Stone Throwers and Dinosaur’s

6 tournaments down, 4 to go and I am still in the mix for an LPGA tour card.  I would say it was a long three week stretch in the northeast this month, but we all grinded it out and I am happy to be heading into my off week still in the top 10 on the money list.  I just finished up in Syracuse yesterday and it was the first time this year where I felt like I was struggling with my game a bit.  After three week of just playing I can start to see a decline in my iron and wedge play.  Playing is always great, but nothing replaces repetitions on the range.  My plan for the off week is to get in some good days of practice and take a break from playing. 


The week will be spent near Orlando and I couldn’t be more excited!  I literally just picked up my mom from the Richmond, VA airport and we are on our way.  I considered taking my mom to Disney World this week, but getting her on any sort of theme park ride would take an act of Mickey Mouse himself. So, instead I decided we would go see a Cirque de Soleil show at Downtown Disney. I’ve been to a couple of shows in Vegas and they are always very entertaining.  We don’t have much else planned, but if my car decides to veer into a shopping mall by accident we may have to check it out.  Window-shopping only, of course.  


We have been planning our week off for a while and because I have been looking forward to it for quite some time I found that at times it was hard to stay “in the present” this past week at the tournament.  No matter what you have planned for the off weeks the tournament before the off week is most important.  I know a lot of players, including myself, were physically, mentally, and even emotionally drained after three weeks in the sun; but I kept reminding myself that time off will be more fun and appreciated if I play well.   I am also starting to discover how hard it is to keep the same level of intensity on the course by the third week.  I understand why many players at the highest level play only two or three weeks and then take a week or two off.  Everyone is different, of course, so I think it is just important out find what works best for you. 


When I wasn’t at the course this week I found out a few cool things about Syracuse.  First, Syracuse is home to the only stop light IN THE WORLD where the green light is on top.  The story goes that back in the day some Italian kids would stand on the corner and throw stones at the red light until they shattered it.  They wanted the light turned upside down, so when the city got tired of replacing the red light they eventually complied.  I kept trying to find out why exactly they wanted it upside down but never uncovered the answer. All I know is that if you are in Syracuse and can locate the part of the city known as Tipperary Hill you will find the only light in the world where the green light is on top. 


Second, I had heard early in the week from some fellow players about a place called Dinosaur’s BBQ.  Sure enough, my host family for the week also raved about the joint and took me there on Friday night.  My hopes were pretty high because according to the New York natives, this BBQ place had practically reinvented the wheel.  We arrived before 5:00 and the place was indeed packed.  The minute I got inside I had to chuckle to myself.  It was as if somebody lifted up a local Texas BBQ restaurant and relocated it to central New York.  It wasn’t so much that it was out of the ordinary BBQ; it was just out of the ordinary because it was in New York.  I much enjoyed my little flashback to Texas and even scored a free T-shirt after my host dad pressured the waitress (Thanks Duke!). 


That’s all I got for this week from Syracuse!  I’m going to enjoy my week off in Florida with some good practice and a little fun! Summer is almost over, so I hope ya’ll have been getting in as many rounds as I have! 😉 See you in a few weeks.










This is where you end up after shooting +2 the first day and are sitting on the cut line.  


4 thoughts on “Stone Throwers and Dinosaur’s

  1. Glad you did we’ll again & you are still in the top 10! Who would guess you would go to New York to eat Texas BBQ! I spent 2 weeks in Orlando – I loved it there! I did go to the Epcot & the International Food & Wine show- if you haven’t been to the Epcot it is so worth going too & make sure you stay for the fireworks at the end. As for rides- can’t blame my sis one little bit- not going on them either! Hope you have a good week there- enjoy your time- once again congrats to you!

  2. Have fun in Florida it’s a great place! Hope you get some relaxation in on your time off, go find a beach or a pool! Congrats on staying in the top ten!

  3. Kim hope you are getting some much deserved rest and having a little time to enjoy your week off and time with your Mom. Congrats on keeping yourself in the top ten on the money list. Keep your I can do attitude and Good Luck in the upcoming tournament. The Hulschers

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