7 Days and Counting

It’s hard to believe in exactly one week I will be teeing it up for my first event as a professional.  In the past two weeks I have graduated from college, played in the U.S. Women’s Open qualifier, and survived the 15 hour drive from Colorado back to South Dakota.  It was a hectic and fun couple of weeks that ended with me missing a playoff for the Open by one shot.  Although disappointing, I once again learned the valuable lesson that you can never give up no matter how far behind you think you are.  After feeling like I played terrible in the afternoon round, I was sadly surprised to discover I was only one shot out of a qualifying position.  I played the qualifier at the Broadmoor in Colorado and for those that love to play I can tell you it’s a place you need to go! 

Upon returning to South Dakota I spent a couple of days at home in Clark before heading south to Sioux Falls for a good week of practice.  It’s a great feeling to be finished with school and able to focus all my time and energy into my game.  My main goal this week was to regain confidence in my iron play that I didn’t have last week at the Open qualifier.  This is often done not by making a swing change, but simply by spending some time on the range with my coach.  Along with the time on the range and a few rounds throughout the week, I also strived for 2-3 hours of pure short game each day.    

When not on the course I have started to discover how difficult it is to plan a summer tour schedule.  The pure logistics of a ten week road trip is much more overwhelming than I ever anticipated.  At first, I was naive enough to think that I could print off a calendar and pencil in my tournaments and be done.  NOT that simple! After much time spent planning housing, hotels, flights, caddies, drive times, etc. – not to mention convincing my mother that it is O.K. for me to travel by myself – I have a newfound appreciation for travel agents.  While most people think professional golfers are just hanging out at the course all day, in reality we spend part of our day at home deciding whether to splurge and book a less than fantastic hotel, or to keep trying to find a long lost relative that we could possibly house with for the week.  

My dad will be coming with me next week to the first event in Illinois and will also be on my bag. My dad has caddied from time to time, but his main objectives are the same as all caddies: keep up and shut up.  It’s not easy being a caddie.  From there I will head to South Bend, Indiana where a good friend from college has volunteered to caddie.  My final tournament of the midwest leg will be in Harris, Michigan where I will be on my own for the week.  I’m most definitely looking forward to getting off to a good start!  I’ll be posting my thoughts and any good stories I have after each tournament – and if you’re lucky a photo or two. 🙂  The first tournament day will be Friday June 14 and you can follow along by clicking on the “Symetra Tour Website” link on the left hand side of my Home page!  

Send me some positive vibes next week!




5 thoughts on “7 Days and Counting

  1. One stroke! As disappointed as I am for you, I am so proud you are putting all these thoughts, sharing all your insight, laying it all out there for us to follow. Love your voice. Love your determination. And most of all, love that you love the game so much. Drive safely. Travel wisely. Play hard. And remember there are so many of us out here in the ether who support and love you. Luca and I are following you from Milan!

  2. Just remember Kimmie………LOTS of us thinking of you and proud of how well you are doing! Keep up the good work and remember………..Follow your Dreams!!!!!

  3. so great to see you posting this and letting us know how you are doing. I have many relatives in South Bend and would love to be there when you play

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