On The Line

I dropped my sister off at the Orlando airport at 5:40 am and now find myself sitting at a random Starbucks at 6 am on a Monday morning.  When you live on the road you can often find yourself in some strange places at strange times.  As much as I would like to be fast asleep right now, doing a little writing at Starbucks reminds me of college. 🙂 It is amazing how much work you can get done when pouring sugar and caffeine into your system for hours on end.  


I definitely wish I was writing a blog this week about how great I played and how far I moved up the money list.  Unfortunately, I dropped outside the top ten on the money list for the first time since entering back in June .  It was difficult to swallow at first.  I really felt like I grinded it out on the weekend shooting five under, but my opening round 73 really held me back.  It is difficult to be on the course, feeling like you are playing well, but also feeling as if the field is practically lapping you.  Four under is not a tournament to be disappointed in, it just wasn’t enough this week.  There were a number of girls that needed a good tournament and they stepped up to the plate and delivered.  Now that I am just outside the top ten, I hope it is me that steps up next week when I need it most.  Sometimes when you are in the top ten you play as if to protect, now I will play with nothing to lose.  


My sister came this week and caddied for me and I think she got a good feel of what it is like to play on tour.  A lot of long, hot days, some very early mornings, and too many trips to Moe’s for lunch.  If there is such thing as a “queso coma” I’ve definitely experienced it.  My coach, Todd, is coming in this afternoon and will take the bag for the final week.  My parents will also come in on Wednesday to spectate.


I wish I had more to write about, but the week in Orlando was spent almost completely on the golf course!  After 9 events, it will all come down to this week in Daytona Beach.  I can’t control how other’s play, there is no defense in golf (but if there was I think I would be pretty good at it) so I will try and focus only on myself and making good shots.


The Race is On!





Reunion Resort



Wednesday Pro-Am Champs!!



Pro-am reception.  




6 thoughts on “On The Line

  1. Kim, it is your humility, your grace, your dignity that take what is a game and make it into a metaphor for life challenge. So beautifully written, so incredibly poised. Fight, Kim, fight. Wherever you are in the rankings may matter less than how you rank in learning how best to live your life with such humanity, compassion, and sensitivity. Very proud of you.

  2. praying for a good week as we know you can do. You are giving it a great fight and you have learned and matured so much we can tell. Proud to know you.

  3. Kim I know you will do great this weekend, but no matter how you do we are all very proud of what you’ve accomplished in such a short time! Good Luck!

  4. Hey Kimmy -just wanted to say -I think you have done awesome- I know this last round you are gonna make it- you are way to focus not too. Sometimes I think God trips us up a little to keep us humble – he is gonna make you work just a little harder! So hang in there. I will be thinking of you !!

  5. Kimmy loved your blog…Just hang in there, we are so proud of you no matter where you stand. Life has ups and downs, but I feel that you are on the hill climbing up. Good luck and know we are all behind you…Gayle

  6. Kimmy you can do it. Put your mind to it and keep your head down You have every thing it takes to make the tour so just go and play your game like you know how to do.proud of you and good luck Will keep an eye on you on the tour web. again good luck Dala

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