Snow Days

It has been three weeks since my last blog and the end of the Symetra Season.  Although this would be deemed the “off season,” I haven’t taken too much time off.  My goal of two weeks without touching a club lasted about 8 days.  Once the President’s Cup was over I had nothing to fill my time with so I headed back to Sioux Falls.  

With the conclusion of the season Todd and I did an evaluation of my game.  I keep very detailed stats which are probably the best way to analyze my strengths and weaknesses.  We made a list of the “good” things, and a list of the areas that “need improvement.”  At the forefront of our plan, we knew we had to take these three weeks in October and rework my swing path before I left for Florida.  It is amazing that after playing golf for almost 17 years there are still days when I feel like I am just beginning.  My lack of patience probably doesn’t help.  After two and a half weeks of spending hours each day on the range, my swing looks and feels ten times better.  The next step is to take it from the range to the course and start scoring again. 

When I woke up to snow covered roofs yesterday I knew it must be time for me to head to Florida!  I leave in less than a week and couldn’t be more excited.  My time in Sioux Falls has been extremely productive, but it is always fun to play and practice at new facilities. It is 5 weeks until Final Stage and I need to practice out of that bermuda!  I am also getting excited for my trip to Lubbock for the last home football game (7-0! Guns Up!).

Happy Halloween!!




One thought on “Snow Days

  1. I am excited for you to get back at it Kim. I have much faith and I know if anyone can do it you can. Sorry I haven’t gotten to see you. I know your days have been full. Have a great practice time in Florida and good luck girl. LPGA here you come!!!!

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