Dallas 2.0

Hello everyone.  I know it has been a few weeks since my last post but we finally have an off week here so I have a little time to catch you all up on whats been going on.  After leaving the Masters I headed to Hawaii and once again wondered why people vacation there. Honestly, can somebody tell me how they enjoy playing golf in 40 mph wind every day? I felt like I was going into battle. We might as well have the Lotte Championship in Lubbock. I mean, it even has a nice ring to it.  Ok, I won’t keep complaining, I know there are probably 85,000 worse places in the world I could go for work. I did play well on Thursday and Friday, but once again struggled on the weekend.  I feel this has been a bit of a trend for me so my focus after Hawaii was for stronger finishes once I made the cut.

I took the red eye Saturday night from Honolulu to San Francisco via L.A. After spending my two hour layover in L.A. sleeping on my purse on the floor of LAX I made a promise to myself I would never do that short of a red eye again.  Apparently my tolerance for red eyes stops at age 22.  Fortunately, I did get to San Fran at a decent time on Sunday so I met up with my friend, Marissa Steen, and we did a little sightseeing.  We visited Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, and OF COURSE went and creeped outside of the “Full House” house.  Highlight of our week for sure.

We played Lake Merced in 55-60 degree weather all week and it felt like heaven! The course was tough with tight lines off the tee and some difficult greens.  I unfortnately felt pretty ill all week but managed to play a solid day one and two. Although my Sunday plus 2 wasn’t fantastic, I felt my weekend play was moving in the right direction.  It was one of my top three finishes this year.  Both of my parents came out to watch but felt they probably should have stayed home where it was warmer.  They didn’t enjoy the weather as much as me. :)

Our final event in this last stretch was in Dallas, and I know everyone knows that Dallas is where it all started last year and will probably always be a special event for me. This is also the point in the year where I will now have played every event/course on the schedule (excluding majors and any venues that have changed).  Dallas had received an uncommon amount of rain the week prior and therefore the course played completely different.  I struck the ball well but my putting really let me down.  After putting really well in San Francisco it was a bit frustrating to see it regress.  I mentioned a couple blogs ago that I did a complete putting overhaul after the ANA, and while I am working hard to groove in everything, sometimes when you take two steps forward you take one step back.  While I missed the cut it was still an awesome week because I had so many great people come to Dallas to see me.  I was so thankful to have good friends Dave and Marlys Moritz drive all the way from Clark to watch me. The legendary Marsha Sharp (coach of the 1991 National Champion Lady Raiders Basketball team, GUNS UP!!), along with one of my college professors Diane Nichols and a couple of their friends. One of my college classmates and friends who is making it a tradition to come watch every year. :)   Finally, one of my very best friends, Kelsy Hope, along with her husband and his whole family.  Not only did I love coming back to a place where I played so well, but I absolutely love seeing all these people.  I truly met some of the best people in my life at Texas Tech. Thank you to everyone who came out to see me!

I left Dallas Sunday afternoon with a group of about 15 girls to head to Memphis, TN for a charity event called the Pink Ribbon Open.  Fedex graciously flew us on one of their planes and we arrived just in time for the dinner and live auction.  We played 18 this morning with a group of amateurs at TPC in Memphis and had a great time raising money for breast cancer awareness.  This is part of my job that I think I am really going to love.

I am also going to love sleeping in my own bed tonight. I will get in late, wait for my coach to arrive and we will head to Lake Mary for a couple days of good work.  We will attack the putting again this week and tune up anything else that needs it.  Our next event will be next week in Kingsmill.

May the 4th be with you,



Wild sea turtles in Hawaii.  Pretty cool!


Ok, this was a pretty great spot that we did yoga from, even if the wind did blow our mats around…


Cable car on the 18th tee in San Fran (with Marissa Steen and Laura Diaz)


Swinging Skirts in San Fransisco wins for best tee sign art.  Fun stuff everywhere!


Happy Birthday to Laura Diaz! And a big thanks to her friends who had us out for the most food I have every consumed in a night.


Dave and Marlys Moritz and I at the North Texas Shootout in Dallas. :)


Kelsy Hope and I at dinner in Dallas.. one of the best people in my life. :))


The whole Hope clan!  Thanks to all for coming out and for taking me to dinner!


This is why I love Texas.  BBQ done right! If ever in town, check out Hard Eight. You won’t be disappointed.


Lady Antebellum concert Saturday night in Dallas.  You can still have some fun when you miss the cut ;)


If only FedEx wanted to fly us everywhere….


Had to post this cutie.  British Lap Puppy they auctioned off for 3500 dollars last night.  That’s only about 3400 over my budget I would say..

Masters Inspiration

Happy Masters week everyone!  While I am on my way to my own LPGA event in Hawaii, I’m still spending most of my day updating the Masters leaderboard.  I took my first trip to Augusta National this year for Wednesday’s practice round and par 3 contest, and Thursday’s opening rounds.  I’m not going to spend all day telling you how amazing it was, but I will say that I think it will be my new tradition.

Besides spending a few days at the Masters, I have also played events in Carlsbad, CA and Palm Springs, CA since my last blog.  Carlsbad wasn’t as great as my week in Phoenix, but after a Friday 69 to make the cut on the number, I was more pumped than when I was leading the Founder’s Cup.  Funny how golf can be that way.  I left Carlsbad frustrated after a slow weekend and headed to Mission Hills for the first major of the year.  Formerly the Kraft Nabisco and now the ANA Inspiration, this would be my first time playing the LPGA’s first major.

I don’t like dwelling on negative weeks, so I’ll just say that I learned you can’t spend your day playing out of the rough and missing three footers at a major.  You aren’t going to score very well.  End story.  Thankfully, my coach was present in Palm Springs and we spent the weekend fine tuning a few swing flaws and working on some major putting changes.  I’ve continued to put in a lot of reps on the practice green and am hoping I feel confident with the changes by the time the first round comes in Hawaii this week.

After three weeks on the road, I was more than ready to come home for a few days.  I took the red eye out of L.A. on Sunday night and was home by 6 am Monday morning.  Tuesday was spent in Georgia practicing with my former assistant coach at Texas Tech, Emily Kuhfeld, and then two days at Augusta.  I put in a good days work at the course on Friday and am now on my way to Hawaii this morning.  An off week has never gone faster.

If you recall from last year, the Lotte Championship in Hawaii was my first event, so I’m excited to go back to a familiar place and a course I know.  I was so excited to be there last year and everything felt like it was on such a big scale compared to the Symetra tour.  I know it will all fee a lot more comfortable this year, but will also bring back some great memories from where it all started.  I’m looking forward to a great three week stretch!

Here’s to safe travels for me today and an exciting Masters finish on Sunday!



Third hole at Aviara in Carlsbad, CA.


Great view of Palm Springs from our Pro Am Party.


My uncle Duane made the whole three week stretch with me.  He’s in the lead for fan of the year :)


Can’t believe this guy is almost taller than me.  So glad the whole Kolb family was out for the week in Palm Springs. (with Justin Kolb)


Having some fun with Symetra tour friend Wei Ling Hsu.

New Territory

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is something to learn every single week out here.  That statement couldn’t be more true this past week in Phoenix.  I know that most of you already know it was a big week for me because I heard from so many of you throughout the week.  However, before I tell you my thoughts on the week, I just have to say “thank you” to everyone who came out to watch, and who I know was watching on T.V. at home. The amount of support I had in Phoenix was incredible! I felt like I was playing as the home town girl. Thank you to everyone!

Lets see, where do I start?  I’m going to start by saying this: the last time I held a lead in an LPGA event was in Korea.  It was really early in the second round and I looked up at a leaderboard and saw that I was T1.  I proceeded to make several bogeys and quickly tumble out of the lead.  Flash forward 5 months to Phoenix this week and I find myself leading after round 2, and T3 after round 3. Those are signs of great progress to me.  I don’t have to tell you that my Sunday wasn’t what I hoped for, but overall the week was super positive. Next time, I will be better equipped to finish out stronger on day 4.  Nonetheless, a T13 this past week is nothing to complain about.  I have two more weeks in California now and am looking to build off what I did in Phoenix.

So what exactly am I taking away from this week? I’ll give you my top three things.

1. It is grueling to stay at the top of a leaderboard for 4 days.  I know that there are sports that can go for hours on end, but having to play the same game for 4 days and think about it for 4 nights is exhausting.  Hats off to those that lead after round 1 and are still leading after round 4.  It is much harder than you think.

2. I can’t play to “protect” on the weekend.  I played such carefree and offensive golf on Thursday and Friday and it was nearly flawless.  I was committed and I wasn’t afraid of anything; it was easy.  Saturday was a decent day, but by Sunday I could feel myself playing to “protect” instead of just going out for more birdies.  It’s tough to explain, but its the difference in mindset between getting to a hole and thinking “I’m going to birdie this,” and “I hope I don’t bogey this.”  I’m not sure when, but sometime during my two weekend rounds my mindset shifted to the latter and the results will never be good.  However, the more I do that, and the more it realize that it doesn’t work, the sooner my mind will learn to stay in the present and in the “attack” mode instead of “protect” mode.

3. Finishing -13 is better than finishing -12.  As poorly as I felt I was playing on Sunday and as easily as I could have just let +2 go to +3, or +4, staying in the game and finishing with a couple birdies to get back to even will always be more satisfying than throwing away a round in an “I don’t care” attitude because it didn’t go as planned.  At the end of the year, all those top 20’s or top 15’s add up.  I can tell you that although I would have liked to be writing about my first LPGA win, I’m much happier with my T13 check than I would have been with my T25 check.  This is probably the biggest obstacle junior golfers need to overcome.  It doesn’t matter how bad a round is going, 79 is better than 80, 74 is better than 75.  Every shot counts. Period.

I have two more weeks in California for this stretch.  I will play the Kia Classic this week in Carlsbad and then our first major of the year is next week in Palm Springs.  It is what used to be called the Kraft, but is now the ANA Inspiration.  I hope you all can follow along again this week, and I’ll do my best to get some TV time again! :)

Thanks for all the well wishes!


Had my coach in town this week.  The guy that deserves all the credit for my game!

Had my coach in town this week. The guy that deserves all the credit for my game!

Some little fans that followed me for two full days! Thanks Taylor and Gracie! :)

Some little fans that followed me for two full days! Thanks Taylor and Gracie! :)

Had some fun times at the Phoenix Suns game with the Texas Tech golf team.  Me and Elin pictured here. :)

Had some fun times at the Phoenix Suns game with the Texas Tech golf team. Me and Elin pictured here. :)

My mom also was with me in Phoenix.  We celebrated her birthday on Saturday night! Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom also was with me in Phoenix. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday night! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Action shot from pro-am day..

Action shot from pro-am day..


Hey everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog and in that time I’ve played two events in two different countries.  I was in Melbourne, Australia last week and am writing this blog from my hotel in Pattaya, Thailand.  The two weeks couldn’t have been more opposite but I am very happy with what I am learning about my game and where it is headed.

The Australian Open was held at Royal Melbourne Golf Club and it will officially rank as one of the very best courses I have ever played.  I see why it is consistently ranked as a top ten course in the world.  It was golf in its purest form and I know that I could play that course every day for a year and never get bored; the true test of a world class course.  Unfortunately my putting let me down and I missed the cut by several shots.  I had been struggling with my putting since the season started, so I knew I needed to get it figured out. I couldn’t waste any more weeks.  One of the things I would say I am very good at is being aware of what is going on in my game and not being afraid to admit when something is needing change.  After a little analysis I decided to change how I was practicing.  I felt that I needed to put more pressure on myself during my putting practice to mimic tournament golf.  I don’t think a change in my practice has every paid off as much as this one.  My putting in Thailand couldn’t have been better.

Despite the poor play, Melbourne was an awesome city to spend a week in.  We stayed in a hotel across the street from the beach, and down the street from some insanely good restaurants.  Melbourne is very cultural and thus plays host to restaurants and foods from all over the world.  Most of the restaurants are like gastro pubs where it would be hard to find a bad meal.  They also had an incredible amount of ice cream shops.  The Melbourne-famous 7 Apples was right down the street from our hotel and it definitely deserves the local credit. I would know, I had it six out of seven nights.

While in Melbourne I was fortunate to have some friends of a friend take me out to dinner a couple of times.  While I have great friends on tour, it is sometimes nice to get away and do something different.  Ray and Helen showed me downtown and took me to some great spots.  It never ceases to amaze me that even when I am on the other side of the world I am making dinner plans with friends.  It’s a small world.

Now is the fun part where I get to share with everyone that I had a really solid tournament this week in Thailand.  Yes, finally.  As I said earlier, my putting was rock solid and that couldn’t have made me happier.  The game is a lot easier when you can make a putt or two.  While I finished at -7 for the week, I shot -2 the last day and actually lost 8 spots.  It just goes to show how strong the LPGA is right now.  Regardless, I left the course today feeling really positive about what I need to keep improving on during my off weeks and looking forward to Phoenix already. I did not get into Singapore (it goes off of last year’s money list) so I will have two weeks off before Phoenix.

I’ve enjoyed Thailand but am ready to get on this flight and head back to Florida. I’ve especially enjoyed walking across the street and getting a one hour foot massage for 7 dollars.  Yep, going to miss that.

Enjoy all the photos!



Me and the rookie (a.k.a Marissa)  having dinner in Melbourne!


Mallory, Marissa, and I before our Monday practice round.


Finishing hole at Royal Melbourne


Downtown Melbourne


“Love Locks” on the river in Melbourne.



Our group that went and checked out “White Night” in Melbourne… with 750,000 other people!


White Night Festival, Melbourne.


Great view from the hotel in Pattaya, Thailand


A little elephant art on the course :)


Pattaya, Thailand.  A little different scene than Australia.


A little post round smoothie with the caddie.  So good!!


So happy to have Kristin come out and watch.. an ISU Cyclone friend from my college days! :)



When it Rains….

Happy Monday everyone!  I write today from the Miami airport on my way back to Orlando. I’ll have three short days at home and then off to Australia on Friday so I thought I would get you all caught up on the start of the season thus far.  That’s the problem with our off weeks, the week is only three days sometimes.

If you’ve been following I don’t have to tell you that my start has been less than fantastic.  However, what you don’t probably know is that I feel I’ve been dealing with one problem after another.  I would say that I am probably the least likely to ever make an excuse, but I know that I have got to have some good karma coming my way soon. Let me explain.

Let’s start in Ocala with the positives.  1.) It was close to home in Orlando, so I had a short drive.  Always a plus.  2.) I had an awesome host family in Steve and Phyllis Grey. I’ve never had so much good cake in my life!  3.) I had a ton of family and friends come to watch. Thank you to everyone who came out for my first event.

So when did the week start heading south? Well, after only playing 12 holes on our second day I needed to play my remaining six holes to make the cut Friday morning, plus another 18 if I did.  Unfortunately, I became very sick Thursday night and would struggle with this virus or flu or whatever I had for the next 4 days.  I felt pretty decent once I got out on the course, which is why I was torn between being upset with my results and just being happy that I was able to still make the cut and finish the event.  After the event finished my main focus was to get home and have a day of rest before leaving for the Bahamas.  However, as I’m getting ready to leave Ocala, I find out that someone went on a shopping spree with my credit card in Orlando.  Awesome.  I hope you bought some great things.

I left for the Bahamas on Monday and my sickness went from chills and body aches to back pain and a headache that reminded me of a tooth ache; if that makes any sense at all.  I visited the LPGA physical therapists on Tuesday and they actually found that my back pain was coming from a rotation in my pelvis and was an easy fix. Finally, Kim -1, back pain – 0.  My headaches continued for a few days but I believe they were a result of sinus pressure and they subsided before Thursdays round.

OK! Healthy and ready to go! I get out there Thursday and am playing pretty well.  Not making a ton of putts, but was -1 thru 12 holes when a typhoon hits the golf course.  We brace ourselves under an umbrella which wasn’t really helpful at all and the storm is so loud we couldn’t even hear that the horn had been blown.  Brutal weather.  They would eventually call it for the day and once again we would come back the next day and have a 24 hole day for the second week in a row.

I come back on Friday and while the rain had passed and the sun would eventually come out, the island winds decided to make themselves known.  I know I grew up in South Dakota and then played four years in west Texas, but in neither of those places does your ball get caught in the wind and end up in the ocean.  What I’m trying to say is that the course played hard.  Really hard.

After my first six holes (the finish of my first round from the previous day) I started my second 18 in the wind.  I walked off the third green and my caddie told me he really wasn’t feeling right.  He had been dizzy and wasn’t breathing quite right and after trying to walk it off the previous couple of holes he knew he had to tell me.  I immediatlely asked our scorer to call for the EMT.  The whole group obviously waited while the medic came and a rules official.  While Worth was being checked our group couldn’t just stand and wait.  So, a local caddie was brought to me and we were told to continue on.  Now, I have played golf for almost 20 years now and obviously have abundant knowledge of the game and my game in particular, but I don’t carry a yardage book on tour anymore.  So when Worth hands me his yardage book I felt like I was going to take a test I hadn’t studied for – cue the panic attack.

Lucky for me, my caddie has pretty much his entire family out on tour in one way or another.  His daughter is a rookie this year and her husband, Julien, who caddies for Graham DeLaet on the PGA tour, happened to be in the Bahamas this week.  I spent two holes with a local caddie (super nice guy, just not a professional caddie) before Julien found me on the sixth green.  Life saver!! I handed over the book and the third time was a charm, we battled the wind the rest of the day and finished at +2.  It felt like a super solid round in the wind and I was sure I would be playing the weekend.  Meanwhile, Worth was checked out and I am relieved to report that they concluded that it wasn’t much more than dehydration and a lack of potassium.  We were all very thankful for that.  Sometimes situations like that put into perspective that we are only playing a game; there are things in life that are so much more important.  Worth and I will be ready to go in Australia next week. :)

After all was said and done, the second half of the field finished their second rounds on Saturday morning in some much better conditions (its the luck of the draw!)  and the cut moved the other direction.  I was pretty stunned to come back from the gym thinking I needed to get ready to head to the course and play and instead find I was T73.  It was a tough break playing so much of my first two rounds in the wind, but it always evens out throughout the year.  As I said in the beginning, I know some good luck is coming my way!

Of all places to miss a cut, the Bahamas definitely isn’t the worst. ;)  I was staying with friends Laura Diaz and Danah Bordner, and Laura was able to set up a little swim with the dolphins on Sunday afternoon.  After that we finished the day with an incredible meal at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  It was an incredible day with some great friends.  Even though we all would have preferred to play, we made sure we didn’t let the weekend go to waste.

I’ve got three days to work on a few areas that I think need some improvement before leaving Orlando again. I’ll hit the gym with my trainer, get in some yoga practice, and spend some long days at the course.  I will go back to back in Australia and then Thailand.  I know I’m close to playing some great golf!

Have a great week everyone!




Great friends from New Smyrna Beach that came to watch in Ocala.  Thanks Austen and Andrea!!


First host family of the year, and they set the bar pretty high!  Thank you Steve and Phyllis.  Hope to see you in Naples!


Ocala Welcome Gala hosted by John Travolta and Kelly Preston.


A little practice round selfie :)


New pet dolphin?


Look at those scuba diving outfits.  Wowzer…



These outfits are a little better.

Me, Laura, Danah, and Steve.  Thanks for an awesome week guys!


Two Thousand and Fifteen!

It’s been awhile since my last post, but it feels like just yesterday.  Welcome to 2015! It’s been exactly 2 months since my last competitive round and I can say that it is definitly time to get the season started again.

Even though I had no tournaments in over 8 weeks, I still found myself spending plenty of time in the air.  I was lucky to spend a week in Austin, TX in early December to see one of my best college friends get married (Congrats Ros and C!).  I always love going back to Texas and as much as I hate to admit it, Austin is truly the coolest city.  After Austin I headed up north and spent three weeks between Sioux Falls and Clark catching up with friends and family and enjoying some down time.  While I love being home, needless to say after 3 weeks of family bonding every day I was ready to get back to Florida where I had more to look forward to than what book I was going to finish each day and who was on Ellen.

Since I have been back home in Florida I have been putting in full days of practice.  I’ve been making a few swing changes and working on sharpening up my short game.  It’s amazing how rusty you can get after just three weeks off.  Frustrating for a professional golfer to say the least!

I have also been doing a lot of yoga here in Florida.  When I was in Austin I was forced into going to a hot yoga class (whatever the bride wants ;), but I actually ended up absolutely loving it!  I was so excited to come back to Florida and find a studio to practice in.  I’ve been going at least three time a week to various classes at Guruv Yoga and am planning to find studios on the road where I can go to keep practicing.  While it is a great exercise for golf, I am definitely not looking at it from a golf perspective, but rather an outlet to get away from golf.  All athletes talk about the importance of having a balance in life between their sport and the rest of their life; I think yoga will be that hobby that keeps my life balanced.  That is, if it doesn’t kill me first.  1 hour and 40 minutes of yoga in a 98 degree room last night nearly did me in.

I am probably most excited to announce that I will be adding some new sponsors this year.  Like last year, I will partner with Callaway, Titleist, Footjoy, and Sutton Bay. However, I will be adding a new clothing sponsor in Animo. Animo is notorious as a riding company out of Italy, and is just starting in the golf market.  I will also be partnering with a company out of Michigan called Metalloid.  My partnership with Metalloid came out of a conversation I had on a plane with one of the owners who just happened to be seated next to me.  It’s a crazy life; and one of the things I like most about this life is all the people you cross paths with and all the connections you make.  I’m very excited to welcome both Metalloid and Animo to my team. :)

I know there are a lot of people out there patiently waiting the start of the season in Ocala next week so they have some live scoring to watch when it’s a slow day at the office.  If you’re one of those people, you’ll be happy to know that I will play 4 out of the next 5 weeks.  Ocala is this coming week, followed by the Bahamas, a week off, Australia, and then Thailand.  I will NOT play in Singapore the week after Thailand.  That is a limited field event (just like the Asia events in the fall) and I missed entry by 6 spots.  I also still get a lot of questions regarding my caddie, so I can happily report that I will still have Worth on the bag.  Same as last year, I’m not much for change.

Finally, as I did last year, I always like to post my season goals.  I know a lot of people are very private about their goals, but I have three thoughts regarding goals. 1) Keep them simple and to the point.  2) Sharing my goals is truly the best way for ya’ll to see inside my head; to know what I’m thinking and how big I’m thinking.  3) If I share my goals with the world, I think I’m much more likely to achieve them (I think it’s actually a proven fact).   It’s like you all are holding me accountable.  So here it goes:

Performance goals:

1.) Top 40 on the LPGA money list

2.) Cuts made at %75 or higher

3.) Solheim Cup team member

Statistical goals:

1.) Strokes Gained Putting in the positives overall

2.) Up and Down percentage – 70% or higher

3.) Top ten in GIR at the end of the year.

That’s all I got for now.  It’s time to get this season started!  I’m finally not a rookie and I get the entire year to try and make some noise out there.  If any of you get a chance to come out and watch this year, please let me know! I’d love to see you all!

Happy New Year!



Thanksgiving with some great friends in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  Thanks to the Truslows for having us all over!


December wedding in Austin.  Rosayln in the middle surround by her girls. :)


Marissa Steen and I got to play Mountain Lake with our host family from Lake Wales last week.  Such an awesome experience.  Thank you David, Mieke, Kyle, and Gabby!


Beach weekend in New Smyrna before the season started.  This is how I know I could live in Florida forever.

Symetra to CME

Offseason is finally here, and I can finally say that I am no longer an LPGA Rookie.  It was an incredible 8 months and I can’t believe some of the places I went and things I achieved.  While I had been patiently anticipating a little time off for a few weeks now, I wanted nothing more than to finish off my rookie year with a strong finish at our final event.

The CME Championship in Naples, Florida is the LPGA’s version of the FedEx Cup.  It’s a first class event that caps of the season and is a great opportunity for everyone’s family and friend’s to come down and watch.  I was lucky enough to have my parents, my coach, and one of my best friends there supporting me.  I also stayed with family friends, Lee and Jan Jacobson, from South Dakota.  We had some very strange Florida weather which made the course play tough in very windy and cool conditions.  I worked on a few things with my coach during the week and saw some big improvements even in the span of just a few days.  I definitely had some rough patches during my rounds, but was committed to having a positive attitude this week and was pleased with how I was able to bounce back each time.  In the end,  T20 finish felt like a pretty solid way to end the year.  It can always be better, but it felt as if it could have also been a lot worse this week. I’m happy with the way I fought and will carry that attitude into next season.

Before every season I write down just a few basic goals.  Nothing extravagant, but a few things I hope to achieve both statistically and performance based.  My stats for the year won’t be finalized until I get home, but I looked back at my performance goals for the year to see how I faired. My goals were as follows:

1. Win multiple times on Symetra Tour

2. 10 top 10’s

3. LPGA Tour card for 2015

Well, I may not have won multiple times on the Symetra tour, or had 10 top 10’s, but I think I can live with that. :) There is nothing better than looking back at your goals less than 12 months before and seeing that they are completely irrelevant now. While I have often been frustrated with my performance on the LPGA this year, this puts into perspective how far I have truly come since I started the season.

While it is fun to look back at the success I have had, I will find myself spending the off season looking forward to the next season and what I want to achieve.  There is no time or benefit to spending too much time reflecting on past achievements.  Those that want to be better must be thinking of how to continue to improve and set even higher goals.  I have some off season goals for improving my wedges, playing from uneven lies, and making more 8-20 foot putts.  These are things I have discussed with my coach and we have already put a plan into action for improvement in each of these areas.  I will be sure to share both my statistical and performance goals for next year before the season starts.

I plan to take a few weeks off and enjoy Christmas at home in South Dakota before returning to Florida the first of January to get ready for the 2015 season.  I want to sincerely thank everyone for all their support throughout my rookie campaign.  I love hearing from so many people throughout the year and having so many people come along with me on my journey. Also, a big thanks to my sponsors this year: Sutton Bay, Callaway, Titleist, Footjoy, and Loudmouth  Golf.   I’m already looking forward to an even bigger and better 2015!

See you next year!

Happy Holidays!



Celebrating Julieta Granada’s Birthday.  Congrats on a great week Julie!!


My fan club for the week. :)


Final round of 2014


Getting some work in with coach Todd Kolb.


Watching the playoff with Marissa Steen and Elin Arvidsson.  Great friends make the game so fun!