice round with Jean Chua, Marissa Steen, and Nicole Morales!  Nicole is going to play at Alabama next year and got the sponsor exemption into the IOA Classic.  She made the cut and finished at +4. Keep an eye on this girl, she is the real deal! 


Great photo from the final round of the IOA Classic at Alaqua CC.  


4 thoughts on “Lake Wales and Longwood

  1. Thanks for the Update….Good and Entertaining !! Continued Success….!!! #parsandbirdies

    Cheers ! Dillon

  2. Kim we so enjoy your blogs ! We are always rooting for you and wish you much success in your upcoming tournaments!

  3. Kim we are proud of you ! From high school to college to the LPGA it is fun to follow you. Good luck and thank you for the Blogs.

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