Sun’s Up, Guns Up!

I know it’s been over three weeks since my last post, and I’m not sure where the time has gone.  I got back last week from my much anticipated and much needed trip to Lubbock. This was probably the first trip I have made that wasn’t primarily intended for golf since I went with the high school band to Florida.  I’m pretty sure I still had braces then.  Don’t scroll down for a photo of that, there isn’t one.   Anyways, I spent 6 days there and in between football, basketball, and playing a little golf, I spent a lot of time with some great people.  They say you make your best friends in college and I know that is true for me.  You know you have great friends when you go back after 5 months and it feels like you never left.

After being there a few days I found I was walking a fine line between being nostalgic and simply realizing that all good things must come to and end.  I know my time at Tech is done, but it was somewhat weird going back and seeing how everything keeps moving forward even after you leave.  When exactly did we decide to offer smoothies after workout?  Or buy a Trackman!?  

All in all I had a fantastic week in Lubbock and can’t wait to go back in June for one of my best friend’s wedding.  I may not be a member of the women’s golf team anymore, but I will always be proud to be a Red Raider.  

Since returning on Wednesday I have been busy putting in full practice days.  I tend to do 3 hour morning sessions, break for lunch, and then 4 hour afternoon sessions.  I’ve become slightly obsessed with the wedge range at the Mike Bender Academy.  My personal best for the 8 targets is 76 shots, only 26 higher than Zach Johnson’s personal best.  I have 6 more months here; I’m coming for you, Zach.  

When I’m not on the wedge range being overly competitive I have been making regular trips to Daytona each week to play at LPGA International.  I’ve gotten some good rounds in and will play a Sun Coast event starting on Wednesday on the Hills Course.  I also met with a personal trainer from the academy for a fitness assessment last week.  I’m not sure how “fit” he thought I was, but I dominated those push-ups from my knees.  My first actual workout will be tomorrow.  I plan to meet with the trainer twice a week and attend a weekly core-palates class every Wednesday.

Orlando is definitely the right place for me to be in order to give myself the best possible opportunity to play golf for a living. Unlike when I moved to Lubbock, though, I’m completely on my own here.  There are no coaches, teammates, or fellow athletes to help make the transition easier.  Therefore, I am very thankful and happy to have a great friend and roommate here with me to navigate this new city and lifestyle.  I think we are both looking forward to our next six months in Florida!

Exactly two weeks from today I will be heading to Daytona for Stage III of Qualifying School!  I will have a friend here from Portland caddying for me and couldn’t be more excited.  I have been using a green reading method called Aimpoint for the past couple of years and he is the best Aimpoint user I have ever met.  Let’s hope things come together and it will be a Merry Christmas for sure.  





Jones’ AT&T Stadium.  New video board is awesome! 



What a good looking team! 



Kelsy and me at one of our favorite places in Lubbock. Good times! 



Elin, Hannah, and me out to dinner.  Triple J’s is a must if you are ever in Lubbock.



Elin and me at the football game.  Missed this girl very much!  Can’t wait to have her come to Orlando in January! 



Island green on the par 3 12th at Heathrow CC. Beautiful hole.  


2 thoughts on “Sun’s Up, Guns Up!

  1. Hey Kim! Nice blog post. I’m excited for you and the next few weeks. It sounds like you’ve put together a great plan for success. “Failing to plan is like planning to fail” right? I’m excited to hear about your progress and updates along the way. You’re going to dominate this next year. I can feel it! I do have a few questions from this blog post and the last one:

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