After a marathon 36 holes on Sunday and a sprint down the 17th and 18th holes to beat the dark, my rookie season has come to an end.  Just short of the ultimate goal, it was a tough one to swallow.  Golf is a frustrating sport.  There are times when you are playing so well you feel as if nobody can beat you.  Then there are times like this week, when you feel completely lost.  When getting the ball anywhere on the green is a major victory.  When you’re praying to make solid contact.  I hadn’t felt so lost in a long time.  Although unbelievably disappointing, frustrating, and downright maddening, I can only hope that everything happens for a reason (I passionately hate cliches, but it must be used this time) and when it is my turn to graduate to the LPGA it will happen and I will be ready. For the ten girls that earned their cards, every single one of them deserves to be there and I wish them all the best of luck.  For the rest of us, it isn’t over yet.  Second stage of Qualifying School is next week and Final stage is the first week of December.  Since I finished in the top 20 on the money list, I am exempt to Final Stage. Final stage takes place at LPGA International in Daytona Beach (where I just finished playing) and consists of 5 rounds with a cut after the first 4.  200+ girls will compete for roughly 20 LPGA Tour cards. 


One of the best times this week was the pro am party on Tuesday night.  The party was hosted at the Daytona 500 Club at the Daytona International Speedway.  After spending 30 minutes trying to find where to go, we eventually figured out we actually had to drive down through the tunnel and onto the field (is it called a field? I have no idea).  All I know is that the Lincoln now thinks he is ready for the Daytona 500. As a nice treat for us, anybody at the party could take a “hot lap” around the track.  150 M.P.H. for two laps = intense! The bank on those curves is incredible.  I have never been interested in NASCAR, but being down on pit row and taking a couple laps was pretty awesome.  My college teammate, Hannah, has graciously offered to buy me some jorts (cut-off jean shorts) for Christmas so I can attend the Daytona 500 in style this February.  Thanks Hannah! 😉


I am making the drive home now, and will take a much needed break when I get back.  2 weeks off, no practice.  At the end of October I will move to Florida where I will spend the winter.  I have found a great suburb of Orlando with some great practice facilities and even convinced a fellow tour player to join me.  We are looking forward to starting our new adventure in Florida!


To everyone reading this blog and following me this year, I want to say a big “thank you.”  As hard as it can be to write something down after tough weeks like these, it has been a great thing for me to do and hopefully entertaining for you.  I went to some fantastic places and met some truly wonderful people this summer and I loved being able to share it all with you!  I fully intend to continue writing intermittently during the off-season to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on in Florida. 


Thanks to all,





Pit Row – Daytona International Speedway






Me and Todd



Red Raiders for life!  Guns Up!!! 



Finally, I saw this photo on Twitter this week.  It said “baby elephants throw themselves into mud when they are upset.”  I think I can relate this week 😉  haha! 


5 thoughts on “Daytona

  1. Matt will be so jealous of your NASCAR experience. He stood in line for quite awhile when we were in Daytona only to be told be had to be 16 to ride. He was 15. Enjoyed your blog as usual. Congratulations on the 12th place finish, an accomplishment we are very proud of!! Hope to see you when you are home. Enjoy the time off.

  2. You did great Kim we are very proud of you! If you weren’t so good at golf I would say you should become a writer your blogs were so entertaining! I love the photo of the elephant next time I’m upset think I’ll look for a mud hole! I’m so jealous that you are going to live in Florida for the winter! Have fun on your time off.

  3. great job this year. 12th is nothing to sneeze at as we say. You will carry on until you get to your goal the LPGA. I will never give up on you cause you are bound and determined to get there. Enjoy Florida we are subject to snow this weekend here in SD oh boy I cant wait to shovel. Take care in your travels and good luck in the future. Please keep everybody updated. Thanks.

  4. Hi from poorfarm, We enjoyed reading your blogs and keeping us up to date on all your happenings on the tour and all the things you have done and also the fun things.Coming in 12th is not all that bad. We will be following you on your journey to the LPGA know you can make it.We are pulling for you and wish nothing but good in your future. Good Luck and safe travels. Hulschers

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