Fight On

I write this blog from the road this week; somewhere in rural Kentucky in the middle of our 24 hour drive home.  The golf gods must have read my blog last week because this week we were blessed with cool temps and low humidity.  I couldn’t have been more grateful.  After what felt like a rough start on Friday I left after the final round yesterday pretty excited about my game.  We woke up Sunday to a rain drenched course and from the time I started warming up until my last putt, 9 hours later, it never stopped raining.  We were called in after our 11th hole for a couple of hours and when we resumed play there was a groundskeeper stationed on each green that would come in and squeegee the line of your putt.  I don’t mean between each group, but literally before every putt.  If you think your 4.5-hour round at your local club this weekend was bad try 2.5 hours to finish seven holes! However, I do feel the tour did the right thing; nobody wanted to come back and play on Monday.  At the end of the day, we all played the same greens, we all left a putt 5 feet short because of the water (or in my case 15 feet short, talk about laying up on a putt), and we all survived. 


I finished the tournament at 3 under and climbed 18 spots on Sunday.  I feel that I needed this finish now more than ever and have at least put myself in a good spot heading into the final two events.  As good as it felt to leave on Sunday shooting 2 under in those conditions, the beginning of the week was not that fun.  I knew on Friday morning that I was completely burned out.  When you aren’t excited to head to the first tee on Friday morning you know it is time for a break.  I’ve played too many rounds of competition in a row and am looking forward to nothing more than playing some rounds for fun.  Despite the sluggish feeling I had on Friday, I knew I had to fight my way out of it and make something of the weekend.  As I said a few weeks ago, the week off is always much better when you play well.  On a positive note, I definitely learned that 6 weeks on the road at once is too long.  I should have sucked it up and spent the money on a plane ticket to fly home on the week off.  Rookie mistake. 


I have some fun plans for these next couple of weeks including a trip to Sutton Bay and hopefully the Prairie Club in Nebraska.  I will also head to Denver in September for the Colorado Open.  It will be great to play an event where your LPGA card isn’t at stake. 


I know this wasn’t the funniest and most colorful blog, but every week out here isn’t always sunshine and rainbows; sometimes you just have to grind out a good week and keep fighting.  Nobody ever said the road to the LPGA was easy, and if it wasn’t it probably wouldn’t be worth it.  

See you in a couple weeks!


p.s. For those Europeans reading this blog, don’t even think about posting a Solheim comment 😉 






Pro-Am group this week.  Probably the best Pro-Am I have played in this year and it definitely had nothing to do with the Chick-fil-A cookies on the 7th tee.



Symetra Tour had the Solheim spirit this week… there’s always next time. 😦 



7 thoughts on “Fight On

  1. Hey good job. A 3 under- good job on that- but playing in rain – ugh!! Glad you are going to have some time off. Enjoy that & play some golf for fun again!! I know u are gonna finish at the top!! Take care- love ya

  2. Hey Kim, Congrates on placing in your last tournament. You sound a bit worn out and in need of some relaxation well deserved by the way. We know you will come back fighting. Keep up your I can do attitude. The Hulschers

  3. Will be interested on your thoughts of The Prairie Club. I myself love it.. Have a relaxing time and hope to see you in Sioux Falls.

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