First Impressions

Well, the first one is officially done and in the books.  After hovering over the cut line during rounds one and two I am very pleased with a T-10 finish!  Regardless of the finish, it also felt good to better my score each round.  Being my first event as a professional and on the Symetra Tour there was a lot to learn and take in.  Here are some of the things that stuck out the most to  me over the week.

1. Whether your shirt is covered with sponsor logos or you are fresh out of college, everyone is trying to save as much money as possible.  There was definitely no shame in staying at the Baymont for 70 dollars a night.  A free night stay with friends or even a free meal can easily be the highlight of your day.

2. There are some girls who are sadly delusional and think they are on a ten week road trip vacation.  When you are standing on the range at 7 a.m. actively recruiting girls to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and drink beer with you at night you probably aren’t here for the right reasons.  Furthermore, I know practice rounds are boring and sometimes just downright painful, but the point is to practice.  I played one practice round with two girls who would be on the next tee before I was done chipping.  I guess I missed the “it’s not cool to practice during the practice round” memo.  

3. It’s amazing how I was just playing to make the cut during the second round and after the third round end up T-10.  It’s like I said about the Open qualifier, you never know where you stand and therefore can never give up.  One birdie, or one bogey, can move you up or down 20 places.  Actually, the girl that won, Sue Kim, was tied with me after the second round and shot a final round 63 to win.  You never know what can happen.  

4.  With that being said, I enjoyed my good finish on Sunday night while watching Phil chalk up another painful runner up finish, but now it is time to move on.  When playing week after week I think I will have to get used to quickly forgetting the last tournament in preparation for the next one.  It is always good to reflect and learn from what you did right or wrong, but if you stay stuck on last week’s event, whether good or bad, you may miss out on playing well in the following event.  

I am currently on the road to South Bend, home of the Fighting Irish and the Studebaker National Museum (you know where I’ll be spending my friday night). My dad is driving with me and leaving tomorrow afternoon.  Weather looks great so we are hoping to get in a quick practice round when we get there.  

Thank you for the support last week, I heard from a lot of you! 🙂 




8 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. You are awesome- congrats on your first round – you definitely have your priorities straight & your positive attitude is going to take you to the top!!! You are a winner & I can’t wait to hear how you do this week! Love ya girl- your’e the best!!

  2. Amazing, Kim! Congratulations from Rome! Can’t wait to hear more. Especially love to hear your voice from so many miles away!

  3. Kim, Congratulations! You are an inspiration to anyone working hard to achieve their dream. Thanks for sharing your journey and for being an excellent role model. Connie

  4. Kim–Congrats on your first tourney–a great showing!! It is so fun to watch and follow you as you live your dream!! Enjoy it all–I’ll be cheering from Clark!! Bonnie

  5. Great job this last weekend. Dad said it was really exciting to watch you improve with every round, and of course he followed the rules shut up and keep up. Good luck this weekend and will follow you through it in between the bike rally excitement here in Clark. Dala

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