West Coast Swing.

Good Morning everyone!  I am up early this morning getting everything ready to go to Phoenix today.  More precisely, trying to figure out how to pack my entire closet into one suitcase.  I’m not overpacking, but you never know when you might need 4 sweatshirts and 2 scarves in Arizona.  

In case you missed it, I did play in a SunCoast series event last week at LPGA International.  I finished solo second after a final round 69.  I’ve spent this last week just practicing and playing every day getting ready for Phoenix.  I’ve been in Orlando for just over 3 months now and am a little surprised to find how much I like it here. I was so set on moving to Phoenix when I turned professional that when I decided instead to come to Orlando I wasn’t real excited.  I had more friends living in Phoenix and I knew that the Orlando humidity was NOT good for my hair.  However, these last few weeks in Orlando I’ve realized that I really like it here.  My roommate, Marissa, and I have had a great time living and practicing together and there’s a great group of professional and junior players at Heathrow CC that we play with.  I’m sorry, Phoenix, but I’m not missing you at all.     

I also took some time this week to think about the season and what I want to accomplish by setting a few goals for 2014.  I divided it up into statistical goals and performance goals:

Statistical goals:

1. Greens in regulation up to 78%

2. The length of putt left after I chip down to 4′ or less.      

3. The length of putt left after a sand shot to 8′ or less. 

Performance goals:

1. Multiple wins on Symetra Tour

2. Ten top tens

3. LPGA tour card for 2015 

I will start working towards these goals this week in Phoenix! My coach is coming down with 4 of his students to get out of Antarctica, a.k.a South Dakota, to watch the tournament and play some golf.  This works out well for me, if I learned one thing in college it was the importance of making the constant effort to see my coach and make sure my swing is in check on a regular basis.  

After my week in Phoenix I will drive to Los Angeles for the next event.  I’ve never been to southern California so I’m excited to check out L.A..  I will also get to see one of my best college friends and teammates that week.  She is in her first year of law school at Pepperdine so I fully plan to drag her out of the law library against her will to go out and have some fun.  After the tournament finishes in California I will stay an extra night and visit Callaway on Monday morning.  It is a busy couple of weeks but it is definitely time to get 2014 started.

In case you don’t have Twitter (which you should)  and missed it, I announced my partnership with Loudmouth Golf for 2014. I started wearing Loudmouth clothes after my win on the Symetra tour last year and they have always taken super good care of me.  We worked out the details of our contract last week and thus made our partnership official for the 2014 season.

Ok, thats all I got for this time.  Enough procrastinating, I seriously need to figure out this packing situation.  Overweight baggage fees are not in the budget.  

As always, follow live scoring this week on the Symetra tour website!



(Sorry, I have taken zero pictures these past couple weeks! If you normally just scroll down to look at the pictures, just Google some pictures of Florida. Photos from both events will be coming next time for sure 🙂  


8 thoughts on “West Coast Swing.

  1. Great update Kim! Believe or not, I played golf in Vermillion this past Wednesday. 57 isn’t Phoenix, but it will do. Keep chasing your dream.

  2. Way to go Kim! We have been pulling for you all weekend ! Good Luck in the coming tournaments. We are so proud of you and your play! Joe & Sharon

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