Hard Times

Hello, everybody. I write this morning from my host family’s home in Prattville, Alabama. I had a long travel day yesterday and unfortunately didn’t get my clubs. Travel days are not the best time, but it is an off day and I try to take advantage of a day away from the course and just relax a bit. My must haves when I travel are my kindle with a good book and a fully charged phone and headphones for music. I recently finished Andre Agassi’s autobiography “Open.” If you have never read it and want an extremely good look inside professional sports I would highly recommend it. It was an outstanding book.

I’ve spent the last two weeks in the Northwest and this area never disappoints. The weather is absolutely perfect, the cities are fun, and the sightseeing is so good. The first week of this stretch was the Portland Classic. I played well at this course last year and came out strong on Thursday and Friday this year. It was a great start, but was followed by a pretty crushing weekend. While starting well is nice, it really doesn’t mean much if you finish poorly and vice versa. I get a ton of messages after each round if I play well, and its great because I can feel all the support, but sometimes I think people forget that round one is just round one. It’s the first quarter. If we start talking about outcome and great finishes before the second quarter has even started I’ll quickly lose sight of what I need to be focusing on in the present. Just think of it this way, you would never run down to the locker room after the first quarter of a basketball game and start congratulating the team thats leading. Why do we seem to do that so much in golf then? In order for me to stay in the present and focused on my ultimate goal (hitting each shot the best that I can) I’m going to take the advice a fellow veteran player and friend gave me and respond to message at the conclusion of the week. So, please, keep sending! Just know that I see them and will get back to you after play has finished. :)

While I was extremely frustrated with how I hit the ball on the weekend in Portland, I did celebrate another birthday on the 16th. The big 2 – 4. Only one more year until the big 2 – 5, and you know what that means. Yep, no more underage rental car prices. Let the countdown begin.

I left Portland for Canada late Sunday night and before I even took off we were having issues. A friend from the tour and I were given a condo that a member from the club wanted to let us use. Great! We were very excited. That is, until my friend got there and the place was a disaster. So I’m still in Portland about to board my flight, she is in Vancouver in a condo she wants to get us out of, and there isn’t a hotel available for the whole week in the entire city. Well, while these sort of travel problems occur all the time amongst tour pros and caddies, it doesn’t make them any less stressful. By the time I landed in Vancouver, we had been taken in by the tournament housing chair and her husband. They were absolute saviors. I mention this not only because these are the things that people never see us deal with, but also to say a big thanks to Brian and Sharon. We so enjoyed staying at your place and THANK YOU for taking us in with no notice whatsoever.

The Canadian Open is definitely the biggest tournament behind our 5 majors. It is always on a great course and in a great city and Golf Canada runs it as their own major. This course, Vancouver Golf Club, was built into a mountain and thus was hilly to walk on the front with some extremely sloped greens. I was feeling a better week than Portland and was at my wits end when I couldn’t stop hitting thin iron after thin iron. To be honest, I have no idea how I squeezed onto the right side of the cut line. I woke up Saturday feeling a bit rejuvenated because I was playing two more days; but much to my disappointment, the ball striking did not improve. I sent my second set of videos from the week to my coach and he knew we had to find out what was going wrong and get back on track. It’s not easy when we aren’t working together in person, but it can almost always be done. Before I went to bed on Saturday he sent back a video explaining why I was hitting so many thin irons and what I needed to do to make it better. I didn’t have much time to practice Sunday before my round, but when I got to the range to warm up I immediately knew that I was going to hit it better. If you are wanting to play this game for a living you better have someone on your team that you can call and they can help fix your problems without guessing. You don’t have time to spend weeks “searching” for the solution. You can’t afford to. You can find yourself off the tour as quickly as you found yourself on it. My score on Sunday wasn’t spectacular, I was finding the rough too often off the tee, but I’m looking forward to Prattville this week and at least hitting some quality golf shots with a much better chance for a solid week.

My mom and sister joined me in Vancouver and it ended up being a great city to have family visit. We did some birthday shopping and even found time to enjoy zip lining on Grouse Mountain. I think if you are ever in British Columbia you HAVE to do something in the mountains, the experience and the views are just second to none.
Prattville will be the final full field LPGA event of the season this week. Any girls outside the top 100 are fighting for their card next year and a trip to France for the Evian in two weeks. After Evian they will make the cutoff for all Asia events. There are five events starting in October and I hope to play them all if I qualify. Like last year, it is somewhere around 60-70 on the money list that will get in to each event.

Here’s to a great week ahead of us all!


Dinner at the Portland City Grill.  A must in Portland!


View from the Portland City Grill – 30 floors up.


Birthday dinner at Salty’s!  Thankful for these people on tour!


Grouse Mountain – Vancouver


Before the final round of the Canadian Open.  Always fun when mom and sis come :)

Toledo to Turnberry

Good morning, everyone.  I write this blog from another windy day in Scotland. Shocker.  It is Saturday morning and while I would rather be playing, I can say that I’m excited about coming home tomorrow.  I have been on the road for 4 weeks with an Open on each end.  While this week wasn’t what I was hoping for, there have definitley been a lot of good things happening lately.

My last blog documented the US Women’s Open and my T35 finish.  I am happy to report that I was able to carry over that momentum to the Marathon Classic in Toledo the following week.  I can tell you that the whole field had a bit of a “US Open hangover” and it took a few days to get back into tournament mode.  In my opinion, the cut was probably a shot higher than if it wasn’t following US Open week; but by the weekend scores were getting lower.  I finished the week with a bogey free -5 on Sunday in what was definitely my best Sunday round this year and another top 20 finish. Feeling good!

Sunday night I left Toledo and drove west to Sturgis, Michigan.  One of my sponsors was hosting a golf outing and I was going to help by playing a few holes with each group.  It was the perfect opportunity not only to fulfill my obligations as a member of the Metalloid team, but to also get to know my sponsors a little better.  We had a great day on the course and I can honestly say that I am an extremely lucky girl to have such wonderful people helping me out.  I am so happy to be part of the Metalloid family. :)

Monday night I continued my drive and arrived in Grand Rapids for the Meijer Classic. This was a tournament that I felt I played well last year but missed the cut by one shot.  I was determined to change that this year.  I opened with rounds of -3 and -4 and felt my game was in a great spot.  Unfortunately, I finished with rounds of even and +2 on the weekend to finish in a tie for 33rd.  I have had this happen a couple of times this year and while I think it is nice to get off to a good start, I also need to learn how to finish those good starts with good weekend play.  This has started to become my focus this year and will probably be one of my main focuses next year. If there is one thing I know about golf and sports in general, there is always something to improve.  You will never leave a game and think “yep, I’ve got it, I have nothing left to get better at.”  If you have, then call me…ASAP.

I raced from Grand Rapids to Chicago Sunday night, and when I say race I mean that pretty literarily. Metalloid Racing would have been proud.  I arrived just in time to check in, get thru security, and walk on the plane. Thanks to my mom and Tami Nelson for their assistance.  Flights went smoothly, all baggage arrived, and I was at Trump Turnberry by late afternoon on Monday.  I had a couple of good practice days and we were fortunate to have a relatively calm and sunny day 1 for the British Open.  I left some shots out there but was pretty happy with an opening round 71.  I had an earlier time on Friday and was thankful because the rain was suppose to come later in the day.  However, when it takes almost 6 hours to play I found myself enjoying the afternoon rains as well.  I shot +8 on Friday, missing the cut by 2 shots, and have had a lot of people asking “what happened?”  Well, I can say that it wasn’t the worst conditions I have ever played (us die hard South Dakotans have played in some brutal conditions), but it was the hardest conditions on the hardest golf course.  That combination made for an extremely difficult day for everyone.  There’s a good stretch of the front nine with the Irish sea on the left, winds blowing 30 left to right, pot bunkers lining the fairways on the right side, and you’re pretty much hitting every shot feeling that you’re one swing away from making a 12.    Welcome to the British Open.

I made a couple of good birdies to keep me in it and some great par saves on the back nine but after a 3 putt 17 to go to +5 for the tournament I knew I would need to par 18 to have a chance.  I pulled my drive left and when we finally found it it was resting comfortably in some high grass on the lip of a bunker.  Awesome.  Needless to say, my heroic efforts to punch it down the fairway didn’t go as planned and I would end the tournament with a double bogey.  I had come here feeling like my game was in shape to play well, and while I am not playing the weekend I can tell you that this year felt a whole lot better than last year.  I think this tournament just takes a little getting used to.

Ok, thats enough blogging for now! Thanks to all who have followed along these last four weeks.

I hope I can give you something good to watch these next three! I have this coming week off and will then play three in a row: Portland, Vancouver, Alabama.

Have a great weekend, everybody!



My hosts from Toledo!! Can’t wait to come see ya’ll next year.. thanks for having me!


Tami Nelson and myself at the Marathon Classic.  Thanks for spending two weeks with me out there! :))


Metalloid golf outing.  The whole group in one photo!


Fred and Tom Edwards of Metalloid.  Thank you guys so much for all you do for me and for coming to watch in Toledo and Grand Rapids!!


My pro am group for the Meijer Classic pro-am.  I had the guys from barstoolsports.com playing with me and it made for an interesting day!!  Check out the video online and barstoolsports.com if you wish! :)


I have the best time at my housing in Grand Rapids every year.  This year I took Mallory Blackwelder and Joanna Klatten with me!  Thanks Holly for being such an awesome host!!


All the girls headed to the One Republic concert thanks to Meijer!! Good times on the road. :)


We had to have one concert selfie.


A little TV time in Michigan.


The 18th at Trump Turnberry.  If you didn’t know you were in Scotland, you should now.


Practice round Wednesday with Angela Stanford (little TCU/TTU rivalry here ;).  The famous Turnberry lighthouse in the background.  Awesome view!


I told you there was a rivalry.  Things are getting heated over here!! GUNS UP!!

US OPEN 2015

Greetings from Amish country. Like some of you, I just finished watching an awesome finish to the Women’s US Open. Like any USGA event, it proved to be a true test of golf for the players and an exciting event for the fans. While its fun to watch it on TV, I can tell you its even better from inside the ropes. :) I’ve recapped all my US Open thoughts from the week right here, I hope you enjoy the insight.

Destination: Lancaster, PA.

Lancaster is situated a little over an hour north from Philadelphia and is at the center of the Amish culture. Fun fact of the day: there are more people in a 250 mile radius of Lancaster than anywhere else in the nation. Yep, that would explain the mass amount of people that came out this week. I didn’t spend much time in Lancaster itself, but instead enjoyed staying in a house I rented for the week with my dad and coach in rural Amish country about 20 minutes from the course. I can’t even tell you how many horse and buggies I have seen go by from my living room window. On Monday my coach and I were fortunate to go visit an Amish farm and have an Amish meal courtesy of Phil Lapp, a local Lancaster business owner and golf fan. I wouldn’t normally schedule much during a major week, but I’m so glad we did this. The idea of living “Amish” is to live simply; and sometimes we could all be reminded that less is more. Not to mention, they REALLY know how to cook. A couple more pieces of home made Amish bread and I would be thinking about how I would look in a bonnet.

Venue: Lancaster Country Club

When I think of the US Open I think of a long course, thick rough, and putting it off the green. Lancaster Country Club hit 2/3. The course played very long and with only 2 par 5’s the birdies had to come the old fashioned way with a good approach and a good putt. The rough was by far the courses biggest defense. If you were lucky you would have a shot to the green and with an extra club you could maybe roll it up, if not, you were forced to chip out to a good number and try and make up and down with wedge. The greens were very soft for a US Open but had an incredible amount of left to right and right to left slope. They definitely could have been faster, but I don’t think the field was complaining.  The more great courses I play the more I realize how well they were built back in the day.  No matter how much money you spend, you can’t buy the tradition and character that comes with the essence of a 100+ year old club.

Game plan: My experience

My game plan going into the week was to stay patient, stick to my strengths, and to just keep grinding it out every hole. I have to say I stuck to my plan and it worked out pretty well. It was vital to keep it in the fairway, so when I felt 3 wood gave me a better chance while not being left too far from the green I didn’t hesitate. I’ve been getting a little anxious to make a cut in a major, and doing it in my first US Open was pretty ideal. I had a rough patch in the middle of my round on Friday, but finished 2 under in the last 6 holes to make the cut on the number. I played some solid and patient golf on the weekend and would move myself up to T35. It’s 34 spots from 1st, but definitely a step in the right direction.

Besides playing solid, the overall experience was one of the best I have had in my career. I have played many USGA events, but never had they given my a Lexus courtesy car nor had 135,000 people come to watch.  Whether you are a golf fan or not there is something about our United States’ Open championships that draws people.  It is fun for the fans, and the fans are fun for the players.

Upcoming weeks:

I will leave Lancaster tomorrow and drive up to Toledo Ohio. My next three weeks will be Toledo, Grand Rapids, and Turnberry for the British Open. This is probably by far the toughest stretch we have this year, but I think I’ve started it off right. I have posted lots of photos from a couple weeks ago in Arkansas and, of course, this week at the US Open.



This whole crew came to Arkansas to watch me play! Thank you all so much!

(Elin Arvidsson, Mother Teresa, Tammie Paulson, Dennis, Diane and Jenna Varilek)


Jenna and I after dinner. :)


Sometimes the volunteers go above and beyond and insure the wildlife doesn’t wander onto the green while we putt on hole 10.


Sandra Gal, Hee Young Park, and I on our Amish field trip.


I even stole a photo with one of the Amish kids.  He was too sweet.


I know South Dakota is full of farmland, but it just isn’t as scenic as Pennsylvania.


The whole Amish field trip crew. (Belen Mozo, Sandra Gal, me, Hee Young Park, Mariajo Uribe)


Best practice round group on the course! B. Lang, Mama Diaz, Lee-Anne Pace and myself.

IMG_0693 IMG_0692

Lots of long practice days Monday – Wednesday with these two paid off.  Todd on the left and Worth on the right.


The Amish are pretty trusting!


Par 3 hole 8.


Great seeing this guy on the road again. Thanks for driving up Will! Friends from Heathrow are friends for life. :)


Lapp Valley Dairy for ice cream! We tried to go back for seconds but it was closed on Saturday. :(


The guy that thinks he is my lucky charm.  Haven’t missed a cut when he has come out yet.  Thanks, Dad. ;)

One Shot

Good morning from Philadelphia, everyone. This isn’t what I thought I was going to be doing on my Saturday morning this week, but it does give me a chance to fill you in on so much that has been going on the past three weeks and, of course, what exactly happened yesterday. :(

I know I’ve said this before but I will say it again, but the course we play for the ShopRite in New Jersey is definitely one of my favorite courses that we play regularly on tour. While the poa greens were a bit bumpy this year, it doesn’t change the old school design of the course that sits right on the bay overlooking the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The wind also decided to blow this year;  and I just feel that wind follows me wherever I go. My apologies to the field.

This year I stayed in a condo right on the range with two of my good friends. My one friend has two small kids and it made me realize something. Playing on the LPGA is an extremely hard job. You don’t know when your next pay check is coming, the stress of always trying to figure out different parts of your game, the anxiety of travel, etc. Now, it’s hard enough for me to do this all by myself at 23, imagine doing it all with two kids in tow . To all those moms who are and who have traveled with kids on tour, I commend you for continuing to follow your dream and just making it work. Imagine taking two small kids to your office every day, would you make it to 10:00? ;)

I can also report from ShopRite that I had my best finish of the year and my first top ten. Woohoo! I feel I have been very patiently waiting for a good finish and it finally came. However, it wasn’t the 66 Sunday round I was hoping for, instead it was the “I missed three putts inside of three feet on the first seven holes and clawed my way back” kind of round. Hey, either way, a top ten is a top ten. I continue to work on my putting and am still seeing a lot of good things happening. It was on to Canada next.

I took a lot of confidence with me across the border to play in the Manulife LPGA Classic for the first time. The event was being held at a new course, so it was new to everyone, thankfully. I started the event playing some seriously solid golf and was sitting T4 at -11 going into the weekend. While I am delighted to receive so many congratulatory messages on Thursday and Friday, the game is only at half time. With two days to go I can’t celebrate two good rounds when I have two more to play. With that being said, my putting went cold on the weekend, I started steering the ball a bit on the course, and I plummeted to a final position of T43. Pretty hard to swallow. It’s like being up 3 touchdowns at half-time and then losing the game. Sometimes it just happens. In golf, one of the hardest things that people don’t really understand is that when you are playing one game over 4 days it is really hard to put 4 solid days together. You can go to bed feeling that your game has never been sharper, and wake up the next day and not hit a fairway. It’s the beauty and frustration that is the game of golf. Nonetheless, I still left Canada with a lot of positives and refocused my energy on our second major of the year, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

I arrived in Westchester, NY, just outside of New York City on Monday morning and went straight to the golf course. I could tell we were on the third week of a three week stretch. My toes and hands were getting calluses and I was starting to think of the things I wanted to do when I got back to South Dakota (mainly all the places I’m going to eat, haha). The PGA of America has partnered with KPMG and the LPGA to form what is now our very own PGA Championship. As players we weren’t really sure how this would change the event for us but once we arrived we quickly saw that this event was going to be like no other. I have to commend the PGA of America for putting on one of the absolute best events I have every played in. From courtesy cars to food on the golf course, they raised the bar for major championships.

I played what I thought was a solid round on Thursday morning and finished at even par. However, scores from the afternoon wave were lower than I thought and I knew I would need to shoot even or one over on Friday to make the cut. I don’t like to dwell on bad rounds and missed cuts, but I also know a lot of people are wondering, “What happened!?” Here’s the story. I fought and fought all day, grinder over every putt, and after FINALLY making a birdie on 15 I had three holes to go and sat at plus one. Safely inside the cut line. Hole 16: long par 5 with a narrow green in which I had yet to hit, even in practice rounds. 5 iron, middle of the green, two putt par. Feeling good, momentum was definitely on my side. Hole 17: I’m sitting middle of the fairway with a pitching wedge left to hit into the middle of the green. I hit it fat and watch it bounce off the front fringe and into one of the deepest bunkers on the course. In absolute disbelief I walk up and assess my next shot. I hit a pretty solid bunker shot but with the height needed to get out there wasn’t much spin on it so I was left with 17 feet behind the hole. After watching putts lip out and slide by all day, I finally drained it. Little fist pump, and on to the par 5 18th. Hole 18: I have exactly 96 yards for my third shot into the pin. Perfect 54 degree wedge, stick it to 7 feet. 7 feet down the hill and I’m thinking about making birdie instead of making the cut. I watch my birdie attempt slide low and just keep rolling and rolling to about 5 feet. What just happened here? What did I do? The thoughts in my head were screaming but I stepped up and hit the best come back put I could just to watch it lip out on the high side. 3 putt from 7 feet. That’s a bogey and a Saturday flight home. Just like that and all the work I had done out there was gone.

Sometimes you can spend all week preparing and practicing. You can fight and grind and wear yourself out after 10 hours of competition on Thursday and Friday and in the end you walk away with nothing. Sports can be entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting, and sometimes they can be downright cruel.

I’m sitting at PHL instead of walking the fairways of Westchester Country Club. The ONLY plus of missing a cut is going home a few days earlier. Time to forget, recharge, and refocus. Arkansas is only 13 days away.



Morgan and Laura – emcee’s for the pro am party.. they killed it.


Little putting practice in Canada.


Niagara Falls.. Canadian side really is a better view.


Westchester Beach Club with Maria Hernandez and Angela Stanford.  Pretty cool place!


And how about this guy! My friend Charlie for the week. :)


Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.  I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend with family and friends.  Surprisingly, I’m actually writing this blog from Clark today. It’s not very often that I spend a holiday at home anymore.  I’ve only played one event since Dallas, but still seem to be going a million different directions at once.

Let’s see, I enjoyed one week at home in Orlando after Dallas with my coach coming in for a couple days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then played in Sandra Gal’s pro am on Saturday.  I then packed everything up and left early Sunday morning and actually drove up to Williamsburg, VA with my roommate.  It’s about an 11 hour drive, but she wanted her car home for the rest of the summer and sometimes its nice to not spend the whole day in airports! We had the Taylor Swift and Eric Church turned up and were there before we knew it. ;)

Kingsmill was in incredible shape as expected, and I felt ready to get back out and compete after a couple days of hard work with my coach.  We tackled the putting once again (I know ya’ll are starting to think I’m a slow learner), and cleaned up the wedges and irons.  I played a relatively solid 4 days of golf and finished T36.  Not my worst golf, but still leaving some shots out there.  We were spoiled with getting another week off right after Kingsmill so I decided it might be time to come back to South Dakota and see my coach again and my family.

I stepped off the plane last Monday night at about 10:00 and realized I was a little too generous in predicting when summer would reach South Dakota.  Dang, that wind chill.  Thankfully, it warmed up by Thursday so we were down to “one layer” days instead of “4 layer days” like on Tuesday.  I then spent a couple of days at the end of the week at Sutton Bay with my coach and his son, and even though Saturday morning was quite cold, it just doesn’t seem to matter when you’re there. This is my second year of privileges at Sutton Bay and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to spend a few days during my off weeks.  I’m getting to know more and more people and the new practice facility is incredible!! There is never enough time to get everything done that I want to.  I am so thankful for how much they have supported me. We went from sun up to sun down on Friday, and after a good morning practice Saturday I came back to Clark. A quick 24 hours here is just enough time to relax and recharge before I hit the road again.

I will leave tomorrow for Atlantic City where we will play the ShopRite classic on perhaps my favorite course on tour – The Stockton Seaview Bay course. It’s an old Donald Ross, before he started making those infamously frustrating greens, that sits right on the bay with tight lies around the greens and plenty of demanding shots.  If you ever have a chance, it’s worth your time. This will be the first in a three week stretch with the Manulife Classic in Canada and the new KPMG in Westchester, NY the following weeks.  The KPMG will be our second major of the year.

Send some good vibes next week!



Group shot from Sandra’s pro am.  Great group of ladies!


A little potato launcher turned golf ball launcher courtesy of some thoughtful US Marines.


My forecaddie, Sydney, for the Kingsmill pro am.  :)


A visit to colonial Williamsburg.. pretty neat place!


Colonial Williamsburg Governor’s mansion.


Coming back to Sioux Falls to play with these two is something I look forward to most! Thanks Danny and Chad for always making time!


Little practice session with Justin… this was before he won 20 bucks off me..


What a view! The lodge at Sutton Bay as I tee off on the 17th.  Todd Kolb may have a future in photography.

Dallas 2.0

Hello everyone.  I know it has been a few weeks since my last post but we finally have an off week here so I have a little time to catch you all up on whats been going on.  After leaving the Masters I headed to Hawaii and once again wondered why people vacation there. Honestly, can somebody tell me how they enjoy playing golf in 40 mph wind every day? I felt like I was going into battle. We might as well have the Lotte Championship in Lubbock. I mean, it even has a nice ring to it.  Ok, I won’t keep complaining, I know there are probably 85,000 worse places in the world I could go for work. I did play well on Thursday and Friday, but once again struggled on the weekend.  I feel this has been a bit of a trend for me so my focus after Hawaii was for stronger finishes once I made the cut.

I took the red eye Saturday night from Honolulu to San Francisco via L.A. After spending my two hour layover in L.A. sleeping on my purse on the floor of LAX I made a promise to myself I would never do that short of a red eye again.  Apparently my tolerance for red eyes stops at age 22.  Fortunately, I did get to San Fran at a decent time on Sunday so I met up with my friend, Marissa Steen, and we did a little sightseeing.  We visited Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, and OF COURSE went and creeped outside of the “Full House” house.  Highlight of our week for sure.

We played Lake Merced in 55-60 degree weather all week and it felt like heaven! The course was tough with tight lines off the tee and some difficult greens.  I unfortnately felt pretty ill all week but managed to play a solid day one and two. Although my Sunday plus 2 wasn’t fantastic, I felt my weekend play was moving in the right direction.  It was one of my top three finishes this year.  Both of my parents came out to watch but felt they probably should have stayed home where it was warmer.  They didn’t enjoy the weather as much as me. :)

Our final event in this last stretch was in Dallas, and I know everyone knows that Dallas is where it all started last year and will probably always be a special event for me. This is also the point in the year where I will now have played every event/course on the schedule (excluding majors and any venues that have changed).  Dallas had received an uncommon amount of rain the week prior and therefore the course played completely different.  I struck the ball well but my putting really let me down.  After putting really well in San Francisco it was a bit frustrating to see it regress.  I mentioned a couple blogs ago that I did a complete putting overhaul after the ANA, and while I am working hard to groove in everything, sometimes when you take two steps forward you take one step back.  While I missed the cut it was still an awesome week because I had so many great people come to Dallas to see me.  I was so thankful to have good friends Dave and Marlys Moritz drive all the way from Clark to watch me. The legendary Marsha Sharp (coach of the 1991 National Champion Lady Raiders Basketball team, GUNS UP!!), along with one of my college professors Diane Nichols and a couple of their friends. One of my college classmates and friends who is making it a tradition to come watch every year. :)   Finally, one of my very best friends, Kelsy Hope, along with her husband and his whole family.  Not only did I love coming back to a place where I played so well, but I absolutely love seeing all these people.  I truly met some of the best people in my life at Texas Tech. Thank you to everyone who came out to see me!

I left Dallas Sunday afternoon with a group of about 15 girls to head to Memphis, TN for a charity event called the Pink Ribbon Open.  Fedex graciously flew us on one of their planes and we arrived just in time for the dinner and live auction.  We played 18 this morning with a group of amateurs at TPC in Memphis and had a great time raising money for breast cancer awareness.  This is part of my job that I think I am really going to love.

I am also going to love sleeping in my own bed tonight. I will get in late, wait for my coach to arrive and we will head to Lake Mary for a couple days of good work.  We will attack the putting again this week and tune up anything else that needs it.  Our next event will be next week in Kingsmill.

May the 4th be with you,



Wild sea turtles in Hawaii.  Pretty cool!


Ok, this was a pretty great spot that we did yoga from, even if the wind did blow our mats around…


Cable car on the 18th tee in San Fran (with Marissa Steen and Laura Diaz)


Swinging Skirts in San Fransisco wins for best tee sign art.  Fun stuff everywhere!


Happy Birthday to Laura Diaz! And a big thanks to her friends who had us out for the most food I have every consumed in a night.


Dave and Marlys Moritz and I at the North Texas Shootout in Dallas. :)


Kelsy Hope and I at dinner in Dallas.. one of the best people in my life. :))


The whole Hope clan!  Thanks to all for coming out and for taking me to dinner!


This is why I love Texas.  BBQ done right! If ever in town, check out Hard Eight. You won’t be disappointed.


Lady Antebellum concert Saturday night in Dallas.  You can still have some fun when you miss the cut ;)


If only FedEx wanted to fly us everywhere….


Had to post this cutie.  British Lap Puppy they auctioned off for 3500 dollars last night.  That’s only about 3400 over my budget I would say..

Masters Inspiration

Happy Masters week everyone!  While I am on my way to my own LPGA event in Hawaii, I’m still spending most of my day updating the Masters leaderboard.  I took my first trip to Augusta National this year for Wednesday’s practice round and par 3 contest, and Thursday’s opening rounds.  I’m not going to spend all day telling you how amazing it was, but I will say that I think it will be my new tradition.

Besides spending a few days at the Masters, I have also played events in Carlsbad, CA and Palm Springs, CA since my last blog.  Carlsbad wasn’t as great as my week in Phoenix, but after a Friday 69 to make the cut on the number, I was more pumped than when I was leading the Founder’s Cup.  Funny how golf can be that way.  I left Carlsbad frustrated after a slow weekend and headed to Mission Hills for the first major of the year.  Formerly the Kraft Nabisco and now the ANA Inspiration, this would be my first time playing the LPGA’s first major.

I don’t like dwelling on negative weeks, so I’ll just say that I learned you can’t spend your day playing out of the rough and missing three footers at a major.  You aren’t going to score very well.  End story.  Thankfully, my coach was present in Palm Springs and we spent the weekend fine tuning a few swing flaws and working on some major putting changes.  I’ve continued to put in a lot of reps on the practice green and am hoping I feel confident with the changes by the time the first round comes in Hawaii this week.

After three weeks on the road, I was more than ready to come home for a few days.  I took the red eye out of L.A. on Sunday night and was home by 6 am Monday morning.  Tuesday was spent in Georgia practicing with my former assistant coach at Texas Tech, Emily Kuhfeld, and then two days at Augusta.  I put in a good days work at the course on Friday and am now on my way to Hawaii this morning.  An off week has never gone faster.

If you recall from last year, the Lotte Championship in Hawaii was my first event, so I’m excited to go back to a familiar place and a course I know.  I was so excited to be there last year and everything felt like it was on such a big scale compared to the Symetra tour.  I know it will all fee a lot more comfortable this year, but will also bring back some great memories from where it all started.  I’m looking forward to a great three week stretch!

Here’s to safe travels for me today and an exciting Masters finish on Sunday!



Third hole at Aviara in Carlsbad, CA.


Great view of Palm Springs from our Pro Am Party.


My uncle Duane made the whole three week stretch with me.  He’s in the lead for fan of the year :)


Can’t believe this guy is almost taller than me.  So glad the whole Kolb family was out for the week in Palm Springs. (with Justin Kolb)


Having some fun with Symetra tour friend Wei Ling Hsu.