“Live Free or Die”

I continued my tour of state capitals this week in Concord, New Hampshire.  I found Concord to be quite to my liking.  A population of less than 50,000, but it sits one hour from Boston, one hour from the seacoast, and very close to several ski resorts.  It’s like a little hidden gem in New Hampshire.   I posted a picture of the capital building below and learned this week that the city of Concord has a law that no building can be built in the city that is taller than the capital building.  Coming from a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die,” they definitely mean it.  No skyscrapers will be seen in Concord any time soon. 


I stayed with a really great host family this week again and it got me thinking about the whole idea of host families.  Although I am definitely getting more used to it, it is not easy to go and literally knock on a stranger’s door each week and spend the week with them.  I think it is something that is definitely out of our comfort zone as people.  However, I have started to realize that it is actually a very unique opportunity that I have to stay with different families from all over the country and from many walks of life.   So many of them remind me of home in one way or another and they can be such a nice break from the 24/7 “golf life” that we live in. 


As far as the tournament this week, I finished at -5 and in a tie for seventh.  It sounds good, but I was actually in the final group the last day in a tie for second and only one shot off the lead.  This was my first time in the final group on tour and to be blatantly honest, it was pretty nerve racking! I was not playing like myself the first 7 or 8 holes and it definitely showed.  I did get a couple birdies on the back which left me with a positive feeling.  My hope is that I can keep putting myself in that position and each time it will get easier. 


If you haven’t been keeping up, the Volvik Race for the Card is getting tight!  Every week more and more girls put themselves in contention.  As badly as I want to earn my card through the Symetra Tour this year, the philosophy I am trying to adopt is that whatever happens is meant to be.  I can’t think about the race and my position when playing, I can only think about the shot at hand. 


Sorry for the short blog this week, yesterday and today have been pretty busy!  I started bright and early yesterday with a seven-hour drive from Concord to Syracuse. Once I got here I walked the course, met my host family, had dinner, and went to bed! I played a practice round starting at 7 am today and am now trying to catch up on everything else!  I think this will be a great week for me in Syracuse, but I am definitely looking forward to spending my off week with my mom in Florida next week!






My house buddy for the week 🙂




7 thoughts on ““Live Free or Die”

  1. Kimmy Kay, Congratulations on your 7th place finish last weekend. Keep up the good work! Good luck this weekend, I’ll be cheering.

    Uncle Rod

    PS Phil won last weekend, oops corrections Phil won the last 2 weekends :). See you when you get home.

    • Having been your host family for several years when you guys played here at Saddlebrooke, I can truthfully say that the host family is blessed to have you. We will miss you this spring.

  2. you are doing a great job and playing well . all the preasure of being in the final group Im sure is not easy but you can handle it Just keep focused on the next hole and I can do it. Grandma and I checked up on you on the preachers computer on Sunday during coffee hour, now she is interested in keeping track of your accomplishments on the course, a new fan.Keep up the good work and stay focused. also get some rest you need it for the up coming week. sleep tight Dala

  3. Hi Kim,Keep up your I can do it attitude. You have the game. We and a lot of others from Clark are pulling for you. Good Luck in your next tournament. The Hulschers

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